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Current Mental Health in Queensland Australia



Through this paper, the main aim is to understand the current mental health and the issues relating to physical health care. With the recent campaigning on the mental awareness and the recent light on Australia’s mental health and Convention of the Rights of Persons having a disability, would be able to determine the right to health along with the health care.

It has been ascertained through the support of the civil and political along with the social and economic rights which would aim to achieve the right of the health of the people having a mental illness, and ascertain through the rights and governance of health along with the mental health, and potentially creating a receipt of care that focus on the primary barriers.

There has been a strong correlation between the mental ailments along with the physical health as notably, people having a serious health problems such as the disorder in the form of schizophrenia, having a higher rates of diabetes, or the heart disease,  along with the stroke cases or the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, overcoming the problem of the breast cancer and bowel cancer which covers the general population, along with the people having a depression due to the higher rates of stroke, diabetes or the issues of the respiratory disease.

It has been concluded with the meta-analysis of 20 research studies which focuses on the deaths of 36 000 people that have a disorder of schizophrenia within the nine countries, have shown an increased mortality rate of 1.6 times higher for disordered people in comparison to the general population. 

There has also been an increased mortality rates which has shown a high death rates due to the infectious diseases (9.44) or facing the endocrine (2.38) problems, along with the mental (5.00) ailments, or the deaths due to the circulatory (1.04), respiratory (2.30) and even facing poor health ailments due to the digestive (1.86) or accounted due to the genito-urinary (1.61) system disorder (Henderson, 2011).

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) has been a prominently leading cause of death covering the people with serious mental illness which shows the death rates and has shown a CVD of high 2 to 3 times in comparison to the general population.

Further, people that have shown a high mental illness have also experienced a high morbidity rate. From the research studies, it was found how approximately 50% of people would have to bear the mental health problems along with facing physical comorbidities. From this, an estimated, ~20% would have shown an increased cause or trigger accounted due to the mental illness.

Additionally, people with the affective disorders, such as, of the people show a close experience due to the gastrointestinal along with the obesity-related disorders, hypertension and related arthritis or the migraines problems, have even shown high mortality rates. Also there has been a high risk of mortality for people showing increased signs of depression have accounted for 1.4 times of high death rates in comparison to the general population.

Advocacy Strategy

People with mental ailments and facing an illness has to bear the brunt of the social stigma along with the government regulated policies and framework. To implement mental health advocacy it is important to understand from the perspective of the human rights of persons that are suffering from the mental disorders along with facing a significant stigma and discrimination.

To balance the forces, it is important to integrate various actions that can focus on balancing a major structural along with significant attitudinal barriers that can aim to achieve positive mental health results within the given populations. As advocacy is one of the prominent objectives that cover the families of people that face mental disorders and should hold contribute significantly. As noted how there can be people with their families that have joined and has to work parallel with the mental health workers along with significant associations, along with governments.

The role of the advocacy has also broadened the rights and needs of the persons which have shown mild mental disorders along with a significant mental health needs which even covers the rights of the general population (Henderson, 2011). As designed from the point of the advocacy it even covers eleven areas related to the action that can highlight the mental health policy due to the benefits achieved that can help to secure the people who are facing a mental disorder along with their families.

The key to the advocacy movement tends to even cover a wide mental health policy along with the framework of the legislation which has to abide by the certain forces that can lead to significant improvement of services. The role of advocacy also falls into creating an awareness of the role that can cover a mental health status which belongs to the quality of life of populations.

It has been an unfortunate event, that still after campaigning and creating so much awareness the mental health along with the mental disorders do not hold in the same manner as of the physical health.

It has to cover the major issues which have fallen into the status of the mental health advocacy as shown below:

  • - Falling into the lack of mental health services;
  • - There has been an unaffordable cost accounted due to the mental health care which goes out-of-pocket payments;
  • - A significant lack of parity which exists in between the mental health and physical health;
  • - Attaining a poor quality of care which is reflected in the mental hospitals along with the psychiatric facilities;
  • - To have an alternative plan along with the consumer-run services;
  • - To aid in the paternalistic services;
  • - To relate with the self-determination along with following treatment information.
  • Henderson, J., &Battams, S. (2011). Mental health and barriers to the achievement of the ‘right to health’. Australian Journal of Primary Health17(3), 220-226.

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