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Executive Summary

The Better Drinks Co. formerly referred to as the Charlie’s is becoming the most effective and well-known drink organization within the country. From its very beginning the business continues to be very productive in terms of production of top-quality fruit juices and other related products that have benefitted the business in lots of ways specially in getting popularity and corporate success. The business continues to be very substantial with regards to the starting of new items at frequent time intervals that has resulted in having a high-quality effect both in local along with worldwide marketplaces. Evaluating the importance of continuous item launch shows that the company has hold over the industry. The organization continues to be emphasizing on launching a brand-new customer item that is Dragon fruit flavored juice.

Thinking about the competition in local sector along with the other worldwide marketplaces. Subsequently the situational evaluation, the marketing strategy will appraise the marketing goals being achieved and the sales strategies that must be applied for getting hold of the list of objectives. The marketing strategy will even offer a summary regarding the key techniques that this company might concentrate on applying.

Table of Contents:-

1.Introduction. 3

Vision and Mission Statement 3

2.SWOT Analysis. 3

3.Porter’s Five Forces Analysis. 5

4.The new product 6

5.Marketing Objectives. 6

6 Marketing Strategy. 7

6.1 Segmentation Strategy. 7

6.2 Targeting analysis. 8

6.3 Positioning Approach. 8

7.0 Marketing Mix. 9

7.1 Product Approach. 9

7.2Price Approach. 9

7.3 Place Approach. 9

7.4 Promotion Approach. 10

8.0 Conclusion. 10

1. Introduction:-

The Better Drinks Company is among the most prosperous producers of refreshment drinks located in New Zealand set up back in 1999 by Marc Ellis, Stefan Lepionka, along with Simon Neal. At first the business made refreshing orange drink, however form 2001 the Charlie’s have enhanced their product selection with a broad variety of organic fruit drinks. The company is principally involved in marketing as well as manufacturing of organic drinks providing dragon fruit as well as orange fruit juices, blackcurrant, mango, raspberry, lemonade, and so on. Within 2011 the Charlie’s bought by Asahi Holdings for around $131 million. The company was renamed to Better Drinks Co. back in 2013. The company currently based in Auckland, New Zealand and Charlie’s juice and  Phoenix organics are usually the branch of the parent company Asahi (Charlie's. 2018, 01 23).

Vision and Mission Statement

 The mission assertion of the company stated to provide far better- and high-quality beverages for everybody. Evaluating the objective declaration, this company particularly focuses on providing high quality beverages for the customers so that the customers can stay healthy and rejuvenated.  In addition, the organization’s perspective would be to generate continuous development in most aspect and make a company within the nation and overseas by maintaining key factors like honesty, trustworthiness and beliefs.

2. SWOT Analysis


  1. Global Existence: The initial and primary strength in the organization is their worldwide existence. As its beginning, the business has exploded greatly and has been targeted in producing and promoting their latest product range. Working within multiple marketplaces all over the world is by far vital for the huge progress.
  2. Share In Market: In spite of facing tremendous competitors both in national and global market segments from companies such as Amatil, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and so on. The organization continues to be facilitated to create a substantial market existence by offering quality items (Kibriya, 2018).
  • Consumer Commitment: With high quality and good items, it is very natural that over time the organization has obtained tremendous customer commitment.


  1. Competitors Manufacturers: It is often noticed that international companies such as Coca Cola Amatil, PepsiCo, Frucor and so on are the thorn in the business.
  2. Greater Cost: Among the main weak points in the business is the cost of the items. Given that the business has full grown through the years, the people are getting accustomed to having energy drinks as well as fruit drinks.
  • Smaller Item Base: Among the main disadvantages of organization are their minimal products. When compared with its rivals, the organization continues to be in an unfavorable scenario that leads to weakened sustainable advancement within the marketing strategy for long-term leads.


  1. Item Expansion: The organization has got the chance for building various items that will help this company in creating high quality income along with obtain more customers.
  2. Developing Countries: The firm is operating in different countries. Analyzing the worldwide markets, it is often noticed that this developing country are gradually shifting towards usage of healthy drinks
  • Development of Supply Chain. Thinking about the rising cost of transport, supply chain could be a main price sink hole. As noticed, the Company’s overall business is actually depending on supply and transport (Amin, 2017).


  • Extreme Competitors: As currently talked about this field have tremendous levels of competition not just within New Zealand however all over the world.
  • Customer Recognition: Using the current advancements within research and technological innovation, the customers are often obtaining entry to needful details. Prior to the purchase any kind of item, they are able to get quality details regarding the items. Additionally, they often evaluate costs. They could choose a few alternate beverages for replacing which they taken previously.
  • Acquiring Raw Material: The organization generates refreshing and organic juices with no additives and higher vitamin as well as nutrients. Evaluating the change in climate, in several countries raw materials sourcing can be very difficult as water shortage is increasing massively.

