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Group Report Non Communicable Disease Prevention


Briefly explain your intervention, and any research evidence that supports this as a goodintervention.

In my views, the intervention required for the change in health behaviors whch would help in building the efficacy and effectiveness of the interventions (Choi, 2018).

My interventions would be based on the medical practices along with the community-based programs which would be defined on the professional consensus based on the evidence. To have the interventions which would be done through the designed empirical studies.

With the support of therandomized clinical trials which would be done through the most convincing evidence and it would be relatedto factors and interactions.

Also, additional information related to the efficacious interventions that require a disseminated to practitioners. With their feedback required for the practitioners that can help in developing into an overall effectiveness of interventions  that would be dependent on the real-life settings.

It would also important to have an information  gained from the physicians, community leaders and outlined through the public health officials and includes patients that aim for the  overall effectiveness of interventions.

Explain how your intervention addresses primary, secondary, and/or tertiary prevention as a healthpromotion strategy.

To have a prevention strategy it would include a range of activities  “interventions” would be focused on reducing the risks or threats towards the health. With the help of the researchers along with thehealth experts required for the prevention: primary, secondary along with the tertiary (Akel, 2015). 

Primary prevention that would aim on the disease or injury  which would help to develop into hazards required for the disease or injury, demanding of the unhealthy or unsafe behaviours which would help to prevent the disease or injury, or

any related hazardous factors-:

  • Developing into a legislation and enforcement that can help to require a ban or control aimed for the hazardous products, required for the education required for the education required for the healthy and safe habits.

Secondary prevention would help to understand the disease or injury that can be done thrugh the detecting and treating disease that can aim for the original health and function that can help to understand the long-term problems.

  • There is a need of the regular exams, along with the screening tests required for the detect disease progressing into the earliest stages, done through the daily, low-dose aspirins along with the diet and exercise programs.

Tertiary prevention would be aimed for the ongoing illness or injury that can develop into a lasting effects and aimed for the people to manage long-term,  that can develop into a better quality life. Such as including the cardiac or stroke rehabilitation programs and would develop into a chronic disease management programs.

  • Akel, D. T., &Elazeem, H. A. (2015). Nurses and physicians point of viewregarding causes ofconflict between them and resolution strategiesused. Clinical Nursing Studies, 3, 112–120.
  • Choi, Y., & Ha, J. (2018). WORK PRODUCTIVITY: THE ROLE OF PHYSICIANS CULTURE. Social Behavior and Personality, 46(7), 1101–1110.

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