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Assignment Sample : Medical

  • Environmental Health Issue

    Part 1 The selected environmental health issue is water as this is one of the alarming environmental health issues that can be found in the present day and it has its severe impact on the health and lives of the people (Vinceti et al. 2017). The chosen region in this context is India, one of the Asian countries that are a developing one and thereby having some of the environmental health issues like safe drinking water or environmental water. However based on this environmental health issue and also on the specific region the WHO (1999) DPSEEA framework is used (Vinceti et al. 2017). The driving forces, the pressures, the state changes, expo...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1245 word limits : 1722

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    Table of Contents Introduction Task 1 PESTEL Analysis Political Factors Economical Factors Social Factors Technological Factors Environmental Factors Legal Factors Task 2 Primary Research Technique Secondary Research Technique Recommendations Conclusion Reference List Introduction- The hospitality business in New Zealand is mainly focused on the tourism sector. Almost 65% of the countries depend upon the tourism business. Government is continuously focusing on improving the tourism sector and attract tourists. The hospitality business involves hotels, airways, trains and travel tourism. The Pestel analysis of New Zeala...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 2684 word limits : 3230

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  • The impacts of customer changing demands to hospitality

    Table Of Contents:- Task 1 Task 2 References Introduction- Hospitality sector, that is classified as a diversified opportunity with respect to the competitive market. One of the hospitality sectors, the businesses needs to have a better consideration that is related to the internal and external factors which can consider the issues classified as identified in the desired manner. The legislation, economic along with the society that is related to the norms which need to have framed properly that are related to the accomplish the objectives. TASK 1 A) The hospitality industry is the overarching business which includes the combinatio...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1985 word limits : 3107

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  • Nursing Diagnosis

    Table Of Contents:- Introduction.3 Background.4 Management..5 Potential complications and post-operative education13 Involvement of the interdisciplinary team 14 Conclusion….14 References .15 Introduction- In the given case study, we need to identify the nursing process while managing the wound management and the medical history of the patient (Ackley, 2018). We would be further evaluating the discussion around the nursing management and would also create an analysis related to patient post-surgery. There would be careful in general and would further interpret prioritized nursing diagnosis/ problems. The nursing process i...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1875 word limits : 2975

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    Table of contents:- Introduction. 3 Correct Nursing assessment performed of Mr Bright 3 Assessment that was not performed on Mr Bright 4 Demonstrating clinical decision. 5 Structured verbal handover for chest pain in ISBAR.. 5 Conclusion. 6 Reference. 7 Introduction- Comprehensive nursing assessment is a clinical practice performed by registered nurses to deliver care to patients. Apart from the nursing practices, the registered nurses include the social determinants in order to create a proper nursing plan prioritizing the care user’s preference. The nursing plan created as a part of the nursing assessment helps to impleme...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1589 word limits : 1937

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    Table of Contents- Introduction. 3 Identification of the concepts, communication framework and nursing tools. 3 Analysis of the Communication Scenario. 4 Application of concepts, communication framework and nursing communication tools. 5 Conclusion. 6 References. 7 Introduction- Communication in the area of nursing can be considered to be very much important. The main factor which can be considered here is related to the factor of how the treatment is given to the patient. In most of the cases, the delivery of the care which is given to the elder citizen should be more focused on quality due to the factor of demand they always pre...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1147 word limits : 1518

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    Name of patient: Scenario situation number: 2B List the cluster of cues related to one priority problem in the identified scenario situation. Clearly indicate which cues are abnormal and provide the normal ranges (with referencing) for comparison where appropriate. The respiration rate that has been observed in patient is 22 which is considered as normal. Level of oxygen saturation shows little deficiency which should be maintained between 95 to 100%. Actual value that found in this patients case is 92% in 2 litre of oxygen. Pulse rate also shows normality in its figure. On the other hand, blood pressure is on lower side whi...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1247 word limits : 1533

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  • Benefits And Risks Of Using Tele health In Contemporary Healthcare

    Table Of Contents- Introduction. 3 Context 3 Risks. 4 Advantages. 6 Conclusion. 9 Reference. 10 Introduction The report will discuss in detail about telehealth in the contemporary healthcare. The similar kind of technology that assist people to interact all across the world and perform the work in a more effective manner has made it a lot challenging towards its way in healthcare direction. The concept of telemedicine is the actually the function based on assessing different kinds of patients that rarely use videoconference, digital based photography, and other kind of technology (Bailit, 2017). This further saves some amount of t...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1548 word limits : 2355

