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Health care law and legislation


Table of Contents

Introduction: 3

Legal Report: 3

Objectives of the report: 3

Procedures to report the incident: 3

Documentation and reporting requirements: 4

Law and Legislation categories: 4

Failure to report and its consequences: 4

Conclusion: 4



The main focus here is based on Chapter 17 and the main aspect here is to stress on the main and the original contents of the Chapter so that the approach of legal reporting is made clear and also at the same time the articles that are there are made clear and precise. Statutory reporting requirements have significant points and that includes reporting of births, reporting of deaths, child abuse, elder abuse, reporting of communicable diseases and others. The chapter in detail talks about all these reporting aspects and all these are very crucial in this given context.

Legal Report:

Objectives of the report:

The objectives of the report are to make the report an official one so that there is enough evidence and also enough support to that report (Pozgar 2014). The objective of the report is child abuse reporting and this can be done through a number of steps and a procedure is also there to report the abuse so that an outcome can be received and the beneficial results can also be established (Pozgar 2014). The objectives of the report could have been elder abuse report, domestic violence report, suspicious death reports and others but the focus here is child abuse reporting.  

Procedures to report the incident:

If there is a case of a child, who has suffered emotional and mental abuse by any of the family members of others the steps or the procedures to report the incident include detecting the abuse, looking for behavioral indicators such as diminished psychological & intellectual functioning, failure to thrive, self-destructive impulses and others. All these are the primary steps that need to be taken into consideration and that needs to be looked after so that the procedure to report the incident can be fully followed.

Documentation and reporting requirements:

After this come documentation and reporting requirements and for that use of written documents, use of witness, use of photographs or recorded statement of the child can also be taken into consideration and this is all about formal documentation so that the reporting can be done with big step (Pozgar 2014). These are a few of the approaches that are relevant in case of child abuse and are thereby used extensively in order to proceed with the process of documentation and reporting.

Law and Legislation categories:

Law and Legislation categories are all about the fact that in which prospect this case falls. Health Care Law and Child Care Law are applicable in this case and both are to be made applicable and implemented so that there is a positive outcome and also that the reporting aspect of the case or the incident related to child abuse is made effective (Pozgar 2014). Health law and legislation are all about taking care of the physical, the mental and emotional needs of the children and safeguarding that.

Failure to report and its consequences:

Failure to report can lead to a negative result where the child might be abused for a longer time and also the safety and comfort of the child would be neglected (Pozgar 2014). Other than this failure to report also can lead to a lack of official support and proceeding.


The paper thereby talks about chapter 17 in detail and also refers to reporting approaches and requirements by keeping child abuse reporting in the center. The paper other than this also creates an impact on me that makes me think about the Health Care reporting requirement how significant it is mainly in case of ensuring the health and safety of a child.


  • Pozgar, G.D., 2014. Legal and ethical essentials of health care administration. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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