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Statement of Purpose-A detailed Guide and why you need professional services

The most difficult part of any piece of writing is to get started with it. Any academic piece of writing requires a certain format along with a piece of guidelines as mentioned by the University. Similarly, a statement of purpose too comprises of a unique style and format that needs to be followed in order to frame well. Are you having a difficult time to writing a well-constructed statement of purpose? Trust the professionals to get the job done for you. Before that, let us first get a detailed guide about what a state of purpose is and steps to writing one.

What is a statement of purpose?

A statement of purpose, often referred to as an SOP is a long essay that is required by Universities abroad for use during the application process. It efficiently states the purpose of applying to a University. This comprises of a gist of the applicant and his/her aim to attaining the course in the institution. The essay seeks to highlight the objective of the applicant towards choosing the course or following a particular career path. The statement should include the incidents that have influenced the individuals to choose a career path and join a particular course in the concerned university.

How important is a statement of purpose?

If you are considering applying to the Universities in UK, an SOP forms as one of the most essential components of application. The personal statement is indeed one of the most established chances to shine. The piece of content not only offers a road map to the personality you possess but also offers a distinguished chance to amplify the strengths and skills. The SOP forms as a distinguished writing piece to impress the admission committee by presenting the profile in the form of an essay.

The committee offering admission would like to inspect if you wish to take optimum interest and effort in letting them know how much you intend to study in the University you are applying to. In the SOP, you can discuss a few past incidents that have inspired you to choose the career path that you are confident to be taking you to growth.

This essay piece need not offer an idea of life after college; instead focus needs to be built around developing content around the way in which the candidate has explored the world and their interests. It also should talk about the ways in which they relate to people while forming opinions about them. While framing the document, it is vital to look into the content from the eyes of the examiner. This is because you need to pen down points and arguments that ensure your SOP to stand out among thousands applied.

An SOP offers the admission committee to judge the perspective of life, the career goals, the ethics, technical aptitude, the applicant’s vision towards life, his/her ambition and so on. The key point of establishing this piece of content is a student’s opportunity to explain to the admission committee as why you seek to attain higher education and what the main purpose of attending the University is.

Does the statement of purpose need your name to be included?

In general, applicants do not need to put their name on the SOP. The reason is that the piece of content is a separate piece of application and distinct from that of the college application form which already comprises of your name. However, at the same time, it is essential to pay a heed to the requirements that your program seeks to achieve. The requirements tend to be different as per the programs. Hence, if the program demands so, you need to include, otherwise there is no such compulsion.

How long should a SOP be?

A statement of purpose needs to be of one entire page, neither less nor more. If you find it difficult to restrict the writing to just one page, you can extend it and write another half a page, however not a word more than that. Try to wrap the entire content in about 800-1200 words. As there are a thousand applications to read from, hence the points written should clearly explain why you are intending to state. Writing a long drawn essay will not clearly focus on a few facts, and readers will fail to understand your objective well. The length however might vary depending upon the University guidelines and standards.

What are the essential things that colleges usually look in a Statement of Purpose?

  • While drafting the Statement of Purpose, it is essential to keep in mind that the admission committee usually tend to review a thousand applications, all at the same time. Thus you do not only need to offer a crisp and unique profile, but also need to keep a certain things in mind:
  • The Statement of Purpose well reflects your writing ability. Hence, it should be completely free of grammar error or wrong sentence construction. Make use of a good vocabulary to frame the content well, yet using easy and well comprehended words.
  • Highlight the unique personality you own where the authorities will be able to recognize you through the statements made. The interests and goals will essentially aid them to know you better on the personal front.
  • They also want to know that in what manner can your past experiences and talent can contribute to the University. In this regard, students need to clearly pen down in the ways they could be of help to the college and its community as a whole.
  • The college also expects you to be thoroughly versed with the academic curriculum and facilities that will help avail a great deal. It is essential to be aware of the student programs, the internship opportunities, the faculty and facilities which are tested by the administration thoroughly.
  • They also seek to ascertain the inspiration and motivation that is required to study a particular course in the University concerned.

