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Assignment Sample : Management

  • Human Resource Management

    Question 1- Discussion- What does Strategic HR mean? Strategic human resource is the process that attracts rewards, develops and retains employees for the benefit of both the company and employees in the organization as a whole. Any organization that practices human resource management together with other companies work independently towards the primary goal of the organization. Therefore the goal of any human resource department is to strategize and align goals and reflect upon the goals in the entire organization. Strategic human resource management is a partner to the success of any organization (Watkins, 2013). It utilizes opportuniti...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 357 word limits : 548

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    Executive Summary:- Mecwacare is known aged-care service provider who provides services throughout Victoria. Mecwacare provides residential, nursing and support service for aged, disadvantaged and people with special needs and disabilities. The paper follows has offered an insight into a different aspect of the firm. The microenvironment and macro environment analysis has been done to provide an insight into the current scenario of the firm. The targeted market and the detailing of the customers have also been considered to provide a summary of the firm. The key findings from the above discussion is that though the firm is stable with its ex...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 2587 word limits : 3827

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  • Target Market Analysis of Fast Food Restaurants

    Table of Contents Introduction: 2 Analysis: 2 Segmentation: 2 Demographical Segment: 2 Behavioural Segment: 3 Psychological Segment: 4 Relation between the Segments and with the products: 4 Target Market: 5 Conclusion: 7 Reference: 8 Introduction: Fast food industry is known as one of the fastest growing industry of this modern world. Due to modern and fast life, people stay outside for large time of the day. It leads them to rely on fast food restaurants instead of homemade foods (Rehm & Drewnowski, 2016, 804). Moreover, in order to spend some time with family members and nearest people, they often visit restaurants. Thus, th...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 1987 word limits : 2336

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    Executive Summary The Better Drinks Co. formerly referred to as the Charlie’s is becoming the most effective and well-known drink organization within the country. From its very beginning the business continues to be very productive in terms of production of top-quality fruit juices and other related products that have benefitted the business in lots of ways specially in getting popularity and corporate success. The business continues to be very substantial with regards to the starting of new items at frequent time intervals that has resulted in having a high-quality effect both in local along with worldwide marketplaces. Evaluating the...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 2547 word limits : 3152

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  • Applied Business Research Project Pgdab801a

    TABLE OF CONTENTS- Introduction 6 Literature Review Section 8 Research Problem 10 3.1 Organizational Back 10 3.2 Research Problem 11 3.3 Research Purpose 12 3.4 Theoretical Framework 12 3.5 Research Hypotheses 13 3.6 Significance/limitations 14 METHODOLOGY 16 4.1 Methodology 16 4.2 Research Design 16 4.2.1 Data collection 17 4.2.2 Sampling 17 4.2.3 Procedure 18 4.2.4 Development of survey/questionnaires 18 4.2.5 Validity/Credibility 19 4.3 Data analysis 20 ETHICS 22 TIMELINE 23 References 24 APPENDIX 1 26 QUESTIONNAIRES 26 1. Introduction The primary aim of the proposed study is to investigate custom...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 5847 word limits : 8271

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  • Improvement In Customer Relationship Management Through Internet Marketing

    Table of Contents- 1.0 Introduction. 2 2.0 Body of the report 2 2.1 Purpose and content of the article. 2 2.2 Discussion of the method and findings. 3 2.3 Discussion of the issues or challenges identified in the article. 5 3.0 Conclusion. 6 Reference List 7 1.0 Introduction- The management of an organisation’s interaction with the existing as well as the potential customers is termed as customer relationship management. The use of the internet to manage the customer relationship of organisations is becoming increasingly popular. Gathering information regarding the customer database can be undertaken through the aid of inter...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 987 word limits : 1501

