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Editing Assistance

We have qualified experts who are aware what it takes for crafting and effective paper. They will ensure that your paper is flawless and free of any errors.Your paper will be ameliorated with respect to the overall presentation


We assist you towards excellence. A team of re-writers has been set, who are trained to be able to find the issues in the document and fix them to bring it to the merit level. They’re able to correct your current paper as well as provide you a new one for resubmission.

Personal Support

We are always available. Our team of moderators is available all round the clock to assist you with the services as well as your queries. You are also assigned with the job manager, who you can directly contact for all your academic requirements.

Spellbinding Tools
Words to Minutes Converter

This tool works wonders for you if you got a presentation to give, as it will calculate how many words do you require for filling the given duration for presentation. So now, you don’t need to get estimate the word count required for presentations and, with our tool you will now be able to effectively maintain the time of presentation.

Words to Pages Converter

There are times that you would like to instantly know the number of pages that the given word count will form. Here, you’ll just need to input the required fields and get the precise out food quickly. The calculation considers the number of words, type of font, size of font, and spacing and therefore is more accurate than the ballpark figures.

Plagiarism Checker

Our plagiarism checker tool is crafted to demonstrate an all-encompassing check. The tool is quite comprehensive and has the ability of presenting the similarity percentage and the detailed highlighted results outright within seconds. The results are sent forth instantly so that the plagiarized content can be fixed right away.

LiveWebTutors Word Counter Tool Stands Out

Besides counting the words in the document, we offer online editor that can assist you to enhance the choices of words used in the paper and therefore ameliorate the overall writing style. In addition, you can choose to check grammar errors as well as plagiarism.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our word come to truly counts the words that you have written so that you can ensure that the word limit of a task is maintained and the use of a inessential words is evaded. Here is how you can use it:

In the text enable field on the web page, copy and paste the content for which you need to count the words.

In about the second, the number of words in the content would be displayed.

The character count feature of the two would help you keep the assignment crisp. I would do would provide you the character count including as well as excluding the spaces that have been put on the paper. This will help you to keep consistency in different paragraphs as well by comparing the character count of two paragraphs.This feature is a great help when you are asked to craft a social media post, where there is mostly a limit on characters, and not words.

One of the prime reasons that you can use our word counter tool is that it is free of any cost. You can use it for as many times as you want, without paying even a penny. Additionally, our world counter provides you an accurate results instantly, which will assist you to maintain the word limit of an assignment or a document effectively.

There are several benefits of using our word counter tool told over the other tools that are available online:

Quick results – The results of word count and character count our real time. You can see the instant changes in the number of words and character when you change the input.

Ease – The process of counting words is quite simple and easy.

Supplemental assistance – when you check the word count and you feel the need of additional assistance in writing, you can connect with us to avail reasonable writing, editing, rewriting, and proofreading services.

Word Count

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