Important points to cover:

Here are a few important points that need to be covered while framing the Statement of Purpose. Ensure that all of the points are well covered in order to produce an useful and resourceful content.

  • Introduce yourself
  • State your interests and motivation
  • Summarize the undergraduate career
  • State any additional course, if any
  • Add relevance of the current activities
  • Elaborate your personal interests on the academic front

What not to include in the SOP?

There are a few things that you should not include in the Statement of Purpose. Here are a few things that need to be avoided.

  • Do not talk about your family/background
  • Do not include information related to your school life
  • Do not talk about each and every organization that you have worked with
  • Avoid mentioning each and every extracurricular achievement made in your lifetime

Tips to write a powerful statement of purpose:

Similar to any other piece of content, a powerful statement of purpose needs to follow a certain strategy and format to be drafted.  A lot of applicants write anything and everything that comes to their mind; however you do not want to end up being one of them. If you wish for a SOP to stand out, here are a few strategies and tips that you need to abide by:

  1. Write stories

If you are given the option to read a story or a newspaper, undoubtedly you would be more interested to read a story. This is because newspaper only offers a mere piece of news with headlines, however a story in a novel beautifully captures well express emotions and gets you connected to it. It tends to bring out a few humanly feelings while making you feel a part of the story. The readers often tend to experience themselves in the storyline, by being in the shoes of a narrator or a character. In this way we tend to remember the stories a lot more than any statement or news.

Now, think about the statement of purpose and start writing it in the format of a story to imbibe it in the minds of the examiners. While framing the story, it is vital to think about why you seek to study, and what you wish to study. Put stress into weaving a story around these factors and you are sure to find a connection. The strong reason corresponding to studying in the University should be enough in forming a well-constructed story. While writing the story, make sure that you write a short one as no one wants to read a long drawn story. Try to impress the examiners with a strong story line that will capture their attention.

  1. Quantify the story

While you write down a story, ensure that the story does not sound like a thesis, rather should comprise the most resourceful information about you. When it comes to information, numbers or quantity tends to play a strong role. Hence, frame the story in a manner that does not seem qualitative, rather quantitative. The story needs to comprise measurable quantities instead of offering just stories so that the reader can understand its depth.

The numbers tend to offer a completely new perspective to readers while amplifying the respect. This is the power of numbers and they tend to add authenticity and offer authority of the stories. While quantifying the stories in a proper manner, the committee will imbibe a better impression on you. This similar strategy can be applied for weaving the story, no matter what.

  1. Use formal and conversational tone

You do not wish to bore your readers by using a monotonous explanatory tone. This is why a conversational tone must be used to engage the readers into your story. The essays usually come into two distinct categories such as formal and friendly. You need to make use of both the tone in order to write a well-drawn story. Apart from sounding like a novel, it should also reflect a bit of fun and uniqueness as this is what the story needs to stand apart from the rest. However, while writing in a conversational tone, it is vital to avoid using the casual language.

  1. Customize the essay

Students usually tend to download a specific SOP template and submit the same content to varied Universities by changing just the name and necessary details. This is not a good idea as the Universities though seem to be similar; however they are quite different from one another. Each of the Universities comprises of a distinct set of characteristics which outshine them such as their vision, mission, and value. Motto, objectives, culture and do on.

Hence, while writing an SOP, you need to give a constructive thought on these factors of the Universities and customize the statement accordingly. A few changes in details and names would not certainly suffice your purpose; instead they need to be tailored in order to be written in a customized way so that the officers think that you fit in appropriately to the community. As every student community is almost like their family, and you need to make them feel why and how you can be a part of it.

  1. Decide the way in which you seek to portray yourself

As a statement of purpose seeks to be the medium that serve as the purpose of conveying your attitude, the personality and the character you possess, hence it needs to be written accordingly. Hence, the first step to doing this is to learn the statement of purpose and how you need to portray yourself in it. Here are a few examples of the kind of the kind of image you can portray yourself in:

  • Being extremely passionate about the subject you wish to study on
  • An intelligent student who has the ability to withstand the workload offered in the graduate program you are enrolling to
  • Well prepared to take on personal and academic challenges in the University
  • Being able to form a cordial relationship and rapport with the professors and friends at the University
  • Being able to finish the degree on time and by attaining a commendable percentage
  • A potential representative of the University even after the course ends
  • Well known and successful alumni who can of good resource as an alumni
  • A responsible alumnus capable to raise funds for the University and also to contribute towards its development

The above mentioned points are few of the parameters that the University counsellors usually tend to lay their stress upon. While choosing the words, be very careful as you need to indirectly communicate the passion by making use of brief examples that reflects your passion well.