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  • Wound Management

    Table of Contents Introduction. 3 Question 1. 4 Question 2. 4 Question 3. 5 Question 4. 6 Question 5. 6 Question 6. 6 Question 7. 7 Question 8. 8 Question 9. 8 Question 10. 8 Question 11. 9 Question 12. 9 Question 13. 10 Question 14. 10 Question 15. 11 Question 16. 11 Question 17. 13 Question 18. 13 Question 19. 14 Question 20. 15 Question 21. 16 Question 22. 16 Question 23. 16 Question 24. 17 Question 25. 18 Question 26. 18 Question 27. 18 Scenario one. 19 Question 1. 19 Question 2. 19 Question 3. 19 Question 4. 20 Question 5. 20 Scenario 2. 20 Question 1. 20 Question 2. 20 Question 3. 21 Question 4. 21...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 4587 word limits : 5865

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    The thesis statement of this study is that of ethical business issues Australian financial institutions in recent times face that. The study focuses on the unethical business practices that are adopted by AMP that has resulted in legal action from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). The legal actions and ethical issues regarding leadership have been discussed in this context. In the article, it states that ASIC has launched legal action against the financial services giant AMP for handing over the documents in respect to fees for no service scandal. The Australian Regulator ASIC is in the process of taking interview r...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 1245 word limits : 1690

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  • Marriott International Hotel

    Table of Contents:- INTRODUCTION.. 1 STRATEGIC DECISIONS. 1 SWOT analysis: 2 Strength: 2 Weakness: 2 Opportunities: 2 Threats: 2 PEST analysis: 3 Political factors: 3 Economic Factors: 3 Social Factors: 3 Technological Factors: 3 NON-STRATEGIC DECISIONS. 4 RISK ANALYSIS. 5 FUTURE RECOMMENDATIONS: 6 CONCLUSION: 7 REFERENCES: 8 INTRODUCTION The given assignment is about the analysis of strategic and non-strategic decisions of the Marriott international in US. It is an American multinational diversified hospitality company that franchises and manages portfolio of hotels and lodging facilities. Marriott International is a ...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 3147 word limits : 3353

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  • Management of Information Systems

    Introduction This essay is based on the interview of Juan Perez who is the CIO of UPS. This interview was taken to know about the companies’ achievements and success. Perez has talked about the departments in his company and his experience in the 18 months of his career in UPS. He has also shared his views on increasing the employment in his company by introducing various other departments in the company. Themes and Views from the Interview Perez records three key accomplishments in his experience of 18 months as UPS CIO. To begin with, his work on inner ability and moved ahead with the improvement of the association's 5,000 or more...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 1958 word limits : 2447

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  • Business Society and the Planet Assignment

    Table of Contents- Introduction. 3 Main Body. 3 Question 1. 3 Question 2. 4 Question 3. 6 Question 4. 6 Question 5. 7 Question 6. 8 Conclusion. 8 References. 9 Introduction- In the globalized business world, becoming socially active is important to stay firm in the business operations and achieve competitive advantage in the market (Marano & Kostova, 2016). It has been known that socially responsible companies often get the benefit to gain brand image with the help of media coverage and word-of-mouth marketing. Helping the environment and feeding the poor are some of the common Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practic...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 2184 word limits : 2403

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  • The Effect of Monopolies on Australian market

    Table of Contents Introduction. 3 Project Objective. 3 Project Scope. 3 Literature review.. 4 Conclusion. 9 Reference. 10 Introduction- The success of any business organization in the industry that it is involved in is heavily dependent on the fact that how well the firm is able to understand the different aspects of the industry or the market. If any firm is able to adapt effectively to the different situations of the market and serve the consumer market according to its demand, then it is obvious that the firm can guarantee itself a large share of the consumer market (Serra, 2017). However, there is a lot of effort that is neede...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 1847 word limits : 2306

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  • ACC00724 Accounting for Managers

    Question 1: Amounts A Sales (Units) 12,000 B Selling price ($ per unit ) 460 C Sales 55,20,000 D Variable manufacturing cost ($ per unit ) 184 22,08,000 E Variable selling and administrative costs ($ per unit ) 36 4,32,000 F Contribution (C-D-E) 28,80,000 G Fixed manufacturing costs ($) 3,60,000 3,60,000 H Fixed selling and administrative costs ($) 6,00,000 6,00,000 I National advertising compaign ($...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 962 word limits : 1152

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  • Picture Tea making a helpful analogy for understanding consent

