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Assignment Sample : Engineering

  • Sixth Sense Device and technological advancements towards the growth of future

    Table of Contents- Introduction. 3 Discussion. 3 Conclusion. 7 Introduction- TED is the acronym for the term Technology, Entertainment and Design. The objective of this media organization is to spread the knowledge worth sharing for good and benefit of mankind. Ted ed is the You Tube channel which communicates with the mass through various informative videos. These videos are created with great supervision and after understanding the need to spread the video for a better future. It was founded in 1984 with its headquarter in United States, but due to globalization today it is a popular site which can help to fulfil the needs in the t...Read More

    subject : Engineering Visit : 2274 word limits : 2852

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  • Machine Learning with Scikit

    Abstract and Introduction- Machine Learning is tied in with building programs with tunable parameters that are maintained and balanced in order to improve and enhance their conduct by managing to the recently observed information. Learning of machines can be considered a field of Ark-neighbours intelligence since the calculated-neighbours viewed as squares of building in order to influence Personal computers to find out how one can carry on more brilliantly in one way or any another which is summing up despite of simply putting away and trying to do the recovering of information in things just like the database framework will accomplish. S...Read More

    subject : Engineering Visit : 1247 word limits : 1689

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  • ITECH1400-Foundations of Programming

    Assignment Part 1 Details – Class Design RecycleableItem Properties (All) productType Weight Quantiy Barcode Fees ManufacturingDate Weight RecycleableItem Properties (Key) productType Quantity Fees RecycleableItem Class Diagram RecyclingMachine Class Diagram Assignment Part 2 – Activity Flowchart Assignment Part 3 – Software Implementation Separate python file are provided of the software implementation Assignment Part 4 – Code Explanation and Use #import RecyclableItem module from Recyc...Read More

    subject : Engineering Visit : 845 word limits : 937

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  • Supplemental Assessment Design Brief

    Contents Introduction. 1 Conceptual designs. 1 Concept 1. 1 Concept 2. 2 Concept 3. 2 Preferred Conceptual design. 3 Stress analysis. 3 Engineering Drawings. 4 Material and Manufacturing. 5 FMEA.. 6 Conclusion. 7 References. 7 Table of Figures Figure 1: Concept 1. 2 Figure 2: Concept 2. 3 Figure 3: Concept 3. 3 Figure 4: Shaft stress analysis. 5 Figure 5: Joint stress analysis. 5 Figure 6: Shaft factor of safety. 5 Figure 7: Joint factor of safety. 5 Figure 8: SHaft engineering Drawing. 6 Figure 9: Joint Engineering drawing. 6 Figure 10: Manufacturing selection. 7 ...Read More

    subject : Engineering Visit : 4582 word limits : 1200

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