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Get to Know All About Writing A Synthesis Essay

A good guideline acts as a quality measurement in writing an essay and the following shall act as a handbook for you in making the essay easily interpretable and readable. A synthesis essay is a work written based on a unique point of view about a theme, topic, or main idea. It takes into account multiple sources and has four primary attributes attached to it:

  1. Sources of Synthesis
  2. Thesis composition
  3. Essay formatting
  4. Text talking

It is pertinent to note that before starting to write a synthesis essay one should take into account the prompt tentative thesis draft, choice of sources, reading, and even the evaluation of the sources taken into account.

A synthesis essay is formulated based on the already existing topic. But, what matters is the selection of your topic and the argument you make around the topic chosen. It is essential always to give your ideas support with arguments.

The next step is the drafting of the thesis, and it should talk about the arguments you want to put throughout your thesis. The statement is the very first idea you have about the topic to start with your research. Once, you get done choosing the resources; the thesis gets crafted based on the views reflected by your sources.

Choosing sources is a very crucial component when it comes to drafting your thesis. Drafting is the initial research stage where you find the sources which are relevant for your documentation. These sources support the argument and form the basis of the thesis. The viewpoint for the thesis depends on the kind of sources you choose in relevance to your topic. One can find numerous sources, but, only a few can support your argument.

Once the sources get gathered, there is a close reading done based on them, and they include- the process of highlighting, annotating and even note-taking. The process helps an individual to summarize the main ideas reflected by the sources and can further link them to his ideas or arguments.

The final stage is the evaluation stage. Here, the sources get evaluated, and one can use the core ideas from the readings to justify the source claimed for argument. The sources are an essential component of any research, and they help one to formulate new ideas for the prompt.

What Are The Steps Followed To Write A Synthesis Essay?

  • The first step includes the examination of the topic that you decide to choose. Examining the topic consists of -Understanding the basics of a synthesis essay. The main intention of a synthesis essay is to make links between single works or multiple works. These concepts enable an individual to present and support the arguments related to the selected topic. A concrete perspective on the topic chosen shall establish connections with that of the subject of research. Different synthesis essays get classified as under:

(i) Synthesis of arguments: Such an essay has a strong statement in the thesis that reflects the writer’s viewpoint. It arranges the gathered information as per its relevance and turns it into a logical interpretation. The information further supports the arguments to be put forward in the research. The Business white papers are also called the position papers to take this form.

(ii) Review: The essay, when written in a review style, critically analyses the sources which were covered during the initial conception of the essay. The writing gets further modified into an argumentative one. The discussion of the review essay centers around what is mentioned in earlier topics and on the sources covered therein. When a particular part is unstated, it gets considered that the research problem gets adequately dealt with in the research and, thus, the specific area requires more research. Hence, such a kind of paper appears more in social science classes and medicine.

(iii) Synthesis of background: Such an essay helps the reader to interpret a topic by classifying the available facts and presenting them in such a manner further, that the readers can understand it easily. The explanatory or background synthesis does not offer a particular viewpoint and, it considers that the thesis which has a statement, is a weak one.

  • Secondly, a suitable topic for synthesis essay needs to be selected

 The topic should have extensive scope to pull numerous sources together. Free choice on a paper gives free will to the writer to write about the topic of his choice. Free choice allows an individual to decide on his theme of research at the very inception. If an essay gets written for the class, it is essential to break the vast topic into a narrowed one. For example, the topic on social media is broad, but, you can discuss the effects texting has on the English language.

  • Thirdly, Choosing and reading sources carefully

Choosing sources is very important for any essay paper you are about to write. Usually, for an essay, it is required that we accept three sources. But, once you know that you have read and analyzed all the three sources properly, you can add another two sources eve to the list. Moreover, these sources can get annotated by writing notes in the margins. These sources help you to keep further track of your thoughts and the ideas getting developed.

  • Fourthly, formulating a thesis statement

 After reading the sources you are provided with and getting done with the research on your part, it becomes vital that you come up with an opinion on the topic. The topic should enclose your viewpoint. Moreover, the complete sentence should get written. The thesis statement should either be the opening sentence of the essay or the last sentence of the first paragraph.

  • The source material should be re-read to support your thesis

Strengthening your argument and taking a standpoint is a very crucial part of the essay. Once you have analyzed the sources, you can place arguments based on the ideas of your opponent and even put ideas or quotes.

  • Outlining your thesis structure

The essay should have an outline that would make it more meaningful. This outline structure need not get put on paper; one can plan it in their head. But, the materials that we chose needs to reflect their best effects. The structure of the essay should include an introductory paragraph which should get written in such a manner that the reader's interest gets captured. The introductory paragraph should focus on the identification of the issue which you shall be discussing further and the statement of the thesis.

The second part of the structure would include the body paragraphs, which would give one reason to support the thesis. The significance of the sources should get well-reflected in the essay, and this becomes possible when the sources are correctly read.

The last part in the structure shall be that of a concluding paragraph. The paragraph you conclude should state the relevance of the topic, and it should include evidence and reasons for the whole essay.

  • The structure should be creative in the context of your thesis

One has to use several approaches for developing the essay, and this may include- instances and illustrations, straw man, and concession approach. The cases and examples should be more than one, and they should support the arguments you want to put forward in the essay. While the straw man technique allows you to put your arguments in opposition to the previously stated ones. Then one can point out specific flaws and weaknesses of the counter-arguments and end the thesis with positive support statements.

Lastly, the concession acknowledges the validity of the arguments made and shows that the original case is stronger than before. The structure should further be comparative and can be such that it compares the similarities and differences between the sources. A careful reading of the sources can help you find out points of differences and similarities between the sources.

  • An appropriate outline for the background of a synthesis essay is required. The background and the review of the ideas explore the sources more rather than focusing on the author's viewpoint. Summaries are an essential component of the structure. Summaries make a progressive argument for the thesis and even provide evidence to support the point of view. Summaries usually prevent us from giving our standpoints, but it's the most common pattern used for background and review essays. Further, the list of reasons should make flow from the main point of the paper, and each idea should get reflected with examples.

Finalizing A Synthesis Essay

Thus, an essay reflects your entire creativity and originality. It shows how you can analyze and think critically of the sources that you have used in the paper. So the synthesis essay must be based on new ideas and information. Moreover, the essay should get written in the third person and active voice.

The information should have subject credibility too. A synthesis essay should be coherent and logical, and hence transitions between paragraphs become essential to maintain logic in the write-up. Lastly, finalizing the essay for publication should include revision of the essay. Reviews make your essay more coherent, eliminating all the awkward sentences. Even proofreading and citing the sources play a very vital role during the finalizing of the paper.

A coherent synthesis essay, therefore, becomes an interesting read when it is delivered error-free with logical arguments and proper source citations.

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