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How to write a Descriptive Essay

How to write a Descriptive Essay

How to write a Descriptive Essay
Table of Content

All That Need to Know About Writing Descriptive Essays

“I write fiction to clear my heart and an essay to clear my mind”

-Taiye Selasi

Essays that you write is a true you, the way you write them reflect your personality. A well-written essay impresses and makes a mark of your personality on readers’ minds. It has been rightly said that essay a well-written essay binds the readers and leaves a lasting impression on their minds. If your descriptive essay is capable of doing so, it will be a success.

Understanding the following steps will help students to come up with a well-framed descriptive essay. But, prior to that let us have a quick look at what a descriptive essay is and what is its basic structure.

What is Descriptive Essay? A Quick Look:

Description is the most powerful means to make use of sensible details for the purpose of portraying certain place or person. This type of essay asks the students for describing certain set of emotions, situations, experiences, people or objects etc. It enables a lot of scope for the writer to paint a vivid picture of the given topic in an elaborative and interesting way.

Structure of a Descriptive Essay:

There can be diversified forms depending on what you are describing. Structure of the essay can help you describe most of the things elaborately so that they can be easy to understand.

Introductory Para:

This is the most important content of the entire essay where the topic is introduced and a quick overview of it is presented in that.

Thesis Statement:

This is the juncture where you would outline the description of your topic and go into more details.

Main Body:

Main body of the essay can have multiple paragraphs. It is the main bulk of essay and hence you can choose to be as elaborative as you can. You can strike a contention justify it with facts, figures and statistics to make your essay truly impressive.

You can choose to be as elaborative as you can as this is the point where you have to form a number of paragraphs, explain, justify and describe.


Conclusion is all about wrapping up things in an effective manner. It can either summarize or can end up with a thought for the readers to think on further.

Choose a Topic Carefully:

In the pre-writing phase of a descriptive essay writing process, students need to think about who they want to describe and why. There can be wide-ranging diversified topics. When it comes to writing a descriptive essay the primary focus would be on elaboration of any specific event, location or person.

You try to describe that particular event, person or location. As a writer you need to understand that with the help of your words, you need to create a picture in the minds of your readers with the help your words.

Begin With Gathering Thoughts, Ideas and Relevant Facts:

Always remember the rule of thumb that a great essay is a sensible one. Start with gathering your thoughts, ideas and all the possible details, facts and figures about the same and then begin to write coherently. How you choose the flow of your essay depends on the topic you choose. Paragraphs should flow chronically so that they can appear sensible.

Sets the Tone for Essay in the Introductory Paragraph:

Introductory paragraph is the first impression and it is like a showcase window so an initial punch or something very interesting can motivate the readers to read on. It sets the tone for essays and you can convey the main idea that you are going to cover.

In this paragraph a thesis statement needs to be created. This single idea is to be prominent all through the essay. The introduction of essay is not only the prelude only but it is like the first impression also and hence it needs to be great.

Make a Five Labeled Column for Senses:

As a next step, you need to create a five labeled column on a paper sheet with each section for different senses. A list of taste, touch, smell, sound and sight is to be made to help you out in your thought process and describe your topic well. You can list out any columns or any feeling or sensation that you think has a close association with your chosen topic.

You are required to provide the full sensory details that can support your thesis. You need to note the most interesting items in the columns along with the details which you need to write coherently about. Flesh out details in the paragraphs of your essay body and make them as elaborative as you can yet crisp. They should run more than 120 words.

Create an Outline Listing:

All the details of the discussions of each paragraph have to be outlined in detail. You have freedom to choose your own length and a solid outline listing will help you frame a proper flow.

School students are given the word limit and are asked to stick to that five-paragraph standard structure that includes the introductory paragraph and a thesis statement. But, the college going students or those pursuing research have the liberty to choose their word limit.

Wrap-up with an effective conclusion:

Finally, the most effective part of essay is its conclusion. Last impression is the lasting impression, they say and hence the closing or the conclusion is your entire essay in short or summarised form. The concluding paragraph also requires reaffirming your thesis if it is required. Your conclusion needs to be well-formed, well-thought and should be able to leave a great impression on the minds of readers.

Editing and Reviewing as a Final Step:

This is the most important thing to be done once you are through with the essay. Even a very well-thought and written essay would not be able to leave a good impression if it is filled with hundreds of typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. So, after writing your essay, you need to take a short break and then read it thoroughly. Check your essay for errors any left-over parts, flow break, any important missing information or more. Check out if there are sentences that are confusing and need to be reframed.

Give a Finishing Touch:

Always remember that if first is the last impression the last impression is the lasting impression. So, take care to write an influential conclusion. Avoid clichés and repetitions that can make your essay monotonous and leave a bad impression on readers. Make very sure to read and re-read your essay once you are done. Delete repetitions if there are any and proofread it for grammar or spelling error.

Things You Need to Care of While Writing a Descriptive Essay:

There are certain things that you need to take care of while you write a descriptive essay.

  • Choose an engaging topic with care and in which you can talk about at length comfortably.
  • Researching is very important. Get ready with all the important materials that you need to have. Facts, figures and statistics should be ready with you.
  • Prepare a rough outline on which you need to talk about, gather your thoughts and think about it calmly.

Most important of all you need to keep in mind that a descriptive essay demands a solid rhetorical strategy. These types of essays can ask you to describe any situation, experience, person or emotions and allow you to do a lot with your write-up. With the help of a proper research work you can be as creative as you can. Just remember to be elaborative and justify your statements with adequate data and graphics.

You need to remember the focal point of your discussion and any diversions from the main topic, clichés and repetitions can steal the beauty of your essay. Remember the sole purpose of your essay and that is to impress, convince and leaving the readers craving for more. Yes! There are a number of assignment writing agencies and you can take help of available homework apps also.

Description means elaboration and illustration with sufficient graphics. You can make use of descriptions in other writing forms also like biographies, profiles, memoirs and a lot more. Begin with creating a strong thesis statement that you would support in your essay. You can then choose to brainstorm your ideas and prepare a list of a few sensory details which can support your description.

You can make use of similes, personifications, hyperboles, similes and descriptive adjectives etc. Striking a contention and then justifying that contention with sufficient data can make your essays all the more impressive. Avoid jargons and make use of as simple and direct language as possible. Get hold of relevant quotes and use them wherever possible.

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