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  • Research Proposal: to evaluate oral Health promotion among oral Health Providers in the UK

    Table of Contents- 0 Aim of the investigation. 3 2.0 Proposed plan of Work. 4 2.1 Background. 4 2.2 Why this project is important?. 4 2.3 Research methods to be used. 4 2.4 Why is the project suitable for a PhD?. 5 2.5 Cross-departmental, cross-school or external collaboration. 5 References. 6 1.0 Aim of the investigation The investigation aims to evaluate and assess the promotion of oral health among oral health providers in the UK. The use of the theoretical domain frameworks and the capability, opportunity and motivation to perform a programme shall be useful to carry out the research and help in understanding it correctly. ...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 847 word limits : 1026

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  • Health care services

    Table of Contents- Introduction. 1 Thesis Statement 2 FACTORS AFFECTING HUMAN PERFORMANCE IN HEALTHCARE SECTOR.. 2 CRITICAL ANALYSIS. 6 Conclusion. 9 References. 10 Introduction Healthcare is one of the least automation-assisted sectors. Healthcare services include diagnosis, cure & follow up in an attempt to stretch the current lifespan by preventing the life-threatening diseases & their effects. The human factor plays an essential role in all the segments which healthcare services deal in. Human factors in the form of doctors, assistants, nurse etc. are an integral part of services which are provided to the patients. Hum...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 2147 word limits : 2728

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  • Impact of Economic Crisis on Local Healthcare

    Table of Contents- Introduction. 3 Impact of Economic Crisis on Society. 3 Managerial Challenges during Economic Crisis. 5 Conclusion. 7 References. 8 Introduction The global financial crisis had dominated the society in this natural course. As a result of the global financial crisis, many Australians had lost their jobs. Unemployment is on verge of reaching eight percent and billions of Australian dollars are at stake. The financial downfall has been identified to directly impact the overall health and spending by the public to afford healthcare. It is a matter of concern in Australia how the economic crisis has affected the healt...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1578 word limits : 2291

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  • Nurse of the future nursing core competencies

    Introduction- Nurses have to continuously upgrade themselves with the knowledge and skills required in the nursing practice to give the best health care. There are ten competencies which are regarded important for the improvement in nursing practice and these are leadership, communication, professionalism, teamwork and collaboration, patient-centered care, information and technology, safety, systems based practice, evidence based practice and quality improvement. Competencies important for my future practice- The two nursing core competencies which are important for my nursing career are patient-centered care and evidence-based practice as...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 254 word limits : 473

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  • Mepolizumab in eosinophilic asthma

    Table of Contents- Introduction. 1 Eosinophilic asthma. 1 Mepolizumab. 2 Eosinophilic inflammation and Mepolizumab. 3 Clinical trials with mepolizumab. 4 Mepolizumab and glucocorticoids. 4 Mepolizumab and the exacerbation rate. 6 Currently ongoing studies. 7 Conclusion. 7 References. 8 Introduction- Asthma is reported by the Global Asthma Network (2014) to affect 334 million people around the world in 2014 and causes nearly 180,000 deaths every year. Nearly 20 percent of such patients are the ones who suffer from severe persistent asthma. Patients with severe uncontrolled and persistent asthma are characterized to suffer from ...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1875 word limits : 2847

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  • Quantitative methods

    Table of Contents- Introduction: 2 Justification of analysis method: 2 Analysis: 2 Leverage point: 8 Conclusion: 8 Reference: 10 Introduction: Present study is aimed to test whether daily exercise enhance the memory in people with moderate dementia. For this study patients have been chosen randomly and out of total sample 20 has undergone half an hour of supervised treadmill waling at the university on daily basis for a month. 20 people out of sample were asked to visit the university and have conversation with the researcher for half an hour each day for a month. All the relevant data related to the memory has been stored by the ...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1045 word limits : 1466

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  • Infection Control

    Table of Contents- Introduction. 2 Critic on Methodology. 2 Conclusion. 4 References. 5 Appendix. 6 Introduction- Infection associated with health care has a direct effect over mortality, morbidity and quality of life in people. The infections also impose a large economic burden over health care institutions across the nations. However, several consequences that are imposed by poor control of infection can be overcome by strategies that can perform effective prevention of infection. Improvement in prevention of infection control should be done at national level with uniform standards in order to prevent infection from becoming a h...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 847 word limits : 1105

