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What is A Profile Essay?

Mastering how to begin a profile essay is the key to a good profile essay. One cannot benefit from academic work if it is not appropriately polished. Hence, knowing about what precisely a profile essay means and how to write it shall help in large extent.

Many people feel that essay writing is a hustle free-writing, and it applies the same basics everywhere. Hence, people become unaware of the basics and neglect the helping tips, which could help them aid their writing process. There exists a variety of essay type, namely- reflective, argumentative, narrative, and students mostly use these types. But profile essay type is majorly used by teachers and hence, is not very well-known.

The basics of profile essay include a very detailed description of a place, person, event, thing or any particular entity — for instance, description of an ancient city. As the name suggests, a profile essay refers to the creating of a profile for any event or thing and providing the readers with a comprehensive view to make informed judgements on the concerned subject. It is pertinent knowing that, by providing detailed information about the topic of interest, one has to have all the required necessary information about it. Furthermore, we have to make sure that the information provided does not create any confusion and looks presentable.

Structure of A Profile Essay

Like any other essay, a profile say should also comprise of- an introductory paragraph, the main body and a closing paragraph too. It is a basic known fact that when you are describing someone, the person has to be given a respectful treatment and should get addressed to politely. It does not look good if you describe someone in a degrading manner. Restraining yourself in giving respect to the person or thing you are describing makes your work invalid.

Steps to Write A Good Profile Essay

The most common question one comes across is how to start writing a profile essay. To write a good profile essay, one must first read a few samples of essays first and make themselves familiar about the layout in primary and the vital components. It is even necessary that one takes the best of each and formulates a structure you want to follow.

how to write a profile essay

There are a few essential steps one can follow while writing a profile essay:

  1. Getting the relevant information : A description in detail gets possible when the information related to the person or the thing is correct. There are multiple trusted sources which include articles available online, professionals and updated library materials, etc. One of the crucial tips in this sphere is using sites of verification to differentiate between outdated and updated web pages.
  2. Checking the validity of information : It is imperative to check the comprehensiveness of the information that was last released. The obsolete data should get avoided to provide a description. This data is useful in describing a person and includes tips to check the dates and publishing time and any further update.
  3. Having an outline to follow : No matter how much information you have in hand, without an overview of the profile essay, you can quickly get confused.

Writing A Profile Essay

Understanding how profiling works are essential before starting to write this essay. It should get noted that profiling of a person is very different from profiling of a thing or an object. The primary feature of profile essays is their focus on detailed descriptions of the subject which includes biographic data, work description, interview data, etc. Profiling starts majorly with a person's appearance, which includes details like name, age, weight, height, ethnicity, the shade of the skin, etc. If you are writing about a person to feature in your profile article, it is suggested that you ask open questions to the subjects by interviewing the. Open questions are usually considered to be a medium through which the interviewed subjects reveal their thoughts, concerns, attitudes, etc.

Students are mostly asked to go through the samples of profiling done by the professionals. Such examples make their understanding better as to what they should do in their essay. The primary element to make your literary work creative and appealing is paying attention to the small things and keeping in mind the basics. These things may seem little but are of great help to the students. The essential tips of profiling should always be followed in mind to do the detailing of your essay.

A profile can get considered as a descriptive write-up that allows the author to display exceptional skills of their writing capability than that of persuasive or expository writing. It is always essential to plan ahead of time and arrange the ideas into a coherent structure so that the facts do not get distorted. The objective of the paper was always to keep the readers informed. It is considered sometimes to be a piece of journalism which is both factual and descriptive. Every paragraph in a profile essay should get written in such a manner that the writer's perspectives get reflected.

The writer’s opinion on the subject should be such that the matter has an interesting and exciting experience. An argumentative or narrative essay is quite different from that of a profile essay. Writers can always use their approach while writing their paper. Whereas, to write for someone else has a less stubborn structure.

A profile essay displays the following features:

  1. The subject gets respect : When an assignment to create a profile for somebody or someone is offered to you, whether you have a liking or disliking for the matter must be kept aside. The preconceived ideas can always prove to impede the path of your creativity. So, do not block the thoughts you are about to get. The emotions should get aside, and every time, be it in an interview or organizing an event, you must be determined to get the pre-requisites first and collect as much information possible.
  2. The tone in the essay is fundamental : When a profile turns out to be professional, the voice used in the language of academics is considered to be more flexible than any other type of essays. The usage of second-person pronoun should always get avoided while the first voice might get accepted at specific points. It gets observed that too much usage of the first-person tone, might distract the readers from the primary subject matter as it emphasizes on the authors more.
  3. Organization : Any work in academics requires proper organization. There are mostly two strategies for arranging a paper- in thematic and chronological order. When a paper gets organized as per a particular theme, it gets regarded as a thematic paper. While chronological format structures your essay as per the individual experiences. In chronological order, every paragraph should cover various aspects of the subject.

While writing a profile essay, every student should remember some basics for the creation of the essay:

  • Checking grammar and editing of errors.
  • Check plagiarism online before submitting the content.
  • Using simple language for making understanding of the essay better.
  • Use appropriate terms where required.
  • Using paragraphs
  • Your profile essay should revolve around the given outline.

Ending A Profile Essay

An appropriately crafted profile essay should be able to show you a clear picture of a person, event, place and organization. It should get written in such a manner that the audience feels that no further detailing of information is left. Thus, detailing shall make them understand the subject matter properly. An attractive profile essay is one which has an impressive subject line and opening lines. Such an impression can be related to that of the first impression when you meet a stranger.

The first paragraph should be the attention grabber, and the paragraphs that follow should be such that they fulfil the expectations of the first paragraph. The subject matter hence, should be efficiently crafted. The sentences used further should comprise of quotes and anecdotes. Even profile essays cab be made more effective by using a few surprising facts, humour and questions that are thought-provoking. Such a presentation will arise curiosity and interest in the minds of the readers.

It is essential to note that a profile essay maintains the balance between imagination and reality. Confusing information that might make the readers lose interest in your essay needs avoidance, and there should be explanations for every point and question in the body part of the article. These explanations would give the reader clarity on the subject of the essay.

The conclusion of a profile essay should be such that it reflects the main ideas of the article. The outcome should be such that it should give one a thorough idea about the essay in a few sentences. In the end, the readers should be satisfied that they read something exciting and meaningful. The profile essays quality can further get enhanced during its finalization. The essay can be proofread and even edited so that it reaches the audience without any visible error. Hence, wise usage of words and phrases can make a profile essay easily understandable, and the readers shall develop interest while reading it.

The guidelines mentioned here can make your profile essay appealing and highly appreciated.

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