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An essay is among the most common assignments that a student comes across in academic endeavour. We consider the task of writing an essay as simple and easy, often ignoring the important and critical role that an essay plays in the academic curriculum. An essay is a brilliant opportunity for a student to express his knowledge and grip on a particular subject or topic along with showcasing the writing skills to write creatively. Therefore, whenever assigned to accomplish the task of writing an essay, make sure to make the most of it by delivering your best as it will not only reflect positively on your grades but will also boost your confidence.

An essay is a long-form of descriptive writing that involves writing on a topic elaborately, dealing with all the possible aspects of that topic. There are different types of essays. An essay must not be a bland and plain piece of information, it must be written in an engaging and engrossing manner. The process of writing an essay gives the author the freedom to play with the words, bring out creativity and deliver the message in an emphatic way. The best part about writing an essay is that most of the time, it is written for a general audience, without targeting any particular set of readers.

Therefore, whenever one gets the opportunity to write an essay, make sure to write in simple language, describing all the vital elements of the topic.

The task of writing an essay though appears to be simple but it is crucial if taken zealously. An impactful essay requires excellent text and even better writing skills. Many times, students in spite of having good resource material to write, score low in their essay assignments, this is so because they lack the right technique or skill to present that information in an engaging form. Therefore, in this article, we bring to you a detailed analysis of the complete process of writing an impeccable essay. Keep on reading and all your inhibitions about producing an excellent essay will be taken care of.

Choosing a Strong Topic is the Key:

The topic selection would also vary from the type of essay that is required to be written – It can be an analytical essay, descriptive essay, history essay, synthesis essay, profile essay or argumentative essay.

Any task to be accomplished successfully requires a strong start and therefore, begin your journey to an impeccable essay by giving it a head start. Remember, choosing the right topic is half the battle won. So, select the topic carefully so that you are able to write an error-free essay. Though the choice of a topic completely depends upon the wishes of an author, we have carefully curated some important points that might help you in making a better choice for the topic of your essay. This will then help you in being able to title an essay effectively.

  • To begin with, make a list of all the topics that includes – topics from your strength areas, topics you wish to deal with, and topics that you consider difficult but would like to work on. After creating this list, narrow it down to some final three or four choices. Once you have narrowed down your list, think separately on each topic. Give yourself some time and analyze every topic from various angles. While making the final selection, go for a topic that has some social relevance in it, a topic that might affect a larger audience and help you bring out the best in you.
  • While choosing a topic for your essay, just like making the choice of any other assignment topic, a student must also consider not to choose a topic that is practically hard to accomplish. Do not set any unrealistic target for yourself. There is nothing wrong with aiming higher but one should always include an angle of practicality in his/her decision. Though the thought of accomplishing a difficult topic appeals to us remember if you are not comfortable with the topic, you will never be able to give justice to your essay. Choose wisely, as your decision of choosing a topic plays a crucial role in delivering a perfect essay.
  • Once the topic is finalized, do not start to work on it right away. Research about that topic intensively. Look out for various dimensions that could be included in the essay so as to add substance to it. Think about the topic again and again. Look out for various resource material related to that topic. Researching on the topic beforehand will ensure confidence in dealing with that topic. It also helps you to judge whether you will be able to justify the topic or not.

Writing a Perfect Essay:

As discussed above, choosing a topic is just the first milestone in the exciting journey of writing an excellent essay. The process involved in acing any essay brilliantly is multi-pronged. An excellent essay is not all about the nature of the information that the essay exhibits but are about the manner in which that information is presented to the reader. An essay is a pinnacle of one’s expertise in a domain and the skills one possesses to showcase that knowledge in an interesting form.

Though most of the students have the information and the material to write what they lack is the skill set to present it in an engaging manner. And this is where we come to your rescue.

We bring to you a step by step guide on how to write and structure your essay perfectly.

It is important that the essay is written in a standard structure that is acceptable for that particular type of essay. Here are some helpful points that would facilitate writing an effective essay of all levels – College or University.

  • We have already discussed the first and the most important step in the process of writing an essay, that is, choosing a strong yet relevant topic. After the choice regarding the topic has been made, the next important step that comes is the research Start your research by reading numerous other essays on topics from various genres. Observe the language, the creativity with which the word has been played, the structure and formatting in some of the well-executed essays. As you read other essays, make a note of important points.
  • Once you have gathered all the required and relevant information on the topic, start giving some shape to the essay. Transition in the essay should be appropriate and smooth. Begin by writing a strong and crisp introduction to your essay. Remember, the introduction is a precursor to your entire document and many readers decide to read your essay based on the respective introduction. Ensure that the introduction that you write includes all the important aspects you are going to deal with in the essay. Do not reveal too much but drop some interesting hints here and there.
  • Once the introduction has been written, start to build up the main text – a body of the essay. Include all the information and points that you want to convey to your readers. Make strong statements and back them up with relevant references and facts. Use appropriate quotes when required. Make sure that you write the essay with utmost originality and authenticity. Do not plagiarize. Whenever using any external resource, make sure to give it due credit. Originality is the essence of one’s writing skills.
  • After completing the main text of the essay, all that is left to write is a strong conclusion. Here comes the part where the author gets to express his personal opinions as well. Conclude the essay by citing all the major takeaways from the entire document. You may also include your own opinion and feedback. Make sure that you do not contradict yourself while citing any opinion. Your conclusion must complement and support the essay.
  • The main job of writing is done with by now. The things that remain include writing the acknowledgements page, the reference list, bibliography, etc. Though these aspects might not appear important but are crucial to binding an essay as a whole. Invest time in these aspects as well.

The Right Guidance for the Perfect Essay:

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