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CAD Assignment Help

CAD refers to Computer Aided Design. About twenty five years back the design was made using a pencil and paper. The sketch used to be made on a paper sheet and then this paper sheet would be traced on a tracing paper during finalisation. This process was very tedious, time consuming and used to require the skill of the draughtsmen and the design personnel. The checking of the drawing also used to take a lot of time.

Cad Assignment Help

Cad Assignment Help

Hence the technology of CAD was introduced to speed up the process of Design and to gain the required accuracy. Computer aided design is required for the generation of the drawings. There are many softwares which deal in Computer Aided design. These softwares are developed by different companies.

Following are the CAD design Softwares

  1. Autocad developed by Autodesk
  2. Microsatation developed by Bentley Systems
  3. Unigraphics and Solidedge Developed by NX Siemens
  4. Pro Engineer developed by PTC
  5. Solidworks developed by Dassault Systems
  6. Catia developed by Dassault Systems
  7. Etc.

There are many such softwares which have been developed for designing and drafting . These softwares have a datum zero which is located in the space. The user has an option to select the type of unit system which the designer decides to use in his design. The two unit systems are

  1. Metric (millimetres)
  2. Imperial (Inches)

The softwares mentioned above have a facility of two dimensional and three dimensional drawings. More often for two dimensional workAutocad is used as a tool for drawing.

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The screen of the Autocad is used as a paper for drawing the drawings. The two dimensional coordinate system is defined by the software. This is called the global origin and is denoted in CAD as UCS. There is a set of commands which are used for building the drawing.

The commands which are commonly used are

  1. Line
  2. Circle
  3. Rectangle
  4. Ellipse
  5. Arc etc

The above commands are drawing commands. There are some commands which are used to modify the given drawing .

These are

  1. Trim
  2. Extend
  3. Break
  4. Offset
  5. Copy
  6. Copy with the base point etc.
  7. Scale
  8. Strech

All the commands have shortcuts in Autocad to ensure the fast working and to avoid mistakes in typing .The dimensioning of the drawing can be done by first selecting a specific dimension style.The inputs in the dimension style allows the user to make the dimensioning as per the requirement.The drawing many times is made by using layers. The packages like Autocad uses the layers so that in very intricate assemblies the parts can be distinguished by use of layers.The layers allow to make the different parts in different colours. Any object made in Autocad will have layer properties.There are some commands which make the scientific work easier.

They are as:

Block command : Once a block is defined of certain elements there will be no change in the block. This helps usin avoiding the repetitive work.

Region : Defines a particular region . This is a command most oftenly used in Autocad when we are doing three D modelling.

Area : Area command is used to calculate the surface area of the object.

The drawing after made on a computer can be fired for printing.Autocad software is developed by Autodesk for designing. The drawing made in this package has a command to save itself on a special location .

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