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What is Human Resource Management?

Human Resource Management is the process of conducting a set of functions such as planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling to get the work done in an effective and efficient manner. It is a dynamic function as it adjusts itself according to the regularly changing environment.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

A single person cannot consummate all the activities of the organization but it is always a group of people working together. Achievements reflect the quality of management and its effectiveness. Availing human resources assignment help from the experts could help you to fetch precise knowledge about it.

Defined Objectives of Human Resources Management

According to experts who are engaged in providing human resources management homework help, some of the principal objectives are-

1. ORGANISATIONAL OBJECTIVES: Organizational objectives refer to the objectives of the whole organization. Before deciding the objectives, the management keeps in mind the benefits of owners, government, customers etc. The organization tries to fulfill the following economic objectives:

  • SURVIVAL: Every enterprise wants to survive in long run. By taking the positive decisions regarding the various business activities, the business ensures the survival in long run.
  • PROFITS: In the successful running of the business and in facing business hazards, profit plays an important role. It is the duty of the management to ensure that adequate profit is earned by the enterprise.
  • GROWTH: Growth is measured in terms of products, sales, employees etc. If all these show an upward trend then it is concluded that business is growing. Effective Management ensures the growth of the business.

2. SOCIAL OBJECTIVES: Social objectives refer to considering the social interest while performing managerial activities. The business uses the resources of society; therefore, it becomes the moral responsibility of the business to fulfill its social responsibility.

Some of the social objectives are-

  • Save the environment from pollution.
  • Make availability of employment opportunities.
  • Making a contribution in improving the standard living.

3. PERSONAL OBJECTIVES OR INDIVIDUAL OBJECTIVES: Personal objectives refer to the objectives made for the employees of the organization. The employees are the important and sensitive resource of the company. Thus, it becomes necessary to take care of their feelings. The satisfaction of the employees indicates the progress for the organization.Some of the personal objectives are:

  • Providing share in profit.
  • Providing safe working conditions.
  • Providing the deserved remuneration.

Importance of Human Resource Management

INCREASING EFFICIENCY: By ensuring optimum utilization of resources such as (money, machine, man, material), the management increases its efficiency.

ACHIEVING GOALS: Management is a group activity. A single person cannot perform all the activities but it is a group of people working together. Effective management gives rise to achieving the objectives of the organization.

ACHIEVING PERSONAL OBJECTIVES: Employees desire for remuneration, promotion, profit share etc. It is the duty of the manager to motivate the employees by open communication and good leadership skills. This way management ensures that personal objectives of the employees are fulfilled.

ACHIEVING SOCIAL OBJECTIVES: Management must fulfill their social responsibility like making good quality of goods, saving the environment from pollution which helps in the development of society. Fulfillment of social needs is one of the important aspects of management.

CREATES DYNAMIC ORGANISATION: The business environment is dynamic. It regularly keeps on changing. To meet the regular changes, many changes are made in the business. But, people resist changes. The manager makes the environment favorable for the people by stating them the benefits of adopting changes.

Key Functions: Human Resource Management

PLANNING: Planning means determining the future course of action to achieve the results. It defines what should be done, how it should be done and who should do it. If all these points are not contemplated then the objective of the organization cannot be achieved. It is performed at every level of management.

Steps performed in planning are:

  • Setting the objectives
  • Developing premises
  • Identifying alternative courses of action
  • Evaluating alternative premises
  • Selecting an alternative
  • Implementing the plan
  • Follow up action

ORGANISING: Organizing means harmonious adjustment of various parts to achieve common objectives. The whole project is divided into small jobs, to assign these jobs to designated posts, to unite various departments, to clarify the rights etc. Planning is writing down the idea but organizing is converting the idea into reality.

STAFFING: Staffing refers to filling and keeping the jobs filled with people. Staffing deploys people on the posts so that jobs can be performed. The success of an organization depends on how people perform their jobs. Thus, staffing plays a crucial role in management.

DIRECTING: Directing refers to instructing, guiding, communicating and inspiring people in the organization. It is that part of management process which ensures efficiency and effectiveness of employees.

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CONTROLLING: Controlling refers to bringing the actual result closer to the desired results. The manager keeps an eye whether jobs are being performed according to the plans or not. The control means that in order to achieve the desired objectives effectively the real progress of work can be assessed from time to time.

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