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What Is an Essay?

An essay refers to a small piece of writing on a single issue. It represents the writer's ideas on the issue where they justify each statement with solid evidence. It follows a specific structure that the writer needs to follow while writing the essay. 

The general structure of an essay divides the complete content into three parts:

1. Introduction

2. Middle section or the main body

3. Conclusion

What Are the Major Types of Essays?

The major types of essays are:

1. Descriptive Essay

2. Narrative Essay

3. Expository Essay

4. Argumentative Essay

5. Persuasive Essay

6. Analytical Essay

7. Reflective Essay

Descriptive Essay:

A descriptive essay is meant to describe the issue in a more detailed manner. It has the aim to allow the viewer or reader to get the benefit from your experience. The topic may vary as sometimes it is given by the professors, and often, the students choose the issue as per their interest. In this type, the writer needs to explore more and go in-depth while conducting the research. You need to share more and more to connect with the readers emotionally or create a bond with them to feel what you are writing. 

Narrative Essay:

A narrative essay is a piece of writing that narrates a story, incident, or event. The writer shares their side of the story and is strictly written in the first person describing the whole issue in detail. The writing must be influential and impressive to easily capture viewers' eyes and develop a curiosity to know further information about the incident or story. By reading or listening to your story, the viewers must be left with no questions in their minds. 

Expository Essay:

An expository essay involves the writing of real things only. It does not allow you to express your thoughts on the issue or describe the topic as per your perspective. You have to explain the facts only. Hence, it becomes quite difficult sometimes for the students to deal with such essay writing tasks. Expository essay writing involves in-depth research on the topic as it uses well-proven and facts. It would be easier for you to prepare a design before proceeding to the writing part and strictly follow it throughout the process. 

Argumentative Essay:

It aims to make people agree on a point or convince them of a particular statement that you are using in your essay. It checks the details or the data available on the subject and represents your point of view favoring or against the issue. The writer needs to stick to one side throughout the process. The argumentative essays allow a healthy debate where the writer presents views of another author in their writing and offer a solid comparison to the audience. 

Persuasive Essay:

A persuasive essay is the type of essay that has the motive of convincing the audience on a particular point. It is somehow similar to argumentative essays. It would help if you wrote in an impressive style to feel your argument is correct while reading. It also requires deep knowledge on the topic to express their arguments on the subject powerfully. 

Analytical Essay:

An analytical essay is a kind of writing that allows the writer to analyze every part of the topic. You need to explore the issue as deep as possible. You must be able to influence the audience so that they agree with what you are writing. It is not about convincing the readers on a particular point. The writers use a neutral tone instead of a solid persuasive voice. It uses straightforward language.

Reflective Essay:

A reflective essay allows the writer to examine their personal experiences. The writers share their own experiences through their pieces of writing. One can describe the journey, the development, and how they improved their skills through reflective essays. 

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Why Students Need Professional Essay Writing Services?

Students face different issues while dealing with essay assignments. It might become a barrier for them to resist moving ahead with their academic essay writing tasks. 

Students might not be confident about their skills:

Students might not possess the required skills and calibre to compose ideal essays as per the requirements. Students should have exceptional writing skills, understanding of the language, and other skills, including researching, editing, proofreading to compose the perfect essay writing help answers. It becomes challenging for the students to carry out the complete process correctly. 

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Having less knowledge or a completely unknown topic is assigned to them:

If you do not know the given subject, it would be difficult for you to smoothly deal with the essay writing help service online paper. It will need more effort by your side, more time investment on researching, and more concentration while writing the essay solution. 

Students could lose interest in doing such a hectic job. You can consider hiring a skilled essay writing service professional to help writing an essay. Chat with us now!

When they have tight deadlines:

Meeting deadlines are crucial in academic writing. When students work on various assignments or academic projects, they need to keep in mind that they have to finish their work before the due date. Students are supposed to work on any subject's assignments at the same time. It becomes hard for them to manage all the tasks simultaneously. When they are given the essays on short notice and submit them soon, they start panicking. 

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The habit of ignoring the work:

It is observed that students have a terrible habit of procrastinating the work; the consequences may be tricky for academic writing tasks. The reasons may vary from student to student; sometimes, Essay Help writing assignments are given with a too far deadline. It makes students ignore the work thinking that they have more than enough time to finish it. As per the expert's tip, a student must start early to avoid a last-minute rush as they are also supposed to work on other assignments. 

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Fear to score low grades:

Fear of low-scoring grades could be one of the prominent reasons students seek external help writing an essay. The assignment is a significant criterion for evaluating a student's skills, calibre, ability, and knowledge on a particular topic or subject. Essay assignments carry weightage in the final evaluation of the grades. The reason behind the fear may include lack of skills, lack of knowledge, or confidence about the solution's relevance. 

