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At LiveWebTutors, we guarantee top grades on all the papers written by our writers. We are not delusional and make this claim keeping in mind the experience and expertise of our writers and their deftness in dealing with any complicated subject matter in simple words.

At LiveWebTutors, we value the trust that our customers put on us. We strive hard to provide you with a completely original bespoke written assignment that moonlights as the best reference material for your future exams. We offer round the clock customer care service and are always available for our submitted clients. Our crew keep in touch with you till you submit your assignment to your professors.

We may be happy to incorporate your assignments at any time but never have we ever repeated the any previous assignment work. Every paper that we provide is written exclusively for one specific client keeping in mind their specific instructions. So, you can be breathe easy as no one else has the assignment given to you and no one else would ever have it at a later date.

Sorry, but according to the company policies you cannot directly talk with any of our writers. It is very much, against the company policies. But, you can speak with our understanding customer care executives who would be happy to answer all your queries or pass them on our writers. Our attentive customer care crew work as the bridge between you and our writers. They ensure that you receive all the solutions to your queries on time.

It would show on your account page for, at least, a year. We also store your work in our system for the same days. After that, your work would get phased out from our system would stop showing up in your account page.
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Our phone lines are always open for you 24x7. Do call our helpline number at any time you please. If you are having trouble getting through to us do not panic chat with us instead.

We most certainly can deliver your assignment in a 2 hour time frame. But this effort of would fall under our more premier services. Hence, be ready to shell out extra Euros, pounds or dollars to get the advantage of our premium services.

Our phone lines are always open for you 24x7. Do call our helpline number at any time you please. If you are having trouble getting through to us do not panic chat with us instead.

We most certainly can deliver your assignment in a 2 hour time frame. But this effort of would fall under our more premier services. Hence, be ready to shell out extra Euros, pounds or dollars to get the advantage of our premium services.
Services Related Queries

Well, yes, we do. Our experts can provide you with a detailed analysis on just about any subject of study. Our writers are experts from every educational field of study. They have an extensive expertise and experience on the respective subjects that are assigned to them. But any of the further doubt that you have may be cleared with appropriate correspondence from us on phone, email or chat.

First of all it is impossible and improbable that you would ever find a document similar to ours. This is because we do not work our magic on an existing document. But with a set references, content, layout, style and pattern on the same topic it might be possible for you to think that your work is similar to the fellow classmates. But that is a simple illusion as we personally check our works in the most powerful plagiarism device removing any piece o doubt from every end.

Well that totally depends on the time you would be comfortable to provide us. Our expert writs are happy to provide you with the best documents on an hour to a month’s time. Your subject or due date is something that guides us to make this decision. No matter what time you would provide us to deliver the content rest assured that you would get the best document every time.

Well, quite frankly you are not. It is the universal truth that not every student is the same and some need help with academics more that the others. Our aim is not to judge anyone but provide students with the help that is required to help them attain academic excellence.

Yes, we do offer such services of appearing on your behalf by taking tests online. For that to happen you just need to provide us with your examination details and trust us to do the rest. We are apt in answering any type of objective question, a descriptive one and multiple choice question which is more commonly known as MCQ as well. All we need to make you excel is your login ID and password with time to prepare the subject well. All you need to do is pay us on or before the eve of your exam free, and live life worry.

We do rephrase or paraphrase the assignments. It is one of the most normal way to do things but our experts do so in such a manner that it does not lead to the detection of plagiarism ever.
Payment Queries

Certainly, like every good company we do offer discounts to our customers but they fall under our special offers which you need to keep a look out for.

No there is not. We accept any type of payment that is convenient to you. Use Debit Cards or Credit Cards or PayPal whichever method you feel is more convenient for you to pay us.

Not really, while we do like to make the transactions in the Great Britain Pound from UK or United States dollar from USA that does not mean we would not be willing to make the transaction on United States dollar, Australian Dollar, Great Britain Pound, Singapore Dollar or New Zealand Dollar. We are happy to make the payment transaction more convenient for you in every form.

Well, yes, you certainly can make the payment to us in easy instalments. However, you are required to pay off at least 50 percent of the total amount grossed in advance as our writers would not be able to start working without receiving the payment. Once, they finish the given assignment you are expected as well as required to clear your residual balance in order to receive your assignment work. There are also some exceptions that are made for the big assignments orders. The bulk orders placed by a client totalling over 400 United States dollars are often provided with more leniency. When such an order is placed clients offered the option of availing 3-4 instalments to pay the amount off. But in this case we work the assignment off in parts not as a whole. For every $100 paid forth by the client on a bill of $400 we finish a quarter of the work and wait for the next instalment to finish the next quarter and so on.
Policy Queries

All the information that we collect is stored with severe confidentiality, ensuring that all your details are kept classified. We never disclose any private or public information to anyone regarding our clients. LiveWebTutors bestow the utmost importance to the privacy of our clients and is committed in maintaining their secrecy with utmost care.

Of course you will get your money back in case of a registered failure. The proof of that failure must be produced within the time limit of 31 days from the time the assignment is completed. Once you provide a proof of failure is provided, we would initiate a refund half of the amount taken from you. The other half cannot be refunded as our writers take it to start working would certainly be penalised for messing up your assignment and lose their job.

We do not charge for doing revision work. But it comes attached with certain details. We provide free of cost revision works, but you must not alter your requirements of the project. Like our refund policy, any request of rework would not be considered after the period of a month or 31 days.

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