    Picture tea making: a helpful analogy for understanding consent- This video made by Rockstar Dinosaur, “Picture tea making: a helpful analogy for understanding consent” is an excellent example of a surprise ending. It starts with understanding the consent while asking for a cup of tea to any person and ends with knowing person consent before having sex. In this video, the author is trying to focus on getting the consent of the people to whom you offer the tea or sex is highly crucial and one cannot force anyone to have tea if the person is unsure about the same. The author has highly focused on the fact that "consent is everyth...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 710 word limits : 868

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  • Procurement Management Plan

    Table of Contents- Planning Procurement 3 Market Analysis. 5 Planning to procure. 6 Contract Administration Planning. 7 Establishing Procurement Processes. 8 Evaluation Criteria. 9 Tender Selection Process. 10 Contracts. 12 Reviewing Contracting and Procurement 14 Reference List 15 1. Planning Procurement- 1.1 Listing the main policies and procedures that are relevant to planning in organization Policies Procedures External audition policy Procurement cost levels Confidential information policy Purchase requisitions Supplier selection policy Ethical codes ...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 2410 word limits : 3251

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  • Critical Analysis Assessing the Linkages between Marketing & Management for Sustainability

    Table of Contents Introduction. 3 Issues of Resources and How They are Used and Managed in the Selected Brands. 3 Three Fundamental Approaches- Narrow, slow and Close Loops. 6 Value Dimensions and the Corresponding Questions. 7 Conclusion. 8 Reference List 9 Introduction The circular economy has become a major part of every business (Kirchherr et al., 2017). The circular economy is an economic system that aims to reduce material wastages by using renewable sources (Bocken et al., 2016). It is a system of resources utilization where reduction, reuse, and recycling of elements prevail. Organizations are now giving priority to the circul...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 1520 word limits : 2008

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  • Agribusiness Food Related Sector of Australia: Nestle

    Executive Summary This report is based on strategic management inputs of an agribusiness food related sector of Australia. The chosen company for this report is Nestle, Australia. Nestle is the world’s largest food and beverage industry. Choosing this company for the making of the report on strategic management inputs is very helpful because it is one of the top rated agribusiness food sectors of Australia. The report starts with the detailed company analysis including its business units, products and revenue. Later on the external environmental analysis shows how political, economical, social, technological, environmental and legal fa...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 1524 word limits : 2051

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  • How Design and Manufacturing Collaborate for Contributing to Business Profitability

    Table of Contents Title. 3 Role of the industry consultants and their years working in the industry. 3 3.1. Importance of this research topic for industry. 4 3.2. Justification for the research. 4 3.3. Feasibility of the proposed methodology for answering the research question. 4 3.4. Findings of the study have industry application. 4 Summary of the feedback from the industry consultant 5 Reflection on the feedback. 5 5.1. Topic and question justification. 5 5.2. Importance to industry. 5 5.3. Feasibility. 5 Reference List 7 1.Title The title of this proposal is “How design and manufact...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 3548 word limits : 1200

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  • Employee Turnover in Organizations

    Executive Summary The report presents the concept of managerial decision making and its process in an organizational setting. The problem of employee turnover in an organization is selected for the analysis. The report consists of decision making steps in the sequence of problem identification and definition, solution generation, and evaluation and implementation. An overview of the budget or calculations for employee turnover is explained. The study is concluded with the significance of decision making for managers and organizations. Contents Introduction. 4 Background. 4 Defining Problem.. 4 Problem Identification - SWOT Analysis....Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 3658 word limits : 2200

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  • Market Research for SKY HIGH Real Estate

    Market research for SKY HIGH Real Estate Contents 1. Introduction: 3 2. The research process: 4 2.1 Objective of the Study: 4 Background of study. 4 Literature Review: 4 2.2. Planning the research design: 4 2.3. Preparing the sample: 4 2.4 Collecting the data: 5 2.5 Analysing the Data: 5 3. Formulating conclusions: 6 Recommendations: 6 References: 7 1. Introduction: The research study seeks to identify and assess factors that have an impact on property developers ' performance in real estate. To determine the current business requirements and to compare it with future needs, Sky High real estate developers need market ...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 4682 word limits : 1800

