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Explore Our Amazing Tools for Editing

We have brought together a range of academic tools to assist you with effective writing. These tools facilitate the various aspects of writing that may sometimes be a hurdle in the process. We have envisaged the concept to make the exercise of writing a smooth learning proceeding for you. You may need assistance at various factions of writing, where our paraphrasing tool, plagiarism checker, word counter, grammar checker, reference generator, etc. will succour while you write.

LiveWebTutors are one of the prominent tools of paraphrasing tools. We provide multiple choices to the masses related to the tools. Our main motive is to offer all the reliable services as well as desired grades in the class or university. In addition to it, you can use our paraphrasing tool to make your content unique and attractive. We have the latest technologies with the help of it your content is scanned and paraphrased. In addition to it, either your content is plagiarized, or our tool gives you the surety to remove the plagiarism.

Why choose LiveWebTutors paraphrasing tool?

Paraphrasing the content is not everyone's cup of tea. No one can imagine paraphrasing with their own. It requires time, concentration, as well as patience. Sometimes there is also the chance of plagiarized content. It is an undeniable fact that plagiarism has an ability to ruin your assignment as well as projects too. Apart from it, with the advancement of technology, paraphrasing tools are introduced. This tool reduces the stress of pupils. If you are looking for a reliable paraphrasing tool, then choose our tool. There are numerous reasons to use LiveWebTutors paraphrasing tool.

  • Rephrasingaspercontext - If you earlier use the paraphrasing tool, then you found that they use synonyms. They add the synonyms, either it is suitable for context or not. On the other hand, our paraphrasing tool changes the text as per the content. So that your content does not look weird, with the help of our paraphrasing tool, you can make your content lucrative.
  • Accurate Security - With our tool, your content is safe. We will never save your content and misused it.The text you paste on our website for paraphrasing will be removed from the site. So take a sigh of relief without worrying about security.
  • Increase the word limit - Most of the websites do not allow the word to limit more than five hundred. You can paste the text of more than five hundred words on this paraphrasing tool of live web tutors. There is not a restricted word limit on the paraphrasing tool.
  • Advanced services - We provide a high quality of paraphrased content. Even, you cannot believe that is your content. Most tools have paid superior services. But you will get the advanced facilities at free of cost.
  • The accurate result - We will give you the surety of precise results with the best sentence structure. If you have a problem with the correct structure, then you are in place.

We have an exemplary record of paraphrasing the content. In addition to it, our tool rectifies the essays of thousands of students. Be part of our chain of clients. To lessen your burden with live web tutors.

Advantage of using our paraphrasing tool

Live web tutors offer immense opportunities to the student. When the students choose our paraphrasing tool, then it means they open the door of opportunities. Apart from it, there are several following benefits of using our paraphrasing tool.

  • Plagiarism free content - Our paraphrasing tool alters the copied word with a new one. Due to it, your content will not show the copied content. Therefore you get the unique content.
  • Rephrasing - Our tool does the accurate paraphrasing as well as rewriting. If you want to rewrite the whole article or content, then you are in the right place. To rejuvenate your content with our rephrasing tool.
  • Improvement in grades - Do you want to enhance your grades? If yes, thenwhat you need to do is copy and paste the content. When you paste the content within a few minutes, you will get an accurate result. It will directly have a good effect on the grades.
  • Save the time - Leave all the responsibilities of paraphrasing on our tool. It will save you time and rephrase the essay. You will get the rectified resultwithin a few minutes.

What is the reason that our paraphrasing tool is a worthy option?

When you search for the paraphrasing tool, then you will get numerous paraphrasing tools. Not all the tools are worthy as well as genuine. Among the replicas of tools, go for the live web tutors.

  • No duplicate content - When you paste the content on our tool, then reduce the worry about duplicate content. Our tool is easy to access as well as you will get the authentic content.
  • No malicious content - We give equal importance to upgrade the software. Our team enhances the software from time to time. So that you will get the worthy as well as an accurate result when you use our tool. Our best features are actual results and privacy too.
  • The result - You will get instant results. Within a few minutes, the result will display on the screen. We will give you the surety of fast as well as immediate results. With the help of it, you can submit your result within the deadlines.

Tools used by us for editing:

We have merged the numerous tools to the most exceptional result. We have a broad range of tools that assist you in making your article unique. These tools will clear all the obstacles of paraphrasing. Besides, we have numerous generators like APA Referencing Generator, MLA Referencing generator, Deakin Referencing generator, and many more. So make it excellent with the help of our tool generator.

How can a paraphrasing tool avoid the mistake?

There are numerous common mistakes that usually people do while writing. At that, our paraphrasing tool is boon for you. Apart from it, here is the list of common errors that our tool corrects.

  • Usually, masses use the same word more than twice. For instance, the rejuvenate word is used after each third line. Our paraphrasing tool avoids this common mistake by adding the new word.
  • In most of the tools, they replay the word, whether it suits the content or not. On the other, our tool rectifies the sentences as well as words according to the text. For instance, if the content is related to crime, then this tool replaces the word, which is related to crime. In addition to that, due to it, your content is not only modified but looks unique too.
  • Our paraphrasing tool makes some changes as per the keyword of the text. So that each and every line link to the other line. Your content will not look mismatched with keywords.
  • Our tool does not paraphrase the entire content. It makes the required changes as per the percentage of plagiarism. Due to it, the percentage of plagiarism will reduce, and your content will perfect,

Withthehelpof our tool, you will not need to take the stress of these common mistakes. Our rewriting tool is best among the others. It will help you to achieve credible scores. If you are facing hundreds of problems, then go for our paraphrasing tool. Do not take your work as a burden. Deal with the assignment problems in an effective way. Take help from the internet and solve all your problems.

Lastly, do not waste your prestigious time searching for the paraphrasing tool. Choose our means for instant results. LiveWebTutors will give you the surety of unique as well as the best features at free of cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What technology does Livewebtutors use to paraphrase the content?

    Livewebtutors uses most trusted paraphrase tools that are highly authentic in international market and reliable. This is paid tool that gives full authenticity of paraphrased content which you can use with no hesitation

  • How long Livewebtutors takes to paraphrase my document?

    As soon as you submit the content in our website, it instantly displays the result and paraphrase the content for you. Further, you can paraphrase it again and then you can ask expert help to make it more authenticated if you wish to get expert’s help.

  • If I want to hire an expert to paraphrase my paper, is it possible at Livewebtutors?

    Yes, you are provided with the PDF of the plagiarism report. This report contains the details of the matching sources and their percentage in your paper.

  • Will Livewebtutors publish my paper at any third-party database? Is it secure to submit our academic or other important documents?

    Absolutely NO, Livewebtutors never publish any content or document of any client at any third-party database. We have highly confidential system to trace all activities and once the work is done, in the span of 7 days, we delete all data from our servers

  • How many documents I can submit to paraphrase at one time in Livewebtutors paraphrasing tool?

    You can submit one document at a time with Livewebtutors however, if you want to submit more documents, you can contact us on WhatsApp for professional quote at +61 405 868 649