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Have you ever planned to study overseas?  You must be worried about your home, where will you live, sleep, eat and what will be your social life. Are you concerned about the accommodation? So, you must take some time to explore and research before deciding your accommodation on these parameters.

Accommodation is the first thing that comes to your mind when deciding to study abroad. There are many options when it comes to student accommodation. You are required to consider many things and checkpoints before making the final decision. You also need to consider your budget and personal preferences.

As a student, this is the first time that you are living on your own or even your first time to study abroad. Also, it is the first time that you are living alone from your house and you have to manage costs. Hence, it is important to decide that accommodation is a major decision. The accommodation is a place to study, relax and meet friends, fellow travelers and natives.

How to plan for your accommodation?

The basic rule is to realize that you are yourself responsible to find your own accommodation. But your institute also offers support or help in the form of university accommodation.

The advice from the university on your accommodation ranges from going far to find a place, offer a wide range of options, advising you to follow the best practice.  Apart from the university, there are many specific organizations whose main purpose is to advise about the accommodation and to take the whole burden. They also have links with many housing organizations and they help to find the right accommodation without any difficulty. Also, check student notice boards and local newspapers that advertise about apartments and rented houses.

Depending on the preference and location you must select the accommodation as per your requirement. You can decide to live in a newly refurbished house, to a student haunt. Students can choose from various types of student accommodation.

There are many kinds of accommodations and it is very difficult to choose from if you are a first-timer. Every kind of option has its own pros and cons but all are good as long as they are recognized by your institution. We are discussing various kinds of accommodation that you can consider.

Private rooms and rented houses

This is the most popular and common choice among college or university students. This kind of accommodation is managed by landlords in the private rented sector. Students can share rooms or houses with many flat mates or housemates. They are located in localities with a large number of students. The quality is different and you can take the room or house on  rent only from the people that are recognized by your institution. You can find the property in your location with the help of reliable sources such as friends and relatives.

University-managed rooms & houses

These possessions are held by colleges and universities. They have the same structure as regular houses/flat but have standard facilities and look. You can apply through your institutions' accommodation offices with the help of the waiting list. Universities also provide rooms in houses for postgraduate and undergraduate students.

  • Campus accommodation

Campus accommodation is entirely taken care of by university or college.  They are within the premises of the university. There are many advantages to selecting campus accommodation as your main choice.  You are quite close to other university buildings. Safety is the most important benefit that you will get on-campus accommodation. Safety is the issue that is to be taken care of by the university security guards.

You will also get many social benefits as you are living with other students from local and other countries. Many residences conduct social events to bring people together.  You can even interact with the people in a communal kitchen. Also, hang out the common leisure space. Hence, there are many advantages of living in campus accommodation. Furthermore, the quality of facilities varies significantly. So, you must check things like the size of the rooms, location, and a number of people sharing the space before making a final decision.

  • University Hall of Residence

Another choice for student accommodation in student halls. There are located on-campus and also include meals in the in-house canteens. The main group of college students living in the university hall of residence belongs to the first and second year.

  • Private Halls

These are purposely constructed student living accommodation that is as same as university halls of residence. They are owned by private organizations that manage and run them. They are important student accommodation as they provide all the facilities to the students but they are costly choice as compared to other accommodations.

  • Family stays

Family stays are meant especially for visiting students from abroad to study in smaller institutions. They reside in the vacant rooms that are provided by the families. These students live for a year only.


  • Does the accommodation have all the required furnishings? Are they of the standard? Or do they have all the required facilities or you need to arrange them on your own?
  • Is there sufficient space for your belongings, computer, sleeping and studying?
  • Is the kitchen has cooking utensils or you have to manage on your own? Also, can you cook your food or you have to arrange it from outside?
  • Are bedsheets provided? Do the accommodation to offer laundry facilities? Do they provide the facility of a washing machine or you have to manage on your own?
  • Are there additional expenses for some other required services?
  • Are you given access to phones and the internet? How much will it cost?
  • Do they provide you medical services in an emergency?

Hence, we have discussed in detail about the types of accommodation that you can choose from. No, you need to get worried if you are thinking to study abroad. This student guide will help you to make the right decision. Also, we have included certain points in the checklist that you must go through.

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