3 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

  1. Negotiating Power of the Purchasers: The customers negotiating power within this business is higher. In spite of organization possessing a loyal customer the risk it encounters is a great competitor as accessibility to alternatives are greater within the market. The purchasers looking for similar items are higher and for that reason it is very simple to try out the items provided by the competitor’s which may charge them comparatively cheap (Burns & Dewhurst, 2016). The business continues to be quite impressive in offering distinctive items to the customers with improved high quality as the negotiating potential of the people are higher and alternatives are often accessible.
  2. Negotiating Benefits of the Suppliers: The negotiating power of the suppliers is considered higher. In countries the Organization works as the suppliers are strong just because a number of providers control this industry instead of possessing a partial supply resource. Furthermore, just about all the suppliers possess some distinctive items that are needed by companies such as the Better Drinks Company and Frucor that allows the company to cling to 1 provider. Because of the accessibility to the alternatives the providers negotiating power is on greater end
  • Risk of Alternatives: Within this field the replaced items can be found very easily that makes it a very competing field. In spite of having customer commitment, the Organization encounters a risk of customers changing to other items since the price is nearly same or comparatively low. As there may be almost no perceived amount of product difference among the Organization along with the competition because they sell comparable types of items the risk of alternatives is within the high end. Thinking about the chance of drop in quality or improvement in costs of the items frequently taken by the customers, it is very simple for them to change to different companies (Rothaermel, 2016).
  1. Risk of New Entries: The present competitors within this sector are tremendous as well as access in this business is not simple until and unless the fresh competitor has its own kind of revolutionary concept that would be noticeable within this sector quickly. The boundaries to access are higher and also the risk of new entries is actually comparatively lower. The barriers consist of government scheme, highly rigid CSR rules and company governance.
  2. Competing Rivalry: There are lots of drink businesses which run within this specific market. Since the business keeps growing, companies are concentrating on on applying competing techniques along with development for getting competing benefit. Furthermore, businesses such as PepsiCo as well as Coca-Cola possess a lot more marketing resources that prospect the other businesses to apply innovative ways to remain competing. This tends to make the competing rivalry greater for companies within this field (Rothaermel, 2016).

4.The new product

The organization possesses a broad variety of items that are available for the customers of country as well as several other marketplaces worldwide. The present items consist of fresh organic juices as well as beverages which include apple and orange juices, blackcurrant, lemonade, grapefruit, raspberry lemonade, cranberry, Clementine and so on. This company has highlighted in releasing a brand-new item i.e. the dragon fruit flavored health beverage primarily for everybody. The main purpose of the company would be to concentrate on generating health beverages together with advertising of the organic juices along with other beverages (The Better Drinks Co. 2018, 01 23).

5.Marketing Objectives-

  • Particular: The initial significant goal using the new dragon fruit flavored health beverage being released by the business would be to obtain reputation among the list of targeted customers within the national marketplace i.e. NZ.
  • Measurable: With regard to obtaining the reputation the business must apply tactical steps that could assist in improving the revenue of the item. In accordance with the goal this company has evaluated the purpose of producing 1.8 million-product in first 4 months of this year.
  • Attainable: Evaluating the purpose of constant enhancement, the business looks to obtain the goal of marketing 2.8 million products in first 4 months of this year
  • Trusted: Thinking about the quality strategic actions and advertising techniques, the business has dedicated to recruiting new hr. for promoting reason for the specific item and getting hold of the goals of purchasing market share, creating quality income as well as growing the item sales to markets in gulf nations.
  • Timely: Regarding the dragon fruit flavored beverage that is among the distinctive items created by the Organization the goals are time chained and must be accomplished at the end of 2019.

