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An introduction to the concept of case studies

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Introduction to the telecommunication giant, Vodafone

The well-known British multinational telecommunications organisation, headquartered in London, Newbury, Berkshire is the household name we know today, Vodafone. The enterprise is one of the leading mobile communication companies in the world. The telecommunication giant owns and operates networks in almost twenty-five nations of the world and has partner networks in about forty-seven countries. The company's department which handles the telecommunication and IT services of the organisation is somewhere around one hundred and fifty nations to all the corporate customers is the Vodafone Global Enterprise division.

There have been studies and surveys conducted in past which state that there are more than nineteen million people in the UK alone who use Vodafone to meet their network requirements. As per the latest data, Vodafone ranks in the top five positions in the list of the number of mobile consumers using its service. The term Vodafone came into existence from the basic idea derived from the words Voice Data Fone. The objective of the organisation's name is to showcase its provision of voice and data services over mobile phones. The ultimate plan of the company is to reach the highest position in the list of world's mobile communication leaders and in order to complete this plan, the company and its employees put in the best of their efforts to ensure that the consumers continue to believe in the company and approve of their services to them. 

The business approach of Vodafone

The telecommunication giant follows a two-fold business approach.

  1. The initial approach of the company is to extend the features of its offered products i.e the advanced and updated features, dimensions, the services in the saturated markets. The areas like the United States of America, the United Kingdon, and Europe have the most sophisticated users of Vodafone who always want and expect new functions in their mobiles. Planning new methods to deliver products and services for users helps the organisation to keep its existing consumers engaged and also attract the new ones. For instance, the 4G technology introduced by the telecommunications company has enhanced the ability and quality of transferring data and voice. The rapid internet speed allows users to extend the duration of services such as music downloads, mobile television, video calling, and email messaging.
  2. Secondly, the telecommunications company, Vodafone, approaches to look for opportunities in the emerging markets. These opportunities can entail focusing on the remote areas of the world such as parts of Africa or India where many people still do not have access to mobile phones. The undeveloped or less advanced infrastructure of these areas makes communication via landlines a little too difficult. Vodafone is focused on offering such technology to these markets which will help them to develop communication which will help them both socially and economically. On the basis of the data gathered from various studies, it can be said that out of the 4 billion mobile phone users spread out all across the globe, the sixty-four per cent of the users are locating in still developing countries.

The chronicles of Vodafone

Vodafone owes its originality to Racal Electronics Plc. Vodafone was basically bent as a subsidiary of the company in 1984, prior to which it was called Racal Telecom Limited. Interestingly, it was in the year 1984 only that Racal Telecom was also rewarded with its first mobile license In the United Kingdom. The first mobile developed by Racal Telecom Limited was named midnight and came into existence on 1st January 1985. Vodafone rapidly reached new heights since its first mobile call made in the year 1988. In a span of five years, Vodafone was able to bag up half a million customers in its list of users. But that was not just it. In order to attract more users, Vodafone successfully introduced its roaming service in the year 1994.

The agreement for the roaming call was made between Vodafone and Telecom Finland. As a result of this service, the intercontinental reach of the telecommunication company was extended along with a licenced partnership in South Africa, Greece, Germany, Fiji, and Australia. Later on, two more services were introduced in the market by Vodafone i.e. the digital tax service and the text messaging service. Following this, in a few years, the capability of Vodafone was expanded to other nations such as Uganda, France, Netherlands, Germany, France, and HongKong. By the year 1997, the customer base of Vodafone was increased to three million users.

A brief outlook into the marketing strategy of the telecommunication company, Vodafone

It is well-said cautions development of an organisation is essential to help in the achievement of a company's long term vision and strategies. The vision and mission of Vodafone's marketing strategy can be clearly understood by it's take on the four P's, i.e. Product, Promotion, Price, and Place.

  1. Product: This aspect refers to the diverse productions of the Vodafone organisation along with a huge list of their attractive features that can allow a user to have abetter gaming experience, share pictures with their friends and family, set up different ringtones for the calls, receive important information on their devices, watch video clips and also be able to receive video messages.
  2. Promotion: This element of the marketing strategy refers to
  • Vodafone engages proficiently in above the line promotion. This means that the company efficiently ensures the advertisements on television, magazines, or any other mass communication medium are reaching out to the large target audience and spreads the brand name, image, and message effectively to the audience.
  • Vodafone pays attention to below the line promotion for the users. Different Vodafone store, located in diverse locations, have special offers, promotions, and print of sale posters to attract the consumers available in the store.
  • The telecommunications company makes sure that all its products and staff members project the image of the brand.
  • With positive promotions, the organisation plans to develop a better relationship with the public so that the new ideas and products can be explained easily.
  1. Price: This aspect of the strategy refers to the company's plan to
  • Make its services accessible to as many people as possible.
  • Providing multiple attractive pricing structures to suit diverse customer groups.
  • The availability of price plans on a monthly basis along with the availability of prepaid option.
  • Offer United Kingdom reward points to consumers for each euro spent on call.
  1. Place: This P of the marketing strategy plan refers to the aspects that
  • Vodafone operates in a large number of stores spread out all across the world. The number getting to 300 stores only in the United Kingdom.
  • Vodafone selling its products to consumers via independent retailers.
  • Vodafone allowing its consumers to see and handle the products they plan to buy.

Drafting an exemplary SWOT analysis for Vodafone case study assignments

When a scholar is required to develop a SWOT analysis for his Vodafone case study assignment, it is essential for him to carry out extensive research and arrange all the relevant findings appropriately in order to formulate a well-structured case study assignment that projects nothing but accuracy. A student can visit the website of an online assignment writing portal to seek guidance for Vodafone case study SWOT analysis and the panel of experts at these portals will assure the delivery of best possible solutions for an academic Vodafone case study assignment.