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  • Why is that Aboriginal People who have mixed blood are the ones who Succeed in Life

    Table of Contents- Introduction. 1 Discrimination against the Aborginals. 1 Differences between the mixed blood and non Aborginals. 1 The stolen generations. 2 Effect of the stolen generation on the mixed bloods. 2 Conclusion. 3 References. 3 Introduction- Ever since the Europeans set foot on the Australian subcontinent the indigenous suffered tremendously be it their status, their identity and even their wealth. In the past few decades the Australian government has been making efforts to bring forth reconciliation however there is a long road ahead till the people of the mixed blood in Australia attain the same status as the non...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1054 word limits : 1207

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  • Specific Populations and Older Adults

    Assignment Assignments may include short answer questions or longer answer questions and are designed to test how you apply your knowledge to a real-world situation. All assignments are completed as a Microsoft Word document and are submitted to an assessor through my campus. Your assessor is looking for how you apply your knowledge and how you think critically about the topic area. Case Study 1 – Thomas Please read through the following case study. Reflect on your learning and your own research to complete this unit. Prepare a response that addresses each of the issues presented below. Your responses must reflect your knowledge, ...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 5021 word limits : 10176

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  • Reflection

    Introduction- This essay is a reflection of my placement that I recentely undertook at the Princess Royal University Hospital that is under the able guidance of the King’s College Hospital. The essay will deeply analyze the episode that took place while I was involved in a community placement by the university. I was a part of a 60 hour long placement at the hospital and had the opportunity to closely work with elderly patients in the Respiratory ward. The episode of care that I have undertaken will comprise of analysis that have been drawn using appropriate models and policies of health care. The paper will further delve into detail...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1042 word limits : 1594

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  • Group Report Non Communicable Disease Prevention

    Briefly explain your intervention, and any research evidence that supports this as a goodintervention. In my views, the intervention required for the change in health behaviors whch would help in building the efficacy and effectiveness of the interventions (Choi, 2018). My interventions would be based on the medical practices along with the community-based programs which would be defined on the professional consensus based on the evidence. To have the interventions which would be done through the designed empirical studies. With the support of therandomized clinical trials which would be done through the most convincing evidence and it wou...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 210 word limits : 513

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    TABLE OF CONTENT- Introduction ………………………………………………………………………2 PART A- The problem and context …………………………………………………………2 Frame of reference ………………………………………………………...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 3025 word limits : 5412

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  • Nursing Pharmocology Case study

    Q1a. Assess Mr Laurent’s medication chart and identify and explain two (2) significant risks that may be associated with the use of these medicines Mr Laurent is suffering from two conditions named Hypotension and Hypoglycaemia. Hypotension is an abnormal lowered level of blood pressure condition. The pressure of the blood is the force with which the blood gives a push against the artery walls when blood is pumped out by the heart. The condition of Hypoglycaemia is a low blood sugar health condition. Mainly it affects people who have diabetes. The doctor has prescribed some medicines for these conditions. Perindopril Arginine –...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1204 word limits : 1758

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  • Why don't Aboriginal people take an interest in their own health

    Table of Contents- Introduction. 2 Social Determinants of Health. 2 Prevailing trends in the health of Indigenous. 3 The relationship that exists between the socio-economic status and the health status. 4 Lack of financial support 4 Conclusion. 5 References. 6 Introduction The indigenous population of Australia has been misunderstood for decades for matters pertaining to emotional abuse. The forgotten races or the aboriginal Australians have been for years facing the wrath of the native population of the country for their decisions on various topics of concern. The most persistent issue, being the lack of attention towards their own...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 965 word limits : 1367

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  • The National Mental Health

    Introduction Health is"a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." (World Health Organization, 2013). Over the years, mental health has increasingly received attention in the public light due to its myriads of presentations ranging from subtle anxiety to the most overt form of schizophrenia (Sawyer et al, 2008). The burden of mental illness is increasing across all facets of life and culture in Australia. About 15.0% of Australians between the ages of 16 and 85 have had an affective disorder, this is equivalent to 2.83 million people today (Australian Bureau of Statistics, ...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1641 word limits : 2807

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  • Implement and Monitor Nursing care for Consumers with Mental Health Conditions

