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Management of Information Systems



This essay is based on the interview of Juan Perez who is the CIO of UPS. This interview was taken to know about the companies’ achievements and success. Perez has talked about the departments in his company and his experience in the 18 months of his career in UPS. He has also shared his views on increasing the employment in his company by introducing various other departments in the company.

Themes and Views from the Interview

Perez records three key accomplishments in his experience of 18 months as UPS CIO. To begin with, his work on inner ability and moved ahead with the improvement of the association's 5,000 or more IT experts. Second, another attention on development over the association, where IT is an empowering agent of new thoughts and capacities. Furthermore, third, Perez focuses to the making of what he calls a "business-cosy IT division", where the point has been to make a lot nearer working connection between IT and the business. This company mainly focuses on the use of IT and the technologies. Juan Perez wants to hire people who have great calibre and can work dedicatedly for the company. They want to use the tools and technologies of IT as much as they can so they can provide the best service. Being an IT company, the use of the latest tools and technologies should be followed, new projects and ideas should be implemented which will help in the further growth and development. This is the era of new and innovative and it is very important to work to implement something innovative so that the company can make win over the competitors in the long run.

Investigate and briefly overview company's recent history before the interview.

The company was working on some fields and the CIO of this company wants to the take the company to a level where different departments can be accomplished that too efficiently. In IT, they want to use the latest tools and technologies and same goes with the other fields like the HR department. This company is not willing to reduce employment but to increase by implementing several other departments that can hire more and more people who can be beneficial for the company.

Views on Different Themes

The CIO of this company says that “We need to create a great value proposition for people who want to come and work for UPS”. These words mean a lot for any person who is dedicated towards the work. “Our objective is not to eliminate jobs at UPS, but to create very different kinds of roles. These positions might well be more customer-facing. They are positions that will allow us to create a new focus internally and provide better service to our customers. We want to be in a position where we can actually use advanced technology to develop a more personal touch as a business. The words that is being said by the CIO is valuable which also means they really want to give a chance to the deserving candidates who can help them in achieving the targets and the goals.

This company is working on several other departments in order to grow the company to a level where they can achieve the standard goals that are set for the company. For example, the words of the CIO, “We collect a huge amount of information across our business units”.

Huge advancement is as of now being made. Perez focuses to Orion, the company's armada the executive’s framework, which utilizes telematics and propelled calculations to make ideal courses for conveyance drivers. The IT group is as of now taking a shot at the third form of the innovation and is beginning to drive the advantages of the US execution of Orion over the worldwide business. Another key task, known as Network Planning Tools, will utilize huge information to help UPS improve its coordinations organize, says Perez. The framework will utilize constant knowledge, progressed examination and machine figuring out how to enable the company's specialists to settle on more astute business choices. Perez anticipates that his group should start revealing the activity in mid 2018.

The cutting edge innovation gather that Perez leads will likewise assume a key job in finding inventive answers for business challenges. UPS, as of late uncovered the third form of its chatbot that utilizes man-made brainpower to enable clients to discover rates and following data over a progression of stages, including Amazon Echo and Facebook. Perez says UPS is likewise focusing on an activity that utilizes computer generated reality to help the firm train its drivers.

Perez is sure that advancement will help UPS to work all the more proficiently, to develop and to make more work open doors over the association. His key needs throughout the following year and a half are the variables –, for example, unwavering quality, engineering and security – that make nimble and fruitful change an achievable objective.

The confidence of the CIO is very well appreciated which means a lot for a company. If a manager or a leader who is leading the company has so much of confidence is beneficial because in some way or other, this confidence boosts up the calibre of the employees who are trying to give their best.

“IT professionals must collectively continue to hone their skills,” as per the view of CIO “The trend towards increasing automation won’t slow, especially as we must develop advanced capabilities for the rest of the business. Our people are very aware that they need to continue to improve their skillsets.” 

Perez says his innovation group must comprehend the significance of close, steady contact with whatever is left of the association, and calls attention to that commitment can help encourage development through its successful utilization. "There is still work that should be done, yet I am extremely cheerful to perceive how our innovation group keeps on drawing nearer to whatever is left of the business," he says. The CIO says his job in this procedure is critical, recommending that viable authority is the way to IT associations getting increasingly associated and progressively communitarian with line-of-specialty units. "I see my job as a CIO as an empowering influence," he says. "I have a duty to enable the association to do the things it needs to do to empower business development."

Perez says he should see obviously how IT can help and he should push that message to whatever is left of his area of expertise. "It can require investment to guarantee that message is pushed over the group, so I impart as routinely as conceivable with my IT administration gatherings," he says. "Such commitment can assist the business with growing through its powerful utilization."

