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Answer 1: 2

Answer 2. 5

Answer 3: 6

References. 8

Building my own house was one of the main planning, whichmy partners and I had since the time I have been living in Perth, West Australia. In this process,Kestrat Initiative can be considered to be very much helpful for both of us. The initiative was taken from the end of the Government of Australia. As per the rules, eligibility and regulation it was seen that we can apply for building our house. In this process, we had to submit certain documents which would be having the plan which is regarding the house. For the planning area we had undergo some amount of research which included the identification of the suburb where we had decided to build the house and we had to decide the land size as per our convenience as per our budget. We undertook a research of the market and found out various builders who can directly help us in the process of construction. On the other hand, we had to enter into a particular deal, which includes the signing of the land contact with the developed of the land, and we had to pay some amount to them. The signing of the pre work construction contract with the builder was another point of focus which we should be taking into consideration. After this process we would be submitting the application for further approval to the key start and obtain the finance which would be required for building of the house.

Answer 1:

  1. The suburb, which is chosen from my end, dis Crawley. In the decision making area numerousapplications and consulting of the local officials had made the decision making simpler. In the choosing area I had to take into consideration numerousaspects one of them being the budget which is one of the most crucial factors which should be focus in any building situation. We had to think which area would be beneficial and in the budget range so that there are no problem faced in any of the sectors. During the process of selection in had stayed in rental houses which gave me a clear idea of the places which are affordable form my end and the places which would be expensive. The place were I had rented my house was very much far away from my job location so in the decision making area of construction I had selected a place which would be convenient form my end. One of the sites, which are named as Real Estate, has also helped me to find a suitable area where I can live without any forms of problem or difficulty. Commuting time is another factor, whichwas in my mind while taking up the decision and in most of the case according to my knowledge the factor of time was directly linked to the budget of travelling which was seen in most of the cases. I usually make use of the publictransportwhile travelling due to the factor that it saves me money which I can use for the building purpose
  2. Stannard Homes were the builders that I have selected with the purpose of fulfilling my project. These builders were fantastic that their jobs and were also well-known as they have projected various luxurious projects with incredible crafting. The builders offer exclusive offer for their landscape and design and with the help of every detailing, the builder designs every corner of a building that is enchanting for the viewers (Ferradaet al., 2016). The front side as well as the backyards of the building is also designed effectively by the builders. The core stone of their work is quality, and their compliance with the fluctuating trend that is never out of the market. The builders have been able to develop a strong and potential clientele with their unrivalled craftsmanship and the quality of their projects help the builders to be a strong contender among its competitors. People also prefer Stannard Homes as they are also able to deliver home design as per the preferences of the customers. This makes people tend to choose them as they provide intricate care to the indoor and outdoor facilities for the home decors. The customised services of the builders drove the attention of the customers and also trigger their lifestyle (Fewings&Henjewele, 2019). These builders are found to be collaborating with best craftsman, suppliers and traders.  

Nearly 10,000 homes have been built by these builders in the area of Western Australia Perth has been covered by them. The reason for me to choose the builders is there wide range of quality services and customised services for their customers. They help their customers to fulfil their dreams through designing customised houses and building for them.  The customers also share a trustworthy relationship with Stannard Homes, as the builders take initiatives to make its customers understand about the stages that are undertaken for the completion of the project of their dream house (Fleming &Koppelman, 2016). In addition to all this, the builders also take initiatives for project development and assisting people to develop their concepts for their project. The long-term service in the market has made the company to acquire huge base of potential customers and gain a strong position in the market. The company also has an incredible value proposition for the customers besides; they also provide packages for lands and houses. People can also seek services from Stannard Home for upgradation of their existing homes. As a result of such long term of services, the builders also have a string ideology about the perception of different types of customers; they also consult with their customers and provide relevant suggestions or guidance to them for further development of their project. Solutions are also provided by them to the customers for solving their family related issues (Oakland &Marosszeky, 2017). This kind of assistance makes the customers seek their services for their dream projects and eventually, this has also led to rise in the brand name of the company.

  1. Under laid are the stakeholders that would be involved in my assigned project:

Client: Person or an organisation involved in a project who is involved in the commission of the project can be stated as a stakeholder. The client is the person or an individual who is involved or has a desire for the completion of their project. Private clients are found to be focusing on the return on investment that is economic and would be beneficial for them. This can be received by them as a return on the project or managing finance in different ways (Ogundeet al., 2017). Public clients are mainly own bodies that are mostly involved in the fundraising process from the pubic or have more interest in the service provider to me. For this project, I am the client. 

Users: end users involved in a project is also considered as stakeholders of a project. There are different aspects associated with a project irrespective of a public or private project. In case of private project, end user can be clients who have responsible for commissioning the project. On the other hand, in the case of a public project, there is not much involvement of the end users in the project (Zhenget al., 2016).  In my case, the project is private and I am the only end user who is involved in the proceedings of the project, and I also have entire right to interfere in my project process. Depending upon this, I have the right to decide the budget of my project, the location of the project, layout and design of the project and other aspects. 

