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Case Study Assignment Help Service Provider to Meet Your Professor's High Expectations

In the fast-moving world of today, Institutes, study centres, extra-coaching classes, and online lectures are not the only way to qualify academically. Projects and assignments also hold equal importance to getting good scores. Essays and case studies are given by the professors which need to be done as per their instructions and submitted within the specified timeline. Case study assignment help is one of the services offered by case study help providers which are indeed helpful. A student who wants to study how one can solve the case study or needs help to write his assignment should take the online case study Assignment Help Australia.

Understanding Case Study Analysis and Case Study Assignments

Basically, a case study is a method of analyzing an in-depth study survey to cite an example of a person, organization, or group, any brand, and/or any situation in a time-related condition. It can be used to do research on any related topic in education in order to explain a situation, thesis, or standard.

A case study assignment is a detailed account of an individual entity written by analyzing the entity with regard to the investigator’s expertise in a particular subject. Mostly the subjects like marketing, law, and nursing contain the scope of having case studies. Students commonly receive case study writing tasks in these study disciplines. 

From an academic point of view, there are two approaches to writing a case study.

TYPE 1- Analytical Approach

TYPE 2- Problem-Oriented Method

Case study analyses are reports based on a real-life situation in which the given difficulties need to be resolved in the assignment. 

Case study analysis,

1. Applies to a practical situation and helps to identify existing problems.

2. Find out the SWOT analysis matrix (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, etc.) for the given situation

3. Includes discussions to sort out the present problems

4. Emphasizes the recommendation & implementation of the best solution

5. Concludes by summing up the main points based on opinion or statement of decisions

6. Contains relevant references and bibliography used correctly in the assignment

Tips to Write Case Study Assignments

Here are a few tips to write different case study assignments provided by qualified case study writers.

  • Case study assignment in marketing: Marketing case study writing is a study of the various marketing strategies undertaken by a company. The hypothesis has to be explained and supported by a substantial analysis of the marketing strategies of a company. Some important facts you should keep in mind.
  • Select your topic carefully: Marketing involves all the processes or strategies after the production has been done. Marketing case study writing should not overlap with topics of human resources or finance.
  • Follow a definitive structure: First of all, write an overview of your arguments or state very clearly what you are trying to do. Follow it up with your research methods where you describe how you are going to conduct the research. This should be followed by a context description and then the main narrative of your case study assignment. Finally, summarize your observation and results, and state your recommendations.
  • Be aware of your marketing tools: An environmental analysis can be done by following any one of the theories or all of them.

These theories are:

  1. PESTEL (political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal analysis)
  2. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
  3. SWOT or Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and threats 

A good marketing student should be well aware of all the theories for doing environmental analysis.

1. Marketing mix in the main body: The main body of the case study essay should focus exclusively on the marketing mix of the concerned company. The 4Ps of the marketing mix are price, promotion, place, and product.

2. Conduct thorough research: You can get most of the information about a company on the internet. Most company websites carry their own mission statements, information about in-house brands, interactive blogs, etc. If you still have any doubts, take information from the sites of Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. Keep yourself updated with the rising and falling fortunes of the companies in the financial markets.

3. Cite appropriate references: State your references thoroughly in the end. Your work assignment will be received with appreciation by your teachers.

Online case study help is available to enable the students in completing marketing case study assignments. 

1. Case study assignment in nursing: A nursing case study assignment typically involves a medical report of a particular disease that is uncommon in treatment or disease presentation. It begins with the medical history of the patient, followed by his symptoms, the clinical tests done, the diagnosis and the medical treatment followed after diagnosis. The nursing case study writers provide some suggestions on it.

  • Be aware of the patient’s medical history: Many patients hospitalized will have a prior history of medical conditions, the symptoms of which may have become critical and require immediate medical attention.
  • Know the symptoms: Understanding the symptoms helps you to write about the clinical texts in the correct consequence.
  • Proper diagnosis and treatment: Proper diagnosis is the way to proper treatment. To conduct a good diagnosis needs years of practice which brings maturity and knowledge. However, clinical observation is the only way to find out the existence of a disease. Correct diagnostic tests and health check-ups lead to a correct diagnosis which leads to proper treatment.

Nursing case study assignments are written by nurses in hospitals mostly for a quick consultation of a doctor who keeps track of his patients through such case studies. For nursing case study assignment help, online assistance is available.  

2. Legal case study assignment help: A legal case study assignment describes a fictional dispute between two parties (usually a person and a company, or between two individuals). A law student is supposed to present that dispute within a particular legal context, discover the legal precedents to that event and also provide various legal bits of advice according to the laws of that country.

  • Analyze the dispute carefully: Each dispute will involve a particular set of laws: civil, criminal, business, administrative, etc. Analyzing the dispute carefully will help you to locate the legal domain of the case.
  • Find the legal domain: Law is a vast area involving different specializations. The first and foremost task of a lawyer is to locate a case within a domain. Selecting a domain helps a lawyer to immediately identify the laws that will be applicable to the case. In case you face any issues in the identification of the specific legal domain, case study help can be a good option.
  • Find legal precedents: Legal precedents are court rulings of previous cases, preserved by the court of law for future reference. Such rulings are used as examples in similar cases later. The easy availability of legal precedents is quite beneficial in solving a similar case or preparing a case study assignment.
  • Give a legal solution for the dispute: Giving a solution or advice seems to be the most challenging area for a lawyer. There are several ways to do it, which may include: arbitration, negotiation, out-of-court settlement, litigation, etc.

For a law student, writing a case study assignment is like a firsthand experience of solving an actual legal dispute which needs careful legal attention. Such case study assignments in law schools prepare the lawyer for his legal services later. Case study assignment samples on business laws, construction and building laws, and administrative laws are available with online assignment help agencies. They can be referred in case you need case study assignment help in Australia.

Remember the following tips for case study help are given by experienced case study writers. For further assistance, refer to the case study help service.

Taking Case Study assignment help from Livewebtutors

Case study help is now provided by one of the best assignment writing service providers, Livewebtutors. Our team of experienced case study assignment writers provides quality case study assignment help to students. Our help service in case study assignments is provided to students from various parts of the world. Our help experts are committed to delivering high-quality help solutions to you and can work under strict timelines. The case study help provided is of high quality, and a non-plagiarized paper supported by impeccable citations and references.

To excel in your case studies we are giving a few simple steps below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more queries about our services, explore the questions mentioned below to get them resolved.

The case study writers of our platform are professionals in their respective subject backgrounds. Here are the reasons how hiring the case study assignment help experts of our platform can transform the entire writing experience for a student:

  • Guarantee of achieving the top grades.
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The catalog shared in our FAQs is not an exhaustive one, hence you can always reach out to our customer support executives to know all about the subjects and concepts we cover in our assignments. There is almost no such subject that we do not provide assistance in. 

Case studies are a vital part of every subject area, hence they are an inevitable part of your academic career. Whether you are a law student, a nursing scholar, or a management student you will have to write impactful case studies at some time in your life. The case study assignment writers of LiveWebTutors platform deal with the following subject areas:

  • Marketing
  • Law
  • Nursing
  • Finance
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  • Information technology

You can reach out to our customer support executives to know more about the subject areas we cover as this is not an exhaustive list. 

Absolutely not. We at the LiveWebTutors platform understand that plagiarism is a strict no-no when it comes to academic writing. Every case study assignment should include unique content, apt format style, and accurate references. The ordered assignment is going to absolutely free of similarity with unique and authentic content. We can share a Turnitin report if required. 

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