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Picture Tea making a helpful analogy for understanding consent


Picture tea making: a helpful analogy for understanding consent-

This video made by Rockstar Dinosaur, “Picture tea making: a helpful analogy for understanding consent” is an excellent example of a surprise ending. It starts with understanding the consent while asking for a cup of tea to any person and ends with knowing person consent before having sex.

In this video, the author is trying to focus on getting the consent of the people to whom you offer the tea or sex is highly crucial and one cannot force anyone to have tea if the person is unsure about the same.

The author has highly focused on the fact that "consent is everything". If a person is asking for a cup of tea and a person sitting next to him says no, then it is unethical to force them to have a tea (Mazur, 2006).

In this video, the author emphasizes on relating to the consent for having tea to the consent for having sex. It seems like that people are having a problem to understand that if you have sex with someone, it does mean you will have sex with that person every time without even asking them for the same.

One has to make sure that the person wants to have sex with you. Just because a person has made sex earlier does not mean that person is ready to have sex with you every time.

We are living in a society where we met with different kinds of people who have different tastes and experience. So, it shows an ethical behavior to ask for someone consent. If any person is unconscious, then don't make them having tea or having sex.

Unconscious people cannot the answer such questions like "do you want to have a cup of tea or do you want to have sex" due to their unconscious state of mind. Therefore, whether it is about sex or tea, consent is everything at all. To whomever, you are initiating sex; just make sure they are actually genuinely up to it (Mazur, 2006).

This is not just a normal theory to understand as it is a very significant topic for every person who is not sure about taking anyone consents. Sexual assault is a significant issue in the nation worldwide.

The issue of consent has been taken as a most profound reason for sexual consent. People cannot have sex with the person who is not sure of making sex at that point in time. Sex without consent is considered as rape and most of the time it occurs between the people who know each other.

In this way, if the person is having sex with you last night, it does mean that a particular person ends with the sex every night u desire. It is all about someone consent which is the highlighted part of the chosen video (HuffPost, 2019).

This video highly relates to the social perception for a different thing. Society plays a crucial role in shaping the individual perception related to the social facts which exercise control on the people.

In the positivist theory, people mainly exposed to their experiences with their gender social status and class. People have their own perception and want others to behave in the way what they actually desired at the point of time (McGregor, 2013).

As per the interpretive, every individual has their conscious mind which reacts to the social forces as different people experience the same reality in the different ways, so it is important to know their consent under any circumstances (Patten, 2002).

In the societal level, people behave in the manner they want to do, not in the way people want them to do. The chosen video helps the readers to understand the importance of consent. While approaching any person to have a cup of tea or sex, it is crucial to ensure the other person is participating readily and freely ((Kongsholm and Kappel, 2017).

Like someone who is unconscious or giving the answer while sleeping should not consider as yes at that point in time. It is to be believed that a person who is approaching for sex is responsible to take other person consent with a free mind. Being intimate or social with any person does not result in sexual intercourse as many people take flirt, dating as a message to have sex which is not considered as ethical behavior.


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