    Instructions All 11 questions, the risk assessment, case study and nursing care plan in this workbook must be answered correctly to receive a satisfactory grade for this assessment. You must achieve a satisfactory result for each question in the workbook and include referencing as per STA requirements to achieve a satisfactory result for this assessment. All answers must contain core mandatory information to achieve a satisfactory result. A satisfactory result will achieve the minimum grade required. All additional correct information will increase the grade up to the maximum for that question. For example: What are the st...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 3541 word limits : 4928

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  • Health Research Methodology

    Table of Contents Introduction. 2 Main context 2 Conclusion. 10 References. 12 Introduction Mobile apps nowadays are promoting wellness and easing chronic conditions to an extent by examining the lifestyle of the people. However, it is unknown how chronically ill patients use mobile app. The object of this essay is to look at the differences in physical activity, health-related lifestyle choices and eating behavior, between nonusers and users of mobile health apps. Hypertension and obesity increase health care cost and decreases the quality of life. A large number of apps are available that are specifically designed to achieve objectiv...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 2784 word limits : 4919

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  • Global Maternal Health

    Table of Contents Introduction. 3 Main Context 3 Conclusion. 6 References. 8 Introduction Indian culture is an amalgamation of various cultures. In India pregnancy is a normal physiological phenomenon and the pregnant women seeks medical help in the event of a problem. In rural India the maternity care services are scarce which often leads to infant mortality. The new mothers are discharged after few hours of delivery and hence post natal care is not that widespread in India. Urban women have good maternity care centre but that is not the case with Indian rural women (Wells & Dietsch, 2014).A nurse is duty bound to provide effectiv...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1821 word limits : 2959

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  • Complex Mental Health

    Table of Contents Introduction. 2 Main context 2 Strategies to promote the administration of regular medication. 2 Case study. 3 Mental Health Act 1959. 4 The right of the patient to refuse treatment 4 Exceptions. 5 Conclusion. 6 References. 7 Introduction Pharmacological treatment is necessary for alleviating psychotic symptoms. Antipsychotic medications are effective in persons having schizophrenia. Non-adherence to medicines can happen for numerous reasons like forgetfulness, economic constraints and lack of acceptance for medication. Adherence to medication is a complex phenomenon involving environmental, medication-related fac...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1427 word limits : 2307

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  • Biomedical Science

    Table of Contents Introduction. 2 Main context 2 Conclusion. 3 References. 4 Introduction The article ‘Novel approaches to developing new antibiotics for bacterial infections’ depicts how antibiotics are an essential part of medicine. A novel antibiotic is a class of antibiotic that destroys resistance genes in bacteria. By this unique approach bacteria in our body can be rendered less harmful. Bacterial resistance toantibioticswas one of the most difficult challenges. Scientists have developed a new generation ofantibioticcompounds that do not rouse bacterial resistance. This new technology can develop a new treatment for ...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1047 word limits : 1226

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  • Current Mental Health in Queensland Australia

    Introduction Through this paper, the main aim is to understand the current mental health and the issues relating to physical health care. With the recent campaigning on the mental awareness and the recent light on Australia’s mental health and Convention of the Rights of Persons having a disability, would be able to determine the right to health along with the health care. It has been ascertained through the support of the civil and political along with the social and economic rights which would aim to achieve the right of the health of the people having a mental illness, and ascertain through the rights and governance of health along...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 571 word limits : 979

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    Abstract The project is designed for developing the medical store management system whose purpose is to reduce the complexities of record keeping and documentation in the inventory management, payments and list of suppliers. This work discusses the scope, objective and aim of the project along with the analysis of the risks and constraints in the project. The entire project plan is also discussed in this work with the Gantt chart and WBS diagram. The staffing required for completing is project is also mentioned in this work. The estimated cost has also been provided in this report. Table of Contents Introduction. 3 Aim, objective and ...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1624 word limits : 2801

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  • Principles of Nursing Management of Patients or Clients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    Principles of nursing management of patients/clients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Contents Introduction. 3 Management of COPD.. 3 Evaluation and nursing interventions. 4 Conclusion. 6 References. 7 Introduction Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a liberal lung disease that includes emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and asthma. The condition can be described as an increase in breathlessness. Emphysema is the damage in the walls of alveoli, which results in the disappearance of small sacs with a low oxygen-absorbing capacity. Chronic bronchitis is defined as the damage caused to bronchial tubes, which re...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 7933 word limits : 2100

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