6. Marketing Strategy-

6.1 Segmentation Strategy

  1. Geographic analysis: Geographic analysis is vital for the brand-new item. At first the business must release the item within the nation that is the local market as well as operate within profitable market segments such as Wellington, Auckland, as well as Christchurch. Analyzing the people of the aforesaid towns it is often noticed that the men and women of those towns happen to be very loyal towards the items of the desired Organization. Furthermore, the majority of the customers are motivated by healthy usage of foods and drinks which may be quite good for the achievement of the brand-new item (Bragg et al. 2018).
  2. Demographic analysis: The newest item dragon fruit flavored beverage is going to be obtainable in three amounts i.e. 150 ml bottle charged at $7.50 NZD, 250 ml bottle charged at $15 NZD and 750ml bottle charged at $25 NZD. Thinking of the cost range of the items, it is very cost-effective. The item is particularly released by the company for every adult among the age group of 15 years to 50 years. Analyzing the high cost in the item is regarding sections of each and every class. The item could be used by both men and woman. It may be taken within just Six months of production date.
  • Psychographic analysis: The item isshaped by the business thinking about the characteristics of the grownups to enhance their vitality, energy, reduce tension as well as increase the overall performance. The item is perfect for all sociable classes .As well as evaluating the advantages and price, segments of each class can easily pay for it. The most important element is that this creates the company beliefs to get much better and indicates the healthful way of life that is the main factor in the present period to remain healthy (Bragg et al. 2018).
  1. Behavioral analysis: This specific item compares to targeted customer character. This company has primarily separated the consumers in groups depending on their expertise towards importance of consumption of healthy beverages, mindset toward fitness and responds to the standard of the item (Saenkoet al. 2016). The customers having a mindset to stay healthful would be the main buyers of the item since it offers energy for the functioning grownups for remaining in shape and vitalizing the system. Furthermore, the loyal customers of the business are the main focus

6.2 Targeting analysis

The differentiated technique is among the most related targeting technique for the Organization with regard to promoting the new item. The business has particularly focused on the functioning grownups with regard to the dragon fruit flavored energy beverage. The usage of differentiated focusing on technique might allow in making a distinctive company impression for the item. This tactic might assist the customers in distinguishing the initial product which may assist in getting a substantial place on the market. The company should focus on becoming a low-priced head that will allow in improving the product revenue and obtain the commitment of the customers. Finding the differentiated targeting technique might allow the business in selecting as well as choosing the rewarding marketplaces with regard to the new item to get released.

6.3 Positioning Approach

The Unique Selling Proposition of the fresh item could be the brand that allows it to stay ahead of all the competitors. The brand-new dragon fruit flavored beverage is going to be released by the company underneath the branch of Charlie’s which has enormous reputation on the market. The important thing is positioning factor which distinguishes the item from all other opponents to achieve the competing benefit may be the flavored health beverage (Charlie's. 2018, 12 05). The components in the brand-new item help to make the dragon fruit flavored beverage very distinctive which is mostly for the targeted communities i.e. working grownups. The item added nutrients, calcium mineral, nutritional vitamins, glucose and dietary fiber altogether which makes it probably the most vitalized beverage ever manufactured by the company. Their advantages the customers in various methods which effects the entire body and allows the customers stay fit, energized and in shape.

7. Marketing Mix

7.1 Product Approach

The Item is a completely new health consume with regard to working grownups which assists with stimulating the entire body as well as improving the levels of energy for efficiency maximization. The main problem-solving advantage supplied by the item is it reduces tension and stimulates for vitalizing the entire body. The item is going to be sold underneath the branch name of Charlie’s Dragon fruit flavored vitality beverages within about three various container sizes (Baker, 2016).

7.2Price Approach

The Organization should apply the market penetration prices technique for starting the new item. The execution of the market penetration prices might set a minimal cost for the item originally. As noticed the brand-new item is costed greatly cost-effective and the main objective in the business would be to rapidly lure new customers while using low prices of the item. This specific technique is very efficient in character for improving the marketplace share that is the main purpose of the company. Furthermore, the usage of this price’s technique increases the sales amount of the item while dampening levels of competition (Patil & Bach, 2017).

7.3 Place Approach

Thinking about the prices technique that is market entrance, extensive supply is among the most exact supply means for the revenue and recognition .Beneath this marketing technique, the company might market their item via as numerous outlets as is possible. This will likely allow the customers face item within a simulated way. Since the beverages market encounters tremendous competitors choosing the intense supply technique might assist in marketing the item intensively (Erasmus, Strydom & Rudansky-Kloppers, 2016).

7.4 Promotion Approach

 Marketing through TV advertisements, papers, booklets, hoardings as well as banners along with striking taglines can be very good for marketing the item for obtaining the attention of the customers. However, individual selling can be carried out through which individuals are familiar with selling items following meeting the customer personally. Finally, online and social internet marketing has to be used because it's the new face of marketing within the current period.

8.0 Conclusion

Analyzing both inner along with the exterior environment specific elements which can be removed and viewed .As the Company wants to release their fresh item the first they need to do is to significantly research the whole industry and also the products of the rivals prior to focusing on starting and advertising the brand-new dragon fruit flavored beverage. This can allow the business to have thorough review concerning the strategic techniques that needs to be applied. Next, the organization should concentrate on the marketing techniques because it's the most important factor. Investigating the marketing elements within a crucial way can help the business to apply the techniques within an appropriate way that could help this company over time. And finally, the most important element that should be regarded in concentrating on capitalizing the possibilities and eliminating the weak points since it would ensure that the business to create more earnings. For that business also have a long-lasting effect on the marketplaces.


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