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It's nice to finish writing an essay, but until you've completed all the proofreading, you're not through. Looks boring and hard? It is important to consider the value of proofreading. Even by considering the fact that proofreading can often be a tedious task, some tips below can make the process more manageable and convert your essay error-free. It is not meant to be tough, but all you have got to do is to follow these easy fifteen guidelines. Public websites that do general proofreading make many mistakes that tend to create confusion instead of providing support. Hence, for the quality work to be completed, we recommend certain specific techniques that are really inexpensive.

Error-free Essay

These are listed below:

Let's face it: One's own mistakes can be easily missed. It's even easier to miss the slightest of errors if you review your own paper, just because you're too comfortable with your own writing. The errors must be analyzed and underlined. The mind must immediately fix them because it understands what you want to write.

Sort the challenge through basics: You need to think, what happens to the mistakes you don't know about? To work upon such errors, you need to follow the basic rules made for grammar and spelling mistakes as there are a lot of rules of English grammar and spelling, and a couple of variations. You can easily miss it even if you ask your friends for support. After all, this effort has been made to create your essay, do not take shortcuts and have your essay checked extensively. The extra energy can render your essay a significant upgrade.

Stop applying the final full stop: Some essay writers get contented with just one attempt of writing and completion. However, they should spend more time proofreading after they make a complete stop. It is true to say that many students can do most of the job, but the final stage of the academic writing cycle can fully overtake them to frame an error-free essay. Something that you have written is indeed hard to correct as you think that it is already fine. Hence, a critic's point of view is required to see the mistakes done in one's own essay writing.

Tools to test your own job: One big problem with the proofreading of an essay written by self is that it is tough to re-read. We always see what we want to see and when we read our own file, we forget to see what we actually wrote. This can add to new mistakes that have been overlooked. Here are a few suggestions to test your own work:

  1. Slow Down: It is essential for you to do a line-by-line test and emphasis each line. Sometimes with a sheet of blank paper, you can fill the rest of the paragraph so that you can glance at one section at a time.
  2. Learn from your own weaknesses: You can make a list of common mistakes and search every file, one at a time, for those errors.
  3. Do not show some type of error at once: You can do one proof for grammar, one proof for typos, one proof for phrase continuity, and one proof for formatting.
  4. Read your job all the time: This often warns you to correct run-on sentences and other mistakes that you may not notice by just reading your file.
  5. Remove distractions: Great attention is needed for careful editing. Hence, switching off threats like radio, TV or your cell phone is a good idea.
  6. Make a copy of it tough: Instead of reading straight from the computer screen, sometimes it is better to analyze your essay through the format of pen and paper.
  7. Stay over: Wait a day, hopefully, longer, until you begin editing your file. The intention is for the mind to overlook what you have read to see what's actually written, not what it's hoping to see. You will be shocked to see more new errors.
  8. Don't think about slicing: Almost every one of us is very wordy. If an argument, statement, sentence, or phrase cannot be explained, delete it. Your essay should always be written in a concise format.
  9. Pay attention to formatting: Do not forget to include headings, bibliographies, lists, numbers of pages, and footnotes in the essay written by you. For such mistakes, errors sometimes creep around to be resolved and make the essay error-free.
  10. Pay attention to homonyms: Homonyms are words that have the same meaning and grammar, but they signify something completely different. It can completely alter the meaning of a sentence by combining the terms "allow" and "excluding." You need to search for the best Homonym to suit the requirement of the line written in your essay.
  11. Write it in hindsight: This is a good trick to stop the mind from "correcting" incorrect words inside sentences immediately. Through hindsight, you can read the text backwards, word by word.
  12. Repeat, to correct the sequence of discussions: Usually, one editing round is usually not sufficient and a second revision is important to correct the hidden errors. Do not forget to work upon your modified report after making the new changes. First, it is essential to see whether all the corrections have been made, then you need to read the document again to make sure that you included the missing and mistake sections that were missed for the first time.
  13. Cross-check your reading skills that do not grow immediately, but strengthen with training: Through analyzing your own essay as well as the work of others, you will improve certain skills and help to make your essay error-free.

Dos and Don'ts for creating a good essay

Give it a little rest: That suggestion may not sound like a great idea if you are dangerously close to your deadline. Nonetheless, taking some time away from the project is really necessary, just to get your thoughts together. You will be forced to see the job from a fresh perspective if you take a break and refresh your brain. In this way, the defects will start to show themselves immediately, in front of the face. When you are in a rush to complete the project as quickly as possible, you are only searching through words like someone is following you. Unfortunately, this can lead to ineffective proofreading. But if you start from the bottom of the page and go all the way to the top in reverse order, reading word by word, will help you to find the tiny errors that you overlook as you sprint through your essay.

Read it aloud: You will be more successful at finding the errors in your essay when you are trying to pronounce and interpret the phrases that you have read. Your own voice's sound will help you to focus not just on words, but also on phrases and even on their meaning. You are going to catch the flow of your prose, and when something is off, you will get to know the mistakes. You should continue to improve the essay until it sounds perfectly correct.

Focus on words, phrases, and sentence formation: During the first reading, you should concentrate on the context of your sentences and try to improve the logical flow. When you reread it, you need to emphasize each word, one by one, to rectify the errors, if any. You prefer to see the correct error-free essay and all the sentences should resemble what you meant to say once you completed a plan you worked hard upon. When you focus on your individual words, sentences and phrases can help to ensure that your thoughts are adequately explained.

Then double-check again: Proofreading aims to reach absolute perfection in the essay. But with a single reading and interpretation, this is not feasible. A single reading sometimes seems appropriate, and double-checking seems not necessary. But that's not the truth, as the third reading can be mentioned as the final touchup to the essay that you have framed. A third time you need to test your reading so you are not going to leave things to chance. The more you read the content closely, the more mistakes you can discover. Your essay will be near perfection by the time you finish the third reading.

Even professional writers have professional editors to get a second opinion: This is because any single error (stylistic, pronunciation, or grammatical) is difficult to detect when you have been very diligent during the writing process. You have not expected to make errors. Do you have a good friend to write to? Tell them to go through the essay and recommend a few corrections. After all these attempts, if you have left any defects, the second pair of eyes will find them.

In front of you: You feel complete if you put the final full stop on your essay. You sound feel like you have done a great job, and you are right; you have achieved it. The only idea you are not yet completely finished with could be your worst nightmare. At last, you just need to follow the above guidelines and making your essay error-free will turn like the knife on butter and you will go through it with flying colours. When you are done and you're in your hands with a perfect essay, it is when you will be very proud of yourself.

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