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  • Individual Case Study Analysis

    Table of Contents Introduction. 2 Overview of the communication needs of each group. 2 Communication Models/Theories. 3 Conclusion. 4 Recommendations. 4 References. 6 Introduction The State Fitness Industry Association operates on a membership basis which consists of gym owners, personal trainers and exercise professionals. They are responsible for ensuring the business practices of the professionals and gyms are ethical and in line with consumer rights. The Association closely works with state and local governments for driving the direction of the association projects and supporting future policymaking. The state government has s...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 4583 word limits : 1100

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  • Case Study Mega Trend From The CSIRO Tourism Futures

    Case Study Mega Trend From The CSIRO Tourism Futures Table of Contents Introduction: 2 Discussion: 2 Definition of tourism: 2 Megatrends in the tourism industry: 3 Key drivers that influence the future development of tourism industry: 3 Environmental factor: 3 Religious factors: 3 Other factors: 4 Political, socio-economical and cultural factors: 4 Socio-economic factor: 4 Cultural factors: 4 Going-going-gone process: 5 Porter’s five factors: 5 Relationship between the tourism and commodity culture and media culture: 5 Conclusion: 6 Reference: 7 Introduction: In this report, an investigation has been made t...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 3703 word limits : 1400

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  • Supply Chain Management

    Supply Chain Management Executive Summary Synopsis Purpose – This report will explain and describe the essential and critical practices and functions of the SCM regarding the impacts of the technology on supply chain efficiency. This report will discuss the also current challenges which are looked by an organization in operating the functions of the supply chain in the international market. It will also describe the issues which make the global SCM supplementary complicated to the organizations. Scope – This report will help the organizations to consider the aspects of the challenge described in this report to improve the ...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 4192 word limits : 2300

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    TITLE: ASSIGNMENT ON LEADERSHIP Table of Contents Introduction: 3 Critique: 3 i. Overview of the articles: 3 ii. Discussion on author's stance means for leaders, followers, organizations, and society: 6 iii. The gathered learning experience from the articles: 7 Conclusion: 7 Reference list: 9 Introduction: Understanding business ethics is an important factor in order to run an excellent business operation. According to an analysis of the business organization, it is observed that business ethics is an essential part to make any important decisions regarding business development. Similarly, leaders are the main role to run an organ...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 4281 word limits : 2500

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technological Development In Job Sector

    ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT IN JOB SECTOR Introduction Technology is a significant pillar for modern day commercialisation and business production operation. Technology is being used by different organisations to improve their performance accordingly. The thesis statement of the essay evaluates advantages and disadvantages of technical development with special reference to the induction of development through information technology. Advantages and disadvantages of technological development in job sector Advantages Technical development helps an organization to upgrade its production and development process...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 2592 word limits : 500

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  • Negotiation Simulation

    Reflection Role play - Union representative Contents Introduction. 3 Negotiation techniques and tactics. 3 3 Learning's about practice of negotiation from this exercise. 3 Learning about my own strengths and weaknesses. 3 Perceptions of negotiation process. 3 Experiences and observation. 4 Confusions and unanswered questions. 4 New ideas and speculations. 4 Conclusion. 4 References. 4 Introduction Negotiation is an extremely useful management technique that helps achieve or conduct a dialogue between two or more parties in order to reach a beneficial outcome. This process is widely used in industries and businesses in or...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 2614 word limits : 1000

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    Firearms acts are specified features of the legal and regulatory variables for a country's internal social demography. In this assignment, the changing policy of the Australian Firearms Act is to be discussed. Along with the chosen topic, the variability and significance of firearms acts are to be discussed by the researcher to make a clear outcome of the security and safety policies of Australia. The significance of firearms acts in the Australian civil body has been critically analysed in this assignment. Firearms acts play both keys of safety and threat to social structure, and thus, the ACF model of the Australian firearms act and multipl...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 1474 word limits : 3100

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  • Reflective Essay on Personal Development

