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Comprehensive Plagiarism Check Tool

The plagiarism checker tool is crafted to demonstrate an encyclopaedic check. The tool is quite comprehensive and has the ability of presenting the similarity percentage and the detailed highlighted results outright within seconds. The results are sent forth instantly so that the plagiarized content can be fixed right away. The tool is embedded with the feature of supporting myriad of document formats for tracing latent occurrencesof plagiarism. The documents with extension of .txt,.doc, .docx,.ppt, .pptx,.pdf etc cedar can be tested through the tool. In addition to this, the files that are uploaded from Google Drive, Dropbox, and other platforms of cloud-based storage, can as well be validated.

Avant-garde technology

Ground-breaking technology at the foundation, the plagiarism check tool provides error-free results within seconds of paper submission.

Prodigious Database

The tool is designed with unique algorithm and is able to appraise the paper against the information available anywhere on the Internet.

Shielded and Confidential

We keep your information safe and do not reveal it to anyone. The papers submitted for check would not be saved anywhere.

What is the cause of Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a common problem nowadays. The reason behind this is that most people believe in smart work rather than hard work. Due to it, they take help from the internet. They believe that if they copy the content from the internet, then their content will be unique. In addition to it, their content will be a blend of attractive vocabulary, perfect sentence structure, and many more. Here is the list of the most common reasons for Plagiarism.

Plagiarized content is not an offense, but it is dishonesty towards the work. Either the content is of any article or any assignment, it should be unique. Writing is a creative as well as innovative art. You will have a golden chance to put your thoughts on paper. If your thoughts are unique as well as authentic, then readers can easily interact with your z thoughts.

Why do you need a LiveWebTutor plagiarism checker tool?

As it is rightly said, original things attract the person; likewise, authentic files lead to excellent scores. When someone gives the suggestion to use a plagiarism checker tool, then the first question is, why? There are several following reasons to use plagiarism checker tool. Everything has several benefits. This tool also has. When you use this tool, then you see the result.

  • This software highlights the exact content from where you copied it. In short, you can see which sentence or word is copied. You can correct it at the moment.
  • Sometimes your article may not be plagiarized. As proof, you can check your article and show the percentage of the article to others. It is a significant benefit of using the plagiarism checker tool. In addition to that,it is better to save a copy of the plagiarism report either on your mobile or computer.
  • plagiarism checker tool also helps you to make your content unique and plagiarism free. Due to it, you should use the plagiarism checker tool.
What are the types of Plagiarism?

The word Plagiarism is taken from the Latin word that is Plagiarism. The exact meaning of this word is a kidnapper. Copying content means the same. There are numerous forms of Plagiarism. Here is the list of some forms.

  • Verbatim Plagiarism - In this type of Plagiarism, someone copies the published article and paste it without mentioning referencing. It is mostly found in the introduction part or the rest of the paragraphs.
  • Paraphrasing - It is basically rewriting the sentence. Rewriting the sentence of someone in their own words is known as paraphrasing. The fact is that changing the words of the exact sentence does not mean it is your sentence.
  • Mosaic Plagiarism - It is the blend of unique ideas and published ideas. In Mosaic Plagiarism, not all the words are copied. It is a mix of copied words and sentences.
  • Image plagiarism Take either the image or any video without the permission is categorized as image plagiarism. Images can be either related to any monuments or as per the topic.
Why choose LiveWebTutors plagiarism checker tool?

LiveWebTutorsis the well-renowned website that is prominent for its services. At present, it has become the popular choice of pupils. LiveWebTutors have several key features that make it unique from other websites. Here is the list of features that we have.

  • You can use the LiveWebTutors anytime and anywhere.
  • It is easy to assess. You will not face any problem while checking the plagiarism.
  • The plagiarism is checked on the LiveWebTutors against the extensive database.
  • You will get accurate results within a few minutes. This is the main feature of our plagiarism checker tool.
  • You will get the scan report of each and every document. Due to this, you can take it as proof.
  • This tool involves groundbreaking technology. Due to it, this tool gives the error-free result to the users with the submission.
  • The plagiarism consists of the information from where you copied the content, percentile, and many more.
Benefits Of Using Our Plagiarism Tool

Our plagiarism checker tool is predominantly liked and preferred by the majority of students due to its striking features:

  • Easy paper submission for plagiarism check
  • Plagiarism is checked against an extensive database
  • Most up to date search engine web index is used for tracing the similarities
  • Anywhere and anytime access
  • Scan report provided for each document
  • The similarity percentage is shown in snapshot as well as in report
  • Plagiarism analysis and correction available on request
Detailed Plagiarism Report

The content similarity percentage for the submitted documents is reflected in the report. You can easily trace the phrases and sentences that fall under plagiarism, and therefore, these can be attended to and corrected.

You can see the actual source of the plagiarized content through the links in the results. After making corrections in the plagiarised part, you can resubmit the document and this document will be considered as a new one. The revised and updated percentage of similarity would then be reflected in the results.

For every phrase and sentence that is shown as plagiarized, there will be a link that would show the original source of the content. The entire play gear rice content in the document would be highlighted so that none of them go unattended.

Besides the overall similarity percentage, the individual similarity from different sources that the content matches would as well be given separately in the report. Overall, the report would help you correct the plagiarized part of the document and do away with all the matched sources that can be seen in the report.

The plagiarism report can be customised as per your needs through the advanced settings option. Through this, you can opt to

  • Include or do away with certain databases.
  • Not include bibliography.
  • Disregard quotes’ similarities.
  • Modify the benchmark for small matches so that non-plagiarised similarities are excluded.

With the availability of the plagiarized content highlighted, you can easily review all of the sentences and write them in your own words. The main idea of checking plagiarism is therefore, to enhance the text in the document.

For the original sources that are required to be kept in the document, you should “and include the appropriate citation applicable. With the changes, the final file can then be proofread with the improved content quality.

The Plagiarism Check Mechanism

Plagiarism Checker Tool is also known as content similarity detection. It helps locate the copied content in the document or an article. With the help of plagiarism checker tool, you will be able to make your content unique. The reason is that if you know your mistake, then you can quickly correct the mistake. Most writers use this tool. The use of computers in excess amounts leads to plagiarized work. Instead of thinking from the mind, masses use to write the copied content. It causes various problems like the file is not approved and many more.

Apart from all the above features the process of checking plagiarism via LiveWebTutors is quite easy. This means it can checked with just four simples steps like, upload, scan, compare, and report.

After reading these features, you can easily trust this plagiarism tool from LiveWebTutors. The features mentioned above make this tool accessible and very trustworthy. So what are you waiting for? Try this tool to make your file unique and attractive. In addition to it, you will not get all of these features from any tool.

In the end, the plagiarism checker tool is boon for everyone especially for writers and students. It escapes your presentation from the rejection. Make a good impression on your professor by taking help from the plagiarism checker tool of LiveWebTutors.

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