Building professionals: this is among the most significant stakeholder of a project where different professionals are also included, this can involve engineers, project managers, contractors, subcontractors or architects. The mentioned professionals are involved in the completion of the project and also assist in the decision making process (Ahuja,  Sawhney&Arif, 2018). This is effective for yielding relevant outcomes for the completion of the project. At the end of the project, the clients are able to gain quality services after the completion of the project that is implemented and executed.

External parties: apart from the afore-mentioned people, there are third parties as well that also plays a significant role in the project development or creation process. Public from private and public projects are also involved till the end of the project.  Few of the public parties include different departments under the government and other trade unions (Sunder, 2016). The government departments or other bodies have the right to approve the plan of a building or a house and also ensure that all the specifications are met by them. On the other hand, the private parties are allowed in case their property is anyhow involved in the project. In such cases, the houses that are multi-storeyed or situated near other house, gradually their value of property would be affected. 

Answer 2

Different factors are responsible for influencing the process of design and project development or the layout of the house. Under laid are certain such factors:

Ease of future expansion: for the present time, the layout or design of the project must be in such a way so that it can be expanded as per the requirement or demand of the client. However, redesigning of a house is considered to be amongst the most expensive method, henceforth, it is necessary for the builders and designers to design the house or a building in such a way so that the clients do not have to pay much higher amount of money for renovating their house (Sohiet al., 2016). There must scope of expansion and customisation within the building or the house designed. 

Flow of movement: the design of the house must not be complex and must reflect smoothness in the nature of the design, along with this, it is also necessary to keep in mind the construction of the building and its layout. In addition to this, it is also necessary to ensure about the quality of the raw materials that are used and also the house facilities that would drive the clients crazy and also they can find their house a place to relax and soothe. Furthermore, the concept of backtracking must be avoided in whatever the pattern is chosen for designing the project (Joubert& Bam, 2019). While designing a project or getting involved into it, it is also necessary to take care of the paper works and other documentation process before the process is executed. The flow of paperwork andpersonnel work tends to become very confusing. However, it is necessary to eradicate such confusion before commencing the project.  

            The process involved in the project management is used for determining the layout and the design of the process that is initiated in the project. This is executed in every step and phase of the project completion. In the phase, I have determined that it is necessary to meet the objectives as well as look into the feasibility of the project specifications. This is witnessed to be one of the major aspects in the project process.  Other aspects like the weather or climate must also be taken into consideration as this might spoil the plan of project (Vago, Bell & Thompson, 2016). Furthermore, I have conducted various other researches through which different aspects were also figured out and based on that appropriate plan has also been developed. After every minute detail gets decided, documentation process is then initiated. Groundwork for the plan is then prepared before the project is taken further. This is considered as one of the most important artefacts that are required to be taken into consideration when a project is done. After this, then comes the process of planning, organising the activities and then executing the project (Leite, Bateman & Radnor, 2019). Initiating from planning design of a project or a house, deciding the layout of the house, is done by the designers for quality outcome. 

Answer 3:

            It is necessary to adopt best-fit approaches along with best-fit practices to achieve the lean project management. Lean construction has been playing a great role in attracting the attention of the clients in the home building projects. For conducting a project of home building, it is time-consuming and also due to such process there is huge adverse effect of the waste that is produced. It is necessary for the engineers and the designer to ensure the implementation of the production model through which the reliability of the process can be increased (Petersen, Madsen &Bilberg, 2016).  This model is used for reducing the extended time period taken by the engineers to complete the project and also ensure the overall quality of the project. It has been observed that housing construction has provided the manufacturing process a close analog with a huge level of variable contribution. Along with this, it is also responsible for contributing advanced and lean techniques and paradigm. Apart from collaborating with local house builders, it is also necessary to follow a systematic approach for continuing the valuable stream techniques that is used for mapping the efficiency of the tools, techniques and strategies used for the same (Woods & Hall, 2017). The lean project management model has different features that require equal concentration required to be paid for the detailing of the construction project that is about to be carried out. The features are productionlevelling at the pacemaker, first in, first out lane based flow, restructuring of work along with reliable operation (Sarhanet al., 2018). A particular template has been designed in order to assist the work flow of the designers and for the success of the project management. With the help of this, development of interim models can also be done for further benefit for the proposed lean management project. Apart from the afore-mentioned aspects, there are other related factors as well that can affect the lean management process for project development.  

            Continuous improvement: this includes numerous knowledge of work, continuous opportunities that can be explored for enhancing the project development process. This is useful for identification of useful resources for quick implementation. For instance, marketers ensure about the techniques used for social media marketing and the ways through which they would be able to schedule their process accordingly. Along with this, usage of different tools is also involved in the process. With the help of specific scheduling tool, the speed and validity of the project can be increased (Waterbury, 2015). As per the cycle of process of construction, the time taken for the completion of a project is generally long as the overall value stream is found to be more complex and if there are any changes made in the existing plan, lays an adverse effect on the proceedings of the project.

Optimising the whole: to optimise the deal along with value flow and focus on eliminating the possible obstacles that might hinder the fluency of the project process. In order to do so, it is necessary to collaborate with the stakeholders and also ensure their alignment towards the process of the project development (D’Andreamatteoet al., 2015). With the help of stakeholders, overcoming the barriers and adhering to the specifications of the clients might be much easier.


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