    Human development or personal development has become a major concept in the modern day, and it can be observed that this significant aspect is specifically emphasizing on the people, and the various opportunities they possess to evolve. Human development is mainly defined as the psychological and biological development of any human being right through the lifespan. It comprises the enhancement from infancy, childhood and puberty to adulthood — the psychological human development study scientifically considered to be developmental psychology. Based on the significance of human development, one can strategically analyze and evaluate the v...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 3159 word limits : 1400

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  • Bring-your-own-device (BYOD)

    TITLE: BYOD A BYOD policy is a set of regulations regulating the amount of assistance to employee owned PCs, smartphones, and tablets by a corporate IT department.BYOD is an organizational policy that enables staff to connect via a corporate network to their private devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Employees can access company mails and also private information and apps. BYOD is a growing trend for staff to remotely access any corporate network to carry out their job on their private devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. The program includes BYOP, BYOT and BYOPC (Bring Your Own Phone, Technology & P...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 2276 word limits : 1000

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    LEADING LEAN PROJECT Table of Contents Answer 1: 2 Answer 2. 5 Answer 3: 6 References. 8 Building my own house was one of the main planning, whichmy partners and I had since the time I have been living in Perth, West Australia. In this process,Kestrat Initiative can be considered to be very much helpful for both of us. The initiative was taken from the end of the Government of Australia. As per the rules, eligibility and regulation it was seen that we can apply for building our house. In this process, we had to submit certain documents which would be having the plan which is regarding the house. For the planning area we had undergo so...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 3269 word limits : 3000

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  • Community Care in Australia: Reflecting on Dimensions

    The term community care and support is something very common but I personally got to know its significance after extensive reading about the topic. Detailed reading has helped me in understanding the values, theories as well as policies underpinning the health and community care practices(Strauss et al., 2005). Moreover, I have developed an in-depth understanding regarding the implementation of the existent mechanisms for promoting good practice. My own attitude towards community care has undergone changes in terms of being acquainted with the individual health behavior as part of professional work experience. Socialization of the healthca...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 4563 word limits : 1000

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  • Cultural intelligence, self-awareness and capability

    Cultural intelligence, self-awareness and capability all make up to form the essentials requirements that are needed to create safe spaces. Safe spaces have a different meaning for different people. People may either take it up as safe place for women to work independently or even consider the place safe as their job would be secured if they keep delivering good aspects and create good impression at work(Quappe and Cantatore, 2005).This report here aims to show how safe spaces at work come in the form of disguise. Many employees tend to ignore such blessings as they do not understand the worth initially but gradually understand it better. The...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 9846 word limits : 1781

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  • A Critical Assessment of Same-Sex Marriage in Australia

    The Same Sex Marriage had been a global issue in various forms since the 1960s. There are many nations which have validated the Same Sex marriage along with the recent assurance of the Pope in the same matter. However, the issue seems to be a burning political issue in the Australian policy where the parties have various stands on the same. The social and religious taboo for the same has been addressed to a large extent, but the diversity and political stance makes it difficult to predict the actual motive of the Australian Social and political motives about the Same Sex marriage (SSM) in Australia (Bernstein and Taylor, 2013). The social ...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 8373 word limits : 2464

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  • Early Save Program & its evaluation

    The national safety and quality health services standards have been developed by the Australian government to implement safety and quality health care services. This attempt will help to provide better services and treatment process to the patient. In 2011the health Ministry of Australia has been introducing the new standards for healthcare organizations (Safetyandqualit, 2017). Recognition and response system aspire to secure that all the patients can get better services at their critical instant. For this reasons, the hospitals and healthcare authorities will introduce education and training program to educate their staffs to offer bette...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 4532 word limits : 1963

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  • A study of Executive Performance Measurements in Australian Public Companies

    The report provides an in-depth coverage of three financial institutions cost and management accounting techniques with an explanation of the variance in the remuneration packages for the three financial firms. This aspect relates to a wide range of aspects from the firm’s type of employees, to the financial performance of the institutions as well as the work input. More detailed analysis provides the solution to the most common reason and the most casual aspect that directly relates to the remuneration.The firm with the best package link is identified as well as other comparative financial information is availed which is very important...Read More

    subject : Management Visit : 7879 word limits : 2194

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