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Assignment Sample : Computer Science

  • Group Project MBIS602

    Table of Content: SN Chapter No. Name Page No. 1 1 Introduction 3 2 2 Analysis of scope 5 3 3 Project Schedule 8 4 4 Logical Design Description 9 5 4.1 Pie Charts 9 6 4.2 Case Diagram 10 7 4.3 Entity Diagram 10 8 5 Recommendation of solution 11 9 6 Prototype 12 10 6.1 Front page 12 11 6.2 Our Services 16 12 6.3 Our Promise 19 1...Read More

    subject : Computer Science Visit : 1875 word limits : 2644

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  • Experimental Design And Analysis

    Table of Contents- Part 1: Partial Research Report 3 Introduction. 3 Hypothesis. 3 The materials, participant, design and procedure section. 3 Result section. 4 Discussion. 5 Part 2: Design flaws. 5 Q1: Identification of statistical analysis tools to analysis the data. 6 Q2: Explanation of each factor 7 Q3: Critical evaluation of data. 8 Reference list 9 Appendices. 10 Part 1: Partial Research Report- Introduction- The aim of this study is to evaluate respective risk factors that upsurge rate of dropping out of high school. In the study, the independent variables (IV) are risk factors such as low grades, low perceived quali...Read More

    subject : Computer Science Visit : 1574 word limits : 1829

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  • Research Report: BCO6603 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

    Table of Contents ERP Systems in the Cloud. 2 Introduction. 2 Overview of ERP Systems in Cloud. 2 Types of ERP System.. 4 Literature review of Cloud and ERP technology. 5 Case Study Analysis of ERP in Cloud. 6 Benefits of ERP in Cloud. 7 Drawbacks of ERP in Cloud. 8 Recommendations for ERP in Cloud. 9 Conclusion. 10 References. 11 ERP Systems in the Cloud- 1. Introduction Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has been the source of developing the effective alignment of information and development of the strategies (Beaulieu et al. 2015). The ERP includes the utilisation of the set of software and deploying the inclusi...Read More

    subject : Computer Science Visit : 2954 word limits : 3670

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  • Impact of IT on Business

    Executive Summary The business report is based on IT for business. The objectives of the report are to understand the point-of-sales and its advantages & disadvantages, to know about the telecommunications used in POS and to identify the risks associating POS. Point of sales is basically a combination of hardware and software system. POS system is highly used in restaurants, hospitality, healthcare, jewellery shops, retail stores, wholesale stores, and entertainment sectors. It manages cash transaction and post-transaction in retail stores. The invention of POS had done in the year 2000. In earlier times POS included the hardware and so...Read More

    subject : Computer Science Visit : 1501 word limits : 2209

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  • Top 6 Cloud Computing skills you should learn in 2020

    Ever since its inception, cloud computing has been the buzz word with businesses and companies. The demand is ever-increasing as more and more domains are being automated and supported by AI. Hence, what will increase along is the demand for cloud professionals who are not obsolete and can manage the newer technological trends efficiently. Let us begin with understanding what does cloud computing mean; What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing refers to delivering internet-based computing services like storage, servers, software, networking, intelligence and analytics to ensure a faster and cheaper mode of operation. The services can be m...Read More

    subject : Computer Science Visit : 568 word limits : 936

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  • Data Structure and Algorithms

    Unit: Data Structure and Algorithms Unit Code: BIT 204/B01DSAA204 Type of Assessment: Individual Written Assignment Table of Contents: Introduction…………………………………………………………………………….3 Justification of appropriate variables, data types and sizes chosen………………………3 Operations for library system chosen……………………...Read More

    subject : Computer Science Visit : 4327 word limits : 2600

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  • Ethical and social issues that will affect the society

    AI facilities necessity remained fast developing ended the historical 1 years. They continue lengthily rummage-sale previously – cutting-edge gears such finished method of phones, hunt engines, vehicles, logistics, suitability services, monetary services, industrial processes, community services,and then armed systems. AI is globally-relevant then wounding edge. nonentity necessity a control happening the sole knowledge, influence then potentials he presents; then nonentity container forecast finished slightly cert cutting-edge what method AI determination alter our future.Nonethelesswe container continue unquestionable the spread of AI...Read More

    subject : Computer Science Visit : 8677 word limits : 1961

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