Proceeded with aggressiveness depends on UPS having the capacity to draw on a solid, in-house IT group, says Perez. He says inner preparing programs are significant, however adds that UPS additionally needs to discover approaches to enlist the best and most splendid ability, both at section level and at mid-vocation. Perez says the firm adopts a multi-pronged strategy to enrolment. UPS runs an entry level position conspire and 200 individuals as of late gone through its late spring system. These alumni made 15 remarkable venture thoughts, he says.

The organization's authority group drew in with the employees and will draw on the pool of ability to help fill passage level holes. Perez and his friends perceive the essential of preceded with profession advancement as these new contestants wind up perpetual workers. Extraordinary ideas, it shows up, can spring from pretty much every bearing. "We simply need to ensure that we stay open and that we tune in to these thoughts, regardless of whether a portion of the proposals are not incredible," says Perez. "The way to progress is to discover instruments to perceive the thoughts and to not stop the innovativeness and advancement.

Investigating the background of MIS in the company identify issues and problems

The information system in the company is being tried to innovate more and more, so that the new tools and technologies can be used and implemented which can be much beneficial for the company (The balance career, 2019). The CIO should emphasis more on the company’s benefits and the innovations that can be implemented to take the company to a higher level. Apart from this, the best part is that the CIO is also focused towards generating more employment so that more people can be given the chance to prove their worth.  Perez should consequently keep up a watchful equalization as UPS CIO. He should help whatever is left of the business misuse development to enable the firm to keep up its upper hand; however he can't stand to disregard everyday concerns. This requirement for a successful parity is commonplace to all IT heads, he says. "Current CIOs confront a scope of difficulties," says Perez. "The advancements around us are progressing quickly in any case, in the meantime, we have to keep up and after that settle on the correct choices with respect to which frameworks and administrations will make the greatest incentive for whatever remains of the business."

Regardless of his long history with the firm, Perez's work as UPS's head of innovation and designing is at a beginning time. When he ponders his long haul targets, he trusts he can help the coordination pro to keep on building up a cosy connection among IT and whatever remains of the business. "IT associations in the past have would in general measure accomplishment as far as things that are essential to the innovation office," he says. "Eighteen months from now, achievement, for me, would be that we have demonstrated that we have helped our organization to develop and turn out to be progressively proficient through the innovation we have conveyed (, 2019). "Achievement, to me, implies our IT office has turned out to be significantly more coordinated as far as the arrangements we are conveying to the business. I additionally anticipate that we should have the capacity to exploit the absolute best advances available to enable us to encourage the improvement of arrangements that are special to UPS and that will enable us to separate ourselves from our rivals." These are the words that impress the general people a lot. Which also means that the people whoever has read the interview must be finding of joining this people. We have to make an incredible incentive for individuals who need to come and work for UPS," he says. "Wages and advantages clearly matter, however I need to see the open doors that originate from working for us. UPS faces the absolute most intriguing and testing coordination’s issues."

"Individuals need their stock faster than at any other time. They additionally need greater perceivability, with adaptability to change their conveyances. It is an unpredictable arrangement of issues and that makes an intriguing test for IT experts. Unravelling those difficulties now, and later on, will require cutting edge innovation – and that is an extraordinary recommendation to put to potential applicants. "As per my understanding, I don't find any thing that the CIO has left or he hasn’t focused on. Apart from this, in a company, there are several things that are supposed to added or removed on daily basis which a leader or manager is supposed to take care of.

The strategies and the directions that should be taken in the future by the CIO

For a manager, it is important that the company should grow and whatever the input they are giving or trying to give to the company should come out with an efficient output that can take the company to the heights. It is always known that if a company grows, then only the employees who are working can grow or if the employees are dedicated then the company can grow. So, the only suggestion, which is not even a suggestion but an appraisal that they should take care of the employees who are working for them and try that the employees can be taught with the latest tools and technologies which will be beneficial for the company also(, 2019)

The words that were impressive are, “Success, to him, means the IT department of the company has become agile in terms of the solutions we are bringing to the business. He said he also expects the company to be able to take advantage of some of the best technologies on the market to help them facilitate the development of solutions that are unique to UPS and that will help them differentiate themselves from their competitors.” These words of the CIO were great and highly influencing along with this CIO should also emphasize on trying to give the employees the benefits of working dedicatedly, in short, how the employees can get more benefits. In addition to this, the ideas and beliefs that were shared by the CIO in the interview were amazing, the idea of introducing different departments in the company was the best and it will somewhat reduce unemployment. Apart from this, there are various other issues that are being faced in a company which the CIO didn't highlight and he was also supposed to talk on them.


As per opportunity given to work on the project, I conclude that I have worked on the details of the interview and have prepared the essay. This was related to the interview of CIO of UPS whose name is Juan Perez. In this essay, the themes and views has been discussed in detail. The views of the Juan Perez on the employees and taking the company to the heights are appreciative. The company will reach heights, if the work goes on in the way it is going.


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