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Tips for Concluding an Essay

The term ‘essay’ is derived from the Latin word ‘exagium’, which implies presenting one’s case. Essays can therefore be considered as a short piece of writing that reflects a writer’s thoughts, experiences etc. Essays can be both formal and informal in nature. Formal essays are usually academic in nature. Writing an academic essay implies shaping and articulating the collection of ideas into a strong argument. Since essays are fundamentally linear in nature as they propose one idea at a time, essays should present their ideas in an order that makes maximum sense to a reader.

A well-structured essay is one that attends to the logic of a reader. Thus the structure of an essay is extremely important. Even though there are specific guidelines for writing certain classic essay types such as comparative analysis, there are no fixed methods.

Format of an Essay

An essay follows a basic structure and consist of three parts known as an Introduction, Discussion and a Conclusion. 

  1. Introduction: The introduction sets the focus of one’s essay wherein one introduces the topic. The introduction enlightens the readers about the main idea of the essay. An introduction should provide a clear and concise overview of your thoughts and the arguments that you hold regarding your topic and give a very brief synopsis of your essay. You could get creative while writing the introduction of your essay. This will ensure that you draw the attention of the reader and keep the reader engaged.
  2. Discussion: Discussion also refers to the Body of your Essay. This will form the main core of your essay and you should include the chief and the most significant content of the essay here. The discussion should be well researched and supported by facts and figures. It is advisable to consult several books, journals, articles, notes etc. while writing the discussion and to always ensure that every point in your essay relates to the essay question thereby adding value to your arguments. The body of the essay would contain information regarding your topic, explaining and describing your topic in detail. Paragraphs are integral to writing a good essay and each paragraph should put forth a new idea, a specific point backed with relevant evidence.
  3. Conclusion: This is where one concludes and summarizes their essay in a clear and concise format. You should bring together your thoughts and opinions and write them together in the conclusion. The conclusion tends to bring closure and put forth your ideas while simultaneously giving a final standpoint on your chosen topic. While writing a conclusion, make sure to review the important points that supports your thesis statement. Your conclusion should comprise the following aspects:
  • The importance of your research
  • The implications of your conclusion
  • The limitations of the essay writing approach that you have taken

It should be kept in mind that a Conclusion does not contain any new information and hence you should not include any new information while writing your conclusion. The conclusion of your essay should merely be a summary of your ideas, thoughts, arguments and points that you have mentioned in the essay.

Outline of an Essay

Following is a sample of an outline of an essay:

Introduction paragraph

  • First sentence
  • Thesis statement

Body paragraph

  • Provide statistics and relevant
  • Information pertaining to the subject
  • Research is undertaken on the topic

Conclusion paragraph

  • Reiterate your thesis statement
  • Provide supporting arguments
  • Write a call to action

The Conclusion of an essay provides you with a chance to summarize your ideas. Make it short and concise. Refrain from introducing new ideas while writing your conclusion and only summarize your previous arguments. You may choose to reaffirm your thesis statement and support your stance once again.

Characteristics of a Good Conclusion

A conclusion is an important element of an essay and should be well–written. The following points are reflective of a good conclusion:

  1. The conclusion should connect the entire essay together and connect the thoughts, arguments and main points of the essay. Your conclusion should be directly connected with the primary content of the essay that you have written and should tie all the threads together. However, you should ensure that you do not summarize the main ideas or thoughts or merely repeat the important points. You should ensure that your conclusion ties up all the thoughts of the essay and present them coherently.
  2. Through your conclusion, you should illustrate with enough conviction the importance of your analysis and arguments and why it is relevant. Avoid restating the thesis in your conclusion, and ensure that the importance of your analysis and arguments within an academic context and in the outside world.
  3. Your conclusion should be thought-provoking and the reader should be left with the broader implications of your essay. A good conclusion entails closure and tends to complete an argument but also opens further questions as to the various implications and multitude of possibilities that it has given rise to. Your aim should be to leave the reader interested and contemplative about the topic, the questions that you have raised during the course of your essay and the solutions that you have provided. It should set the reader thinking and that is the hallmark of a good conclusion.

Types of essays

There are broadly four types of essays.

  • Narrative Essays:  Narrative essays are those essays where a writer narrates an incident or story. They are written in the first-person narrative in a vivid and engaging manner so as to engross the reader. The objective of writing a narrative essay is to engage and involve the reader so that the reader feels present in the moment and feels as if they were witnessing the event as it unfolds.
  • Descriptive Essays: In descriptive essays, a writer describes a place, an event, an object or sometimes even a memory and evoke the myriad senses of the reader making the reader feel and relate to the emotions of the writer.
  • Expository Essays: In an expository essay, a writer provides a balanced study of a particular topic. Expository essays are entirely based on facts, statistics etc. Sub-types of expository essays include contrast essays, cause and effect essays etc. Persuasive Essays: In a persuasive essay, a writer along with presenting facts also attempts to persuade the reader to support the point of view of the writer. Even though both sides of an argument is presented in a persuasive essay, the aim of the writer is to convince and persuade the reader to agree with the point of view of the writer.

Things not to include while writing a Conclusion

Regardless of the type of essay that you are writing, it should be kept in mind that a Conclusion does not contain any new information and hence you should not include any new information while writing your conclusion. Avoid including new arguments while writing your conclusion. You can include all the points supporting your thesis statement in the Discussion or the main body of the essay. Avoid writing any new ideas that would require an explanation or elaboration in order to comprehend. While writing a conclusion, it is also advisable that you avoid conclusion phrases and try to incorporate transition sentences that follows from the previous point in a smooth and effortless manner.

You should also avoid undermining your argument while writing your conclusion. You should always put forth your arguments and ideas with complete conviction and not be afraid of critiques criticizing your line of thought or argument. Even if you have discussed both sides of an argument or both sides of a topic while writing the conclusion you should put forth your stand, your opinion with utmost conviction that you have supported with facts.

Your position ought to be clear and you should try to persuade your readers to agree with your line of thought. Avoid summarizing the main points of your essay while writing your conclusion and you should ensure that your conclusion does not seem like a recap of all the points that you have discussed in the Discussion part of the essay or the Body of the essay.

Ensure that the main point of your essay is clear to the reader and the broader implications of your essay are also clear to the reader. Ensure that you write your conclusion using smooth transitions. In addition, you should ensure that the conclusion of your essay does not merely repeat the thesis of your essay and is not a repetition of your introductory statement, without developing, explaining and elaborating your thesis statement. If you follow these guidelines and abide by these tips, rest assured you will be able to write a good conclusion to your essay.

Proofreading your Essay and Editing the First Draft

After you have finished writing your essay, edit and proofread your work. Check the structure of your essay and ensure that you have the correct format is used. Revise and double-check your paper to ensure that the sentences are well constructed and there is a smooth flow of thoughts with paragraphs flowing into each other effortlessly. Check for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and punctuation marks and make changes if required. Delete irrelevant sections and improve expressions by altering the vocabulary. Ensure that your essay does not exceed the word count or fall short of it. Finally, write the final draft of your essay and submit it within the cutoff date.

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