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LiveWebTutors is into academic writing services since the last decade. We are proficient in writing all types of essays and assignments and maintaining the quality which is required. Every university has a set standards and requirements which should be met while writing the essay. Our writers pay complete attention to such details while writing the essay and it helps in getting good grades. A well-structured essay always receives appreciation so our expert follows the structure which has been prescribed in the requirement file or as per the instructions of the student or his professor.

Experienced Writer

We have a highly experienced team of experts offering you best essay writing help online. Many students have availed our services and scored top scores.

Unlimited Revision and Amendments

No matter how many issues and revisions you have in the delivered solution, we shall not back out. We offer unlimited revision and amendments without charging a penny from you.

Direct Communication

Our writers are directly involved with students for extensive research before they start writing the essay. Students can convey all their requirements to our experts to receive a perfect essay paper.

Attractive Service Packages

Our expert team respects the financial constraints of the students and offer them an affordable price. Our quality of service does not depend upon the price we have taken from a student.


We maintain your anonymity even within our team and do not mention your name, place of residence, your university, your course or anything.

Top-Quality Work

We believe in providing quality services and not quantity services. All papers prepared by our experts are double checked in Grammarly and Turnitin to maintain the quality that we claim.

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On-Time Delivery

We ensure you get ample amount of time to check your work yourself. We have trained our experts to deliver the solutions before the deadlines provided by you.

24*7 Customer Support

LiveWebTutors offers round the clock essay help service. Our executives are available 24*7 to provide support wheneveryou come to us with a query.

Ph.D. Experts

We have over 5000 plus PhD experts available 24*7 at your service.Our experts are either Ph.D. holders from top-notch universities of the world and they are proficient in their own fields.

Services for all subjects

At LiveWebTutors, we have a wide team of experts from all field of subjects be it engineering, finance, accounting or law. We provide essay help for all the subjects with 100% satisfaction.

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Our team understands how important your work stands for you as your whole career is dependent on it. It is for this reason that our experts prepare your essay paper from scratch to ensure no plagiarism.

Editing & Proofreading

Once the experts are done writing the essay paper it is passed on to the editing and proofreading to check for flaws and ensure a flawless essay delivery to students.

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You have the flexibility to chose an assignment expert that suits your budget and quality parameters. We have more than 2000 PhD experts available to assist with assignments.

Preview Draft Work

To prevent any commotion in the end we offer a partial solution of your work in case have any suggestions, they could be done so without any issues.

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If you any message or any query regarding your work, just leave a message on that live chat and the respective expert will contact you immediately.

Pay Using Different Channels

We provide payment options through variety of payment channels for your convenience. We offer digital payments and plastic payments as well.

Authentic Paper

Our writers conduct extensive research to segregate relevant and authentic to prepare a 100% genuine essay paper for you.

Choose your Own Expert

Our experts are given a code through which it becomes easy for you to have access of his work, in case you want his/her expertise only.

References & Citations

Just share what kind of essay you expect with the prospective referencing style ranging from APA, Harvard, Chicago, and MLA to Vancouver to experts.

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What is Essay Writing?

Essay writing are short pieces of content being written on a specific topic. Essay starts with an introduction of the topic followed by some paragraph of content filled with arguments and ends with a summary of the essay in the form of conclusion. Essay writing is a major part of academics and it is also used to get admission in a university in the form admission essay. Essay Help writingservices has increased due to its increasing demand. It not only serves number of students but it also provides jobs to different freelancers who can write assignments and essays for the students.Different rating sites have ratedLiveWebTutors as the bestEssay Help writing service provider so that the student can choose us without any hesitation in mind.

It is often considered that modern and developing curriculum has led the students to look for Essay Help writing service providers. The syllabus is so overwhelming that the students are unable to cope up with it and they end up searching for online writing sites. Essay writing is tough when it comes to penning down the content related to any essay topic. Sometimes the students are unable to comprehend the topic so they try to take help from Essay Help writing services.

Essays are difficult to write for students who do not belong to the country where they are pursuing their higher studies. Students who have a different home country face a lot of problem while writing any essay or assignment. Every university follows a particular style of writing for example American English, British English, etc. and students who do not belong to such country face trouble while writing. So they consider outsourcing their assignments as the best option. Essay Help writingknows how to deal with the problems being faced by the students so they have hired different writers from across the world. These writers are proficient in their field of education and have better hold on English.

Types of Essays

Essay may seem similar in nature but there are different forms of essay. They are categorized under four major headings which are Narrative essay, Descriptive essay, Expository essay and Persuasive essay and the same is being discussed below:

Narrative essay

When the requirement asks to write an essay in the form of a story then it is understood that the student is required to write a narrative essay. The essay takes the form of story writing with a clear plot, characters, etc. The description of the story may be based upon real life experience or the experience can be made created. Writing a narrative essay may seem easy but it involves a lot of creativeness. Involvement of the reader is a must so that content must engage the reader to read the essay. First person pronoun is used to write narrative English essay writing. The introduction needs to have some statements which can hold back the reader.

Persuasive essay

As the name suggests, persuasive essay is written to persuade the reader to believe something. It is written to convince the reader to believe the writers point of view. The writer has to provide his or views basis facts and figures in order to sound reasonable. The writer is required to present all the arguments both positive and negative and should stick to the one which he thinks to be appropriate. Merely stating a point is not enough to make the reader believe the point rather the point should be sound and correct making the reader to accept the point without any iota of doubt.

