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Assignment Sample : Finance

  • Finance For Business

    Table of Contents- Introduction. 3 Description of the company. 3 Calculation and analysis of financial ratios. 4 2.1 Liquidity ratio. 4 Current ratio. 4 Acid test ratio. 5 Fixed asset turnover 5 2.2 Profitability ratio. 6 Net profit margin. 6 Return on capital employed. 6 Gross profit margin. 7 2.3. Market value ratio. 7 Dividend payout ratio. 7 Graphs and comparison of share price movements. 8 Calculation cost of equity. 10 Identify the capital structure. 10 Conclusion and recommendation. 12 Reference list 14 Introduction- This assignment is based on JB Hi Fi Australia to analyse their financial position. In...Read More

    subject : Finance Visit : 3012 word limits : 3339

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  • Remuneration Report of Westpac Bank

    Westpac bank is one of the leading Australian banks that enhances their business procedures by providing all sorts of facilities for their employees, customers as well as the shareholders. Hence to determine all these aspects it is necessary to review their remuneration report. Therefore, the paper will focus on the methods that are used for measuring the Executive performance and also the corporate goals of this bank. After determining both these aspects it is easier to demonstrate the performance rate of the senior’s executives especially the CFO and CEO of this bank. Hence after reviewing all these procedures a clarification regardi...Read More

    subject : Finance Visit : 2589 word limits : 3523

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  • Ethics and Governance

    Table of Contents- Mention the stakeholders. 3 The main ethical issues involved. 3 Steps to resolve the dilemma. 3 Recommendations. 4 Reference List 5 Mention the stakeholders: After analyzing this specific case study, it has come to know that the key stakeholders are assistant accountant, accountant of the business, local town banks and trade debaters (Weaver and Clark, 2015). All of those stakeholders are closely associated with each other and they are the stakeholders of Brady Industrial Products. All of those stakeholders are very important from the perspective of Brady Industrial Products in order to make profits at a prefabr...Read More

    subject : Finance Visit : 417 word limits : 609

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  • Finance

    Table of Contents Part 1. 2 Introduction. 2 Main Context 2 Conclusion. 3 Part 2. 3 Question 1. 3 Question 2. 4 References. 8 Part 1 Introduction The United States in the year 2007 was suffered from the crises which started due to the fluctuations in the mortgage lending markets. The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation stated that they would be not going to buy high-risk mortgages (Savona, Oldani & Kirton, 2016). The New Century Financial Corporation, a well-known mortgage lender was bankrupted. The fall of the large financial institutions in the year 2008 of United States became the major reason for the occurrence of the fin...Read More

    subject : Finance Visit : 742 word limits : 1073

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  • Advanced Network Topics, Management and Security

    Table of Contents Project Background. 1 How is this project going to empower employees to exceed their sales goals. 1 Project scope. 2 Project goal 2 Strategic alignment of project 2 Network Security. 3 Access control and authentication. 4 Business continuity : 4 Risk management 5 Conclusions. 5 Recommendations. 5 Project Background The project highlights the important aspect regarding the employing and managing the high-tech information technology system. we all are living and working with in the specified environment, which was created and developed by humans, and such environment is a business environment with the collabo...Read More

    subject : Finance Visit : 3548 word limits : 3000

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