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Assignment Sample : Law

  • Australian law

    INTRODUCTION- The given assignment mainly highlights the two given case study in which one case is related to the Samsung case and other is related to accident. Both cases have to analyse as per the Australian laws and legislation. In the Samsung case, one customer has been injured due to the defective products of the company as his Samsung phone has caught fire due to the overheated battery which not only injured his body but also his BMW car has totally destroyed. So, in this assignment, multiple laws and legislation will be evaluated to analyse what compensation he could get for the damage done to him. In the second accident case, one p...Read More

    subject : Law Visit : 2487 word limits : 2695

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  • Data Protection Laws

    Table of Contents- Introduction. Information communication technology law, access rights and the protection laws: Global issues and the approaches: Information technology and the communication law, access and the protection rights: Global issues and the approaches. New Information communication technology laws embodied data privacy protection: Conclusion. References. Introduction- The development of the information and the communication technologies has provided the individuals and the business organization opportunities for making the expansion for their business and provides the facilities to make the communication and eas...Read More

    subject : Law Visit : 1024 word limits : 1406

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  • Taxation Theory Practice and Law

    Table of Contents- Question 1 Question 2 Conclusion. References. Question 1- Issue- Daniel and Olivia Smith operate a mixed business called Brekkie and Lunch and OZ Bottle Shop at 50 York Street Sydney. They visit you in order to prepare their 2017 partnership tax return. During your first meeting they provide you with their cash receipts and cash payments journals, their business bank statements and a file contain all their business invoices and receipts relating to the transactions in their book. From the information supplied, prepare the working papers and determine the net income for the partnership for the year ended 30 June...Read More

    subject : Law Visit : 1247 word limits : 1613

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  • Resident of Australia for tax purposes

    Table of Contents Resident of Australia for tax purposes. 2 Assessable income for the year. 3 References. 5 Resident of Australia for tax purposes- Most of the people who arrive in Australia for a visit or working holiday are not considered to be the Australian residents. It consists of the people on 462 or 417 visas. They are considered as the backpackers who do not have any intention to stay in Australia rather they want to enjoy the holiday while working. In Australia, the backpackers earning income have to pay tax on the first dollar which is 15 per cent up to $37000 in a year. An individual will be a resident of Australia for the t...Read More

    subject : Law Visit : 1412 word limits : 1121

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  • Health care law and legislation

    Table of Contents Introduction: 3 Legal Report: 3 Objectives of the report: 3 Procedures to report the incident: 3 Documentation and reporting requirements: 4 Law and Legislation categories: 4 Failure to report and its consequences: 4 Conclusion: 4 Introduction: The main focus here is based on Chapter 17 and the main aspect here is to stress on the main and the original contents of the Chapter so that the approach of legal reporting is made clear and also at the same time the articles that are there are made clear and precise. Statutory reporting requirements have significant points and that includes reporting of births, reporting...Read More

    subject : Law Visit : 1531 word limits : 700

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