Descriptive essay

To describe something vividly is called as a descriptive essay. This type of essay helps in painting a picture in the mind of the reader about the thing which is being described. The description may be of a person, place, experience, etc. The selection of words while writing this form of essay writing must be to strike the senses of the reader. The readers should find themselves emotionally connected with the content of the essay paper.

Expository essay

It is a form of essay which provides a balanced view of the essay topic. The writer takes help from various research engines, data and statistical examples to prove his point. It helps in finding out the reason behind happening of an event or a thing and there is no reference to personal to nay personal thoughts or feelings.

Tips on Essay Writing

Experts at LiveWebTutors have come up with some easy writing tips which will help the student to write down his own essay:

Developing content

If a student is interested in writing or reading story, he can apply the same technique while writing essays. Story develops a plot and characters whereas essay develops ideas. The main idea is to be placed first in order to engage the reader from the beginning.

Topic selection

Choosing the correct essay topics is an ideal approach to engage the reader. Topic should not be selected basis the reader’s choice but it should be basis the choice of the student. Student can take help from previous papers or essay writing samples available on different sites.

Meeting the deadline

There may be times when the student is overwhelmed with different assignments and all having same deadline or similar deadline then he starts to doubt its completion within the deadline. Making an outline of the essay helps the student to complete all the pending essays within a given deadline. Student should adopt the five paragraph essay writing process which is easy and less time consuming.

Format of paragraphs

Essay should be divided into different small paragraphs with one argument in each part. Paragraphs should have smooth transition and each argument should be connected with the other. The argument will consist of both positive and negative points and the stand of the writer must be clear with supporting evidence.

Including source

Every essay should have sources included in it in the form references which help in fetching extra grades. When the student gets stuck while writing a point, he can take help from different sources like books, journals, articles from websites and develop the point. Professors do like essays which uses outside sources apart from the knowledge demonstrated by the student. It helps to establish an argument. But giving credit to the source is a major concern and it should be done very cautiously, either paraphrase the content taken from the source or write the content in quotations. It will help to avoid any charge of academic misconduct that the student may receive if he copy pastes the content without giving a credit to the author.

Writing introduction at the end

There are students who are confused on how to write an essay introduction. Introduction basically explains the thesis statement and the content that will be covered in the essay. There is a possibility that while writing the essay the student may come up with some new points then he will be required to amend the essay. Rewriting the same content may be discouraging so it’s better to write the introduction once you have written the entire content but it is necessary to develop the thesis statement beforehand. The thesis should reflect the purpose of the paper in one or two sentences. An argumentative thesis with a detail about the topic makes an essay more effective.

Academic tone

Personal pronouns like he, she me, you, I, etc. should not be used. The English essay writing will always have a formal tone. Jargons or technical words should be avoided until and unless the topic falls under a technical subject.

Revisiting the English essay writing

Once the essay has been written, the student needs to read the content to find out errors made while writing the essay content. The student may take help from his friend to proof read the content.

All you have to do is, go for the best essay writing service in Australia and click on order now. There you have to mention the kind of essay assignments you require with your expected word count. After making a payment, then you are directed to a portal where you can talk and call the expert and explain them in detail if the need be. After doing that the expert starts working on your given requirement and on daily basis is able to keep you updated by sharing the progress report with you. So what are you thinking about? Go on!! Place your first order. We have exciting packages for the new-comers!!

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LiveWebTutors has been a record keeper for providing the best essay help to students round the world. We have helped uncountable students with their assignments and essays of various genres. You can blindly trust us and our services as we had never disappointed any of our students. It is for this reason why all of them avail us to our services again and again. Before the start of their semesters, they book their experts and slots with us.

Yes the essay help service is totally legal to avail. We have been in this industry for more than 10 years now and haven’t faced any such legality issues. It is totally legit and accessible for students like yourselves. Think of it this way. Instead of asking help from your professors, tutors or friends, you are seeking help from LiveWebTutors for the same. We provide you help with your essays and assignments and there is nothing illegal with that.

There is no doubt in this that LiveWebTutors is the best essay academic essay help online, currently. If you don’t believe us, you may visit our website and be the witness for yourself. We have outstanding reviews from our clients or students who have been seeking our help for their graduation, post-graduations and their PhDs as well. We have been given 4.5/5 star rating from our students which says for itself that we are the best at what we do.

Definitely! Why not!! LiveWebTutors is in assignment writing industry for years and offered essay writing help to many students from around the globe. We will provide help with your essays in less than 5 hours to you. We have a myriad of experts who are trained in a manner to work on urgent basis, based on the needs of the student. Be it an essay for any subject, LIveWebTutors will provide instant help with your essays.

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We at LiveWebTutors have been working here for the past 10 years. We have over 5000 plus PhD experts, 24*7 at your service, we provide you with the best of solutions to your essays. We also provide a unique service to our clients of choosing their own experts as per their own wish. All you have to do is indicate us that you require any respective expert’s expertise, and we shall provide him for you.

At LiveWebTutors, we the best customer support with direct interaction between the student and the expert. Students can directly share his requirements with the essay help expert and can also check the draft paper all along to ensure the paper is written precisely as per his requirements.

Yes you definitely can. Visit the official website of LiveWebTutors and go through the samples section to check the quality of solutions provided by our team of experts. Our essay help experts calmly listen to your requirements and understand them to ensure they meet your expectation by providing high quality essay papers.

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