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Time management:

Students need to cover various subjects throughout their academic sessions; hence they have to work on many assignments regularly. To ensure that the students do not skip or miss any of them, it would be beneficial to have exceptional time management skills. Every assignment needs to be accomplished within the time limit. 

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Essay writing could be a tedious job:

Essay writing tasks could be sometimes monotonous if you are not aware of the topic or if you need to do heavy research before writing. Students who are always encircled with academic writing work may get frustrated doing the same task repeatedly. They look for a way to escape from the tedious task.

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Not having proper awareness about citations:

Citations play a vital role in academic writing; students rarely know the suitable sources from where you can fetch the relevant information. If you did not take the information from reliable sites, it could harm the solutions' credibility, validity, and reliability. Students who do not possess the knowledge about the sources avoid doing the essay writing tasks. 

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Quality related issues:

Quality is never underrated as inadequate quality solutions could directly harm the grades. If students do not possess the required skills for writing the assignments, they worry about the content quality and authenticity. Even errors can downgrade the quality. 

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Fuzzy requirements:

When students fail to understand the requirements, it would be more difficult for them to write essay help solutions. The essay follows some guidelines and a specific structure. If students are unaware of it, they could write the incorrect answer in an improper format. 

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Tips To Write an Impressive Essay!!!

Academic essay writing is critical as it involves more research and analysis before you begin. If you are struggling while writing your essays, follow the step by step approach to end up writing an effective essay solution:

STEP 1: Choose A Perfect Topic

Developing a catchy topic is essential, and you need to be very precise while doing this. The title should neither be too long nor too short. Follow the guidelines for choosing the title carefully. Do not use more generic terms in the title. If you are writing for non-academic purposes, try to put yourself in the user's place and use the most searched keywords. It will increase the readership and enhance the engagement of the people. Try to use an imperative sentence in the title, and it will help to gather more audience. 

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STEP 2: Explore The Topic

The next step is to explore the topic by performing deep research to extract the relevant information required to write the best essay writing help service solution. The more you explore, the more you will gain knowledge on the issue. It will give you an idea of how to initiate the writing. 

Take reference from reliable sources and consider the findings of the best authors. 

Researching might be a tedious or hectic job for the students as it consumes a significant amount of time. If you are also involved in such a task and looking for a substitute, consider taking the best custom essay writing service from LiveWebTutors. 

STEP 3: Prepare An Outline

Create a design before proceeding with the writing task. When you know how to proceed, it would save your time and reduce your efforts. You can also develop specific techniques to make your task easier and help you write down your ideas effectively. 

If you do not know how to proceed, it will straightaway affect your work quality and credibility. Instead of risking the grades, it would be best to choose to take the best essay writing service in USA.

STEP 4: Look Through the Guidelines and Requirements

Academic essays are always concerned with some set of rules and requirements. The students need to go through each of them carefully as they have to follow them while writing the best essay writing paper solution. When it comes to admission essays, it becomes more critical to understand the requirements clearly. 

If you are coming across issues while working on admissions essays as they are more critical, you must look for genuine admission essay writing services in USA.

STEP 5: Follow The Structure

You must know the structure when it comes to academic essay writing tasks. The general format of an essay as follows:


It is the part where the writer introduces the topic or the issue, and they are about to share their opinion or highlight some facts. The introduction needs to be a kind of abstract that delivers a brief idea about the whole essay. You need to be short and precise; choose an attractive style of writing to influence the audience and compel them to read your full essay. 

Main Body:

It covers the arguments with solid evidence as justification, writer's point of view on the issue, full description, clarification of the statement, etc., depending upon the types of essays. Likewise, if you are writing a persuasive essay, you need to convince the audience of a particular point that you use in your essays. You can divide the main body further into multiple paragraphs as per the need. 

You need to be careful in your choice of words and sentence formation. The entire content must be well-organized. Make sure that your current statement is linked with the previous one. You need to stick to the main idea of your essay throughout the process.


In the end, write down the conclusion or summary stating the relevance or application of your whole essay. You can even mention the main idea behind the entire essay writing service solution. Try to bind up in four to six lines only as it making it longer will not benefit you in any case. 

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STEP 6: Citations

The last step is to write down all the references you have used throughout the essay writing task. It is a mandatory step for every academic writing project to acknowledge the efforts or the research of other scientists, authors, researchers. If you want to cite the references, you need to follow the correct format.

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STEP 7: Review And Edit

After completing the whole writing part, the student needs to check the essay carefully to discover the mistakes, if present. Edit the document to make the essay write help answers perfect; rectify the errors and examine the authenticity of the content precisely. 

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