  1. Instead of creating stories, be original

Just because you are allowed to write a story does not mean you need to create them. On the contrary, you need to write only the authentic points that would contribute to a great story. If you do not have something extraordinary to add in your life story, it is fine to keep it low key and avoid pretending someone that you are not. As the admission officers are well versed with the characteristics of applicants, they can easily spot a genuine applicant from a fake one. Thus, making this mistake will right away dampen your chances to get into the college of your dreams.

  1. Address a few problems

The Statement of Purpose is one of the best opportunities for you to address a few problems. If you have experienced any academic problem, take this as the best opportunity to highlight them. Instead of trying and defending yourself, you need to point out the reasons that lead to the problem. It should efficiently highlight the way in which you overcame the problem or situation on facing it. Moreover, you also need to pen down a detailed analysis on the learning experience you have had from the problem or experience.

  1. Edit and proofread

After you are done with the writing, it is advised that you proofread the content well. Instead of keeping the essay to yourself, give it to a knowledgeable friend or a guide who can efficiently proofread your statement of purpose. With a third person, you will get a new perspective to the story. Not only can you achieve additional points to add within but also gain confidence by being assured of the content quality you have delivered. As it is a clear picture of what you seem like as a person, hence the content needs to be proof read well and edited in order to achieve the best version of yourself.

Reasons why you need to choose

Are you confused about writing a perfectly blended Statement of Purpose? Seek the help of the professionals that offers high quality and professional approach towards writing the best SOP for your University application. Here are a few reasons why you need to choose the professionals.

  1. High quality content

The academic quality is a very important consideration that needs to be met while writing an academic content for a University.  Students however fail to provide the required quality as a result of their demanding academic life and pressure. Moreover, due to the ever rushing deadlines, quality often takes a side-line. This is why trusting the professionals for offering quality content are a must. At, we offer high quality content while ensuring that the quality is unmatched.

  1. Ability to meet deadlines

It might get difficult for a student to meet the deadlines due to their extra classes, lectures and demanding academic life. The professionals at come to the rescue and lend a helping hand to complete the assignment on time. Universities expect students to comply by a certain deadline and not cross it. However, as it gets difficult for a student to comply by it, hence trusting the professionals is a must to help meet the deadlines.

  1. Offers customized solutions

A lot of students tend to download a particular template online for Statement of Purpose and edit the University names before sending to a particular college. This often tends to prove as a bad move by the University examiners who very well understand the incident when taken place. The professionals, on the other hand, offer customized solutions pertaining to a University concerned, this is because each University tend to have a different objective, vision, mission and guidelines. All of these factors need to be kept in mind before sending out the SOP to a college. By offering customized solutions, the professionals ensure that each SOP is written as per the requirements of the concerned Universities.

  1. Zero error policy

The professionals at maintain a zero error policy where they ensure that they do not make errors that are extremely criticized by the examiners. Common errors such as grammar, punctuation, capital letters, format, tone of writing and others are usually mistaken easily while writing. The experts are well versed with the style of writing and ensure that the mistakes are not made while delivering an error-free Statement of Purpose. An error free content is likely to form a sustainable impression on the examiners.

How to get in touch with the professionals at

Students seeking to attain professional help can easily get in touch with the professionals through email or telephone. However, the live chat support system available 24/7 offers an immediate response which seeks to be of maximum help to the students. The customer support team offers immediate help to the queries made to them.

Students are left helpless during the last hours of submission when they feel they are not able to finish the assignment on time. This is when the customer support team can be approached who will be more than happy to guide you through the process. Trust the professionals at to attain a dedicated and defined resource of assignment, benefiting your academic grade.

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