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Use Citation Machine to Create Citations In APA, MLA And Chicago Formats

Maintaining standards of honesty and integrity in your work when writing for academic or professional purposes is of high significance. If you are a student pursuing an undergraduate, masters or doctorate programme from a college or university in the USA, it will better be wise to play straight and honest when writing your thesis or dissertation and submitting it for further evaluation. The copyright violation that occurred out of plagiarised work may lead to disciplinary action against you resulting in a failing grade for the false work submitted or sometimes dismissal from the college/university or academic programme depending on the level and sensitivity of the situation.

Presenting false facts, figures, information, data or statistics in your academic work, e.g., thesis, dissertation, or any sort of other assignment is not sensitively as unethical as presenting ‘others’ work of writing’ as yours. Students writing for academic work needs to put the credit rightly in place through appropriate citations when using other’s work to validate their statements. 

Why is Citing Sources Important?

It is abundantly clear why citing sources is important for students writing for research papers, thesis or dissertations. Though it is primarily used to provide student’s work with a protective shield against plagiarism, it matters more to give the original work the due credit for the intellectual contribution. Citations enable students to present their research clearly and credibly further helping readers get the idea of the original work. Not only does citing sources in the text validate your credibility and candidature for the exam you are appearing, but it also carries your character forward as a genuine participant of the scholarly conversation going on among writers and researchers.  

Apart from supporting your idea put into your research writing, citation adds authority and credibility to your work demonstrating the depth of your research. For many of the students writing for research papers in USA, citing sources can be a confusing process. For the baffled brains who don’t have much sense and sureness about citation, a citation machine could be the way to go. The citation machine or say the online citation tool can bring automation to the citation process leaving you more time in the clock hours to outshine in your studies. 

Citation machine, in general, serves three main purposes:

  • To validate the statements and conclusions in your work by providing directions to other sound sources that support and verify them;
  • To help readers check, locate and read the right sources of information, as well as establishing their contribution to your work;
  • To give due credit to the person who originally authored and avoid intellectual property theft/plagiarism. 

Plagiarism is not ethically an honest practice as passing off others’ thoughts and ideas without their consent is no less than stealing. It may carry stiff penalties if found guilty and including termination from the college or university and expulsion from the academic programme being pursued by a student in USA. Failing to present proper citations in your work lead to charges of plagiarism. So, when using others’ ideas and thoughts in your thesis or dissertations, it is important for a student in USA to use proper citations to avoid plagiarism and copyright violations which can easily and effectively be done using our citation machine in USA. In other words, the citation machine can be utilised as a contingency plan against the issue of plagiarism.

Citation Machine : In Details

Now when you already know the significance of citation in your work, you need to make sure that that you make use of appropriate and accurate citations in your work. But many of you might not be aware of the right format or style of citations to be used in your work. If this is the case with you, the citation machine can be a way to cope up with the challenge. Or you can have expert writers or subject matter experts at your side to write for you – they can place the right citations in the appropriate format in your assignment or research papers.

Many digital platforms can bring online automated citation machines to your access which you can use to place all your sources into citations in a matter of clicks. Such a citation machines access the data from different digital platforms to find the source of your information and turn it appropriately in citation to be placed in your work. 

Citation Formats

Though there are thousands of citation formats used globally across professional and academic institutions as well in USA, the APA (American Psychological Association), MLA (Modern Language Association) and Chicago (Chicago Manual of Style) are the three most common citation styles used worldwide. A citation machines is featured such a manner that it can create citations for every format. The three popular citation formats are used in USA to give the due credit to the original author or publisher whose work has been the source of your ideas and thoughts. Those who aren’t much into professional or academic writing may not be aware of the ethical importance of citing and the appropriate formats of citing sources.

Each citation format, viz., APA, MLA, and Chicago have a different set of rules to be used when citing sources in your work or referencing the author of the original work in your assignment. When using any citation format in your work, you need to make sure that you don’t jump from one citation style to the other. When referring to the sources in your work, it is important to maintain uniformity throughout the text from beginning to end. Now it stands to no reason why experts advise not to use multiple citation formats in your writing. 

APA Format

“Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association,” which the APA format is based on, has come up with the format of writing and sourcing citations. The APA format majorly focuses on the writing style that a USA student needs to keep in mind when writing for academic research papers but it is also taken as a key guideline to appropriately format citations of the ideas and thoughts sourced to be integrated into the research work. A citation machine can be used easily to create APA citations as per the need of the paper.

Since the APA format is used primarily in the subjects of social and behavioural studies, students and professionals make the primary audience of the APA format. 

Here are some key points about the APA language and citation format that USA students and professionals need to remember when writing research papers:

  • APA citation format is used principally in Social Sciences and the subjects of humanity such as Education, Psychology, Sociology and Criminal Justice;
  • This isn’t about too many quotations, paraphrase links or ideas;
  • Formal structure needs to be followed along with subheading;
  • Dates need to be mentioned appropriately in the ‘in-text citations and source referencing;
  • It consists of a particular set of glossaries, spellings and abbreviations to be used in references and citation;
  • It gives more importance to the idea and thoughts, even more than the author or researcher who has written it out.

MLA Format 

The guidelines to MLA citation format, where MLA stand for Modern Language Association, has been derived from the latest edition of the MLA handbook. A citation machine is highly capable of creating MLA citations of all kinds of sources. USA Students pursuing programmes in Arts, drama, literature and other relevant subjects of Humanities should put the citations in their writing according to the guidelines given in the MLA manual. 

Here are some other characteristics of the MLA manual: 

  • It is generally used in the subjects of Arts and Humanities such as English Literature and Philosophy;
  • MLA format emphasises the exact text sourced;
  • Author names need to be cited appropriately in the cited list;
  • It doesn’t ask for the cover page or abstract;
  • It makes citing of page numbers mandatory so that readers can easily locate the exact source of the thought;

Chicago Format 

Chicago style has been set out based on guidelines given in The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS for short). The Turabian Manual, which is the guidebook of the Chicago manual, is used by the students of Arts, History and other subjects of Social Studies to integrate citations into their research writing and college assignments, e.g., thesis and dissertations. The manual comprehensively coverage different genres and formats and the set of citation rules to be followed by USA students in their academic work.  

The following points give more insight into the Chicago format of citation: 

  • It is commonly used in the subjects of Humanities such as History, philosophy, psychology etc;
  • The manual proposes two formats of citations, one which includes Author and Date of publishing, and second the Notes and Bibliography;
  • Notes and Bibliography are used to elaborate source material in the footnote;
  • It doesn’t require subheadings;
  • It allows the title page to be used (not mandatorily) in either format.
Choosing the Right Citation

Any of the three citation formats can be used according to the requisites proposed by your professor who assigns you the academic writing task. While students in USA pursuing a programme in Humanities use endnote/footnote to cite the sources, endnotes/footnotes, Scholars writing for Science usually use in-text citations. 

The choice of format also depends on the professor to who you will submit your thesis and on the academic discipline (along with the respective institute) you are pursuing. The citation machine can covert references from one format into another.

Even if you are unsure about the citation format, you are advised to consult your department and get the necessary guidelines about the citations and respective formats before you start writing. However, if you are confused, experts, e.g., assignment helpers, writers, proof-readers, editors and subject matter specialists in USA can help you out with all your queries related to citation formats.

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