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Assignment Sample : Medical

  • Environmental Health Issue

    Part 1 The selected environmental health issue is water as this is one of the alarming environmental health issues that can be found in the present day and it has its severe impact on the health and lives of the people (Vinceti et al. 2017). The chosen region in this context is India, one of the Asian countries that are a developing one and thereby having some of the environmental health issues like safe drinking water or environmental water. However based on this environmental health issue and also on the specific region the WHO (1999) DPSEEA framework is used (Vinceti et al. 2017). The driving forces, the pressures, the state changes, expo...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1245 word limits : 1722

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    Table of Contents Introduction Task 1 PESTEL Analysis Political Factors Economical Factors Social Factors Technological Factors Environmental Factors Legal Factors Task 2 Primary Research Technique Secondary Research Technique Recommendations Conclusion Reference List Introduction- The hospitality business in New Zealand is mainly focused on the tourism sector. Almost 65% of the countries depend upon the tourism business. Government is continuously focusing on improving the tourism sector and attract tourists. The hospitality business involves hotels, airways, trains and travel tourism. The Pestel analysis of New Zeala...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 2684 word limits : 3230

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  • The impacts of customer changing demands to hospitality

    Table Of Contents:- Task 1 Task 2 References Introduction- Hospitality sector, that is classified as a diversified opportunity with respect to the competitive market. One of the hospitality sectors, the businesses needs to have a better consideration that is related to the internal and external factors which can consider the issues classified as identified in the desired manner. The legislation, economic along with the society that is related to the norms which need to have framed properly that are related to the accomplish the objectives. TASK 1 A) The hospitality industry is the overarching business which includes the combinatio...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1985 word limits : 3107

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  • Nursing Diagnosis

    Table Of Contents:- Introduction.3 Background.4 Management..5 Potential complications and post-operative education13 Involvement of the interdisciplinary team 14 Conclusion….14 References .15 Introduction- In the given case study, we need to identify the nursing process while managing the wound management and the medical history of the patient (Ackley, 2018). We would be further evaluating the discussion around the nursing management and would also create an analysis related to patient post-surgery. There would be careful in general and would further interpret prioritized nursing diagnosis/ problems. The nursing process i...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1875 word limits : 2975

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    Table of contents:- Introduction. 3 Correct Nursing assessment performed of Mr Bright 3 Assessment that was not performed on Mr Bright 4 Demonstrating clinical decision. 5 Structured verbal handover for chest pain in ISBAR.. 5 Conclusion. 6 Reference. 7 Introduction- Comprehensive nursing assessment is a clinical practice performed by registered nurses to deliver care to patients. Apart from the nursing practices, the registered nurses include the social determinants in order to create a proper nursing plan prioritizing the care user’s preference. The nursing plan created as a part of the nursing assessment helps to impleme...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1589 word limits : 1937

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    Table of Contents- Introduction. 3 Identification of the concepts, communication framework and nursing tools. 3 Analysis of the Communication Scenario. 4 Application of concepts, communication framework and nursing communication tools. 5 Conclusion. 6 References. 7 Introduction- Communication in the area of nursing can be considered to be very much important. The main factor which can be considered here is related to the factor of how the treatment is given to the patient. In most of the cases, the delivery of the care which is given to the elder citizen should be more focused on quality due to the factor of demand they always pre...Read More

    subject : Medical Visit : 1147 word limits : 1518

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