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The SWOT analysis is also known as SWOT matrix is a method using which an individual or company makes strategical plans by identifying its strengths, weaknesses, possible and relevant opportunities, and potential threats associated to the business competition or project planning. SWOT-analysis helps in clarifying the objectives of an enterprise or a project and simultaneously in recognizing the internal and external factors which seem to be a boon or a curse in the way of achieving the set goals of an organisation. Now that it’s clear what SWOT analysis means, let's take a look into the SWOT analysis of the telecommunication leader, Vodafone.

Strengths of Vodafone

  • Immense network coverage for phone calls and internet covering almost ninety-five per cent of the population.
  • Offering different services to the users, Vodafone provides message ability, internet usage, and ability to share the videos, images, and music via mobile phone.
  • Providing a wide variety of handsets along with the multiple options of airtime plans to suit all type of users and their diverse requirements.
  • The telecommunication giant has proved and developed itself as the best communication network provider all across the world.
  • Vodafone follows the ideology of developing long term partnerships with its suppliers in order to achieve all the above-mentioned strengths.
  • By committing to buying large volumes over a period of multiple years Vodafone can negotiate lower rates. Along with this remuneration is offered to the suppliers so that they can enjoy greater security of attaining guaranteed orders.
  • Vodafone keeps on launching new and advanced technology and products for developing nations with an aim to provide affordable network communication system to the said users. In developed nations, mobile phones are referred to as a general part of life and their functions add value to the landlines.

Customers always demand and expect continuously improving sophisticated products. The integrated mobile system of Vodafone can be used for tasks linked to education, socialising, or business. The latest handsets formed by the organisation allow the people to stay in touch with their near and dear ones via emails, messaging, and social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, etc. The network allows the users to research and form their interest online, can play games, listen to music, or watch television at any place or time.

Weaknesses of Vodafone

Each and every company, even Vodafone, has to pay adequate attention to its weaknesses in order to improve and manage its services and operations. Identifying the weaknesses can play a major role in helping Vodafone to determine relevant and practical objectives along with forming new and better strategies. The weaknesses of the telecommunications company might include aspects like

  • The organisation's need to hold up a good interaction with its consumers and other stakeholders about its activities and future plans. However, the large scale of the business handled by the organisation makes this task quite complex. In order to overcome this issue, Vodafone produces various promotional and informational publications in print media and online media to communicate with diverse users. It also runs various advertisement campaigns on television and radio to reach out to the targeted masses and deliver the message efficiently.
  • The network is not yet affordable by all the users as it's services are quite on the higher side of the graph. This is the greatest weakness of the telecommunications company.
  • The size and scale of the global business of Vodafone also act as its key weakness. The large scale business might mean more profits but it affects the quality of the products and services delivered because of the rush to deliver and it also makes it hard for the organisation to control the standards. There are several countries in the world where the Vodafone products and networks are manufactured do not implement the legislation to handle the working conditions. This aspect represents the weakest link of Vodafone.
  • The requirement of affordable products by the telecommunications company. Producing low-cost products does not mean hampering the quality of the deliverables. Vodafone needs to stand out from the chaos of its competitors and their products. To manage this weakness Vodafone is trying the best measures possible to make sure its belief of 'there is no bargain between being able to provide good quality products and affordable costs come to life.

Opportunities in front of Vodafone

Vodafone, just like any other enterprise, uses its strength to enjoy the benefits of the opportunities to arise. The company's environment-friendly business policies and conduct will result in the achievement of great outcomes even in the price-sensitive market segment. The key opportunity available for the telecommunication giant is

  • The production of a service like M-PESA system in the developing country of Kenya has been one of the best opportunities for Vodafone. The features of this system are
  1. The service has helped numerous small scale businesses to become more economically secure.
  2. The service aims to provide a secure method for regular wage earners to send money across to their families or close ones.
  3. The M-PESA service of the telecom company has resolved the issue of users to move around with a large amount of cash.

There are more than 2200 M-PESA registered agents and 5 million subscribers of the service in petrol stations, supermarkets, and other retail outlets across Kenya. M-PESA offers multiple benefits to its subscribers. For instance, M-PESA system has assisted a small business such as the taxi drivers by allowing them to attain money of fare with M-PESA so that they do not have to drive around the city with a large amount of cash in the vehicle.

This service has proved to be a boon in the latest crisis faced the nation by helping the citizens to transfer money safely and securely. M-PESA is also used to make regular purchases and activities successful such as paying rent, sending funds to known ones, or buying a phone's airtime. In Kenya, M-PESA is also used to pay school fees as secondary schooling is not available to free of cost in the developing nation. Following the achievement of M-PESA in Kenya, Vodafone has expanded the service of the system in other emerging market segments as well such as Afghanistan and Tanzania.

Threats to the position and business of Vodafone

Being aware of the possible threats or competition is highly advantageous for Vodafone as a company because this will help the company to counteract all the threats. Vodafone can use its strengths as well as some new ideas to protect its products or services from the threats in the market. Threats to the telecommunications company that it might need to stalk away from are

  • Economic threats: There is no rocket science in becoming aware of the fact that recession reduces a consumer's disposable and spending income.
  • Market threats: With more and more telecommunication companies emerging in the market with each passing day that too in the low price sector Vodafone's high priced services and products are definitely at risk of losing their popularity. It is high time that Vodafone underpins its best qualities to compete with these newbies.

The different divisions of Vodafone organisation plan various ways to address the above-mentioned problems efficiently. The company does its best to handle all its threats and weaknesses properly so that it can form a positive outcome. Communication plays an essential role in the successful achievement of these plans and designs of Vodafone.

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