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How Design and Manufacturing Collaborate for Contributing to Business Profitability


Table of Contents

  1. Title. 3

  2. Role of the industry consultants and their years working in the industry. 3

3.1.      Importance of this research topic for industry. 4

3.2.      Justification for the research. 4

3.3.      Feasibility of the proposed methodology for answering the research question. 4

3.4.      Findings of the study have industry application. 4

  1. Summary of the feedback from the industry consultant 5

  2. Reflection on the feedback. 5

5.1.      Topic and question justification. 5

5.2.      Importance to industry. 5

5.3.      Feasibility. 5

  1. Reference List 7


The title of this proposal is “How design and manufacturing collaborate for contributing to business profitability.

The feasibility analysis report will be based on the research proposal. The industry consultants are three managers of three selected companies from the Australian manufacturing industry. One of the chosen companies is Toyota. This report will analyze the role of industry representatives and their years of working in the industry. The research questions of the research proposal will be analyzed also. Along with this, a summary of the feedback and reflection of the feedback will also be analyzed in the feasibility analysis report. Therefore, the reported work would deliver detailed idea and explanation regarding the feasibility of the research topic.

2. Role of the industry consultants and their years working in the industry

The industry consultants are from the Corporate Communications Department. They are the Marketing Communications Manager. The primary responsibility of them is to amplify marketing sponsorships and ad campaigns both internally and externally. They promote their respective brands by emphasizing their product ranges, motorsports, Olympics and Paralympics. They are working in their respective industries for the last seven years. 

Summary of the questions presented to the industry consultants

The research questions presented to the industry consultants are appropriate. The main research questions are: What are the major issues in the supply chain collaboration for small medium-sized manufacturers? How does the collaboration of design and manufacturing impact on organizational profitability? These main questions are supported by some sub-questions. These questions are the followings:

  • How does a lack of coordination impacts on product quality and profitability?
  • What is the benefit of manufacturing and designing collaboration?
  • What are the implications of the collaboration impact on business profitability?

These questions can reflect the importance of the topic as all of these five questions will help the researcher to get a conclusion and gather important knowledge on the topic.

3.1. Importance of this research topic for the industry

The research is significant as the literature review findings show that there are lots of issues are found due to the lack of collaboration between the design and manufacturing process. One of the selected companies for this report is Toyota. The product recall of Toyota was a burning example of how lack of collaboration between the design and manufacturing process results in a huge loss for the industry.  According to Stadtler (2015), effective supply chain collaboration is important for maximizing the profit margin as well as long term sustainable growth of supply chain partners. The research topic is important as it can provide significant insights regarding the importance of manufacturing and design collaboration and its implementation in business operation (Bhosekar & Ierapetritou, 2018). Therefore this research topic is important for the industry.

3.2.Justification for the research

Toyota product recall is the cause of improper collaboration between design and manufacturing process. They had recalled millions of cars for faulty accelerators, floor mat issues, brake problems and sticky gas pedals (Bowen & Zheng, 2015). The manufacturing unit and design department did not have proper collaboration before launching their product. Thus this research topic is justified and convincing.

3.3.Feasibility of the proposed methodology for answering the research question

After data collection and survey, both quantitative and qualitative data analysis method will be used. After an open-ended interview, survey questionnaires will be designed to collect more quantitative data regarding the issue in Toyota.  

3.4. Findings of the study have industry application

This study has theoretical and practical implications on the industry as the research topic includes conceptual models will be beneficial for the researchers to explore supply chain collaboration issues. Jia et al., (2015) stated that these supply chain collaboration issues can be solved if the managers implement collaboration between design and manufacturing process. When design and manufacturing team of the company sit together and discuss the new product launch, it will be easier for them to produce a good product. The research findings can help the policymakers to provide a proper solution to tackle the challenges and issues in the industry.

4 Summary of the feedback from the industry consultant

The research proposal should include the aim of the research to explain the reason for choosing this topic. The methodology of the research proposal should start with research design. Then a description of the data collection should be written and lastly, data analysis should be discussed. The stated methodology in the research proposal should include open-ended interviews in data collection techniques to get more insights from semi-structured interviews. The research proposal would be more realistic if it included the three chosen company details. The research proposal did not include a detailed discussion on data analysis procedure. It should be discussed elaborately.  

5 Reflection on the feedback

The reflection on the feedback is important to demonstrate that the feedback has been considered and provides a suggestion on how this can be acted upon.

5.1.Topic and question justification

The topic chosen for the research proposal is justified for the subject. The selected questions for the research proposal are appropriate as these questions will help the researcher to gather appropriate knowledge on the subject. Therefore there are no changes required in the research questions.

5.2.Importance to industry

The research topic will be helpful to the industry as it will provide the benefits of manufacturing and design collaboration with real examples. The study will also evaluate every aspect of manufacturing and designing process and its ability to influence organizational profitability in future (Tuli & Shankar, 2015).


The purpose of the study is to demonstrate knowledge of how manufacturing and design collaboration process help to gain business profitability. The most feasible solution for the research proposal has been chosen and approved. Now this research proposal is ready for further elaboration.

Reference List

  • Bhosekar, A. & Ierapetritou, M., 2018. Advances in surrogate based modeling, feasibility analysis, and optimization: A review. Computers & Chemical Engineering, 108, pp.250-67.
  • Bowen, S.A. & Zheng, Y., 2015. Auto recall crisis, framing, and ethical response: Toyota's missteps. Public Relations Review, 41(1), pp.40-49.
  • Jia, P., Lu, Y. & Wajda, B., 2015. Designing for technology acceptance in an ageing society through multi-stakeholder collaboration. Procedia Manufacturing, 3, pp.3535-42.
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  • Tuli, P. & Shankar, R., 2015. Collaborative and lean new product development approach: a case study in the automotive product design. International Journal of Production Research, 53(8), pp.2457-71.

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