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Accomplishing the task of writing any form of scholarly work, be it, a dissertation, a thesis or research paper, requires strong grip on the topic or subject matter and vivid writing skills. However, producing a research paper is often considered the trickiest of them all. An emphatic research paper involves the art of presenting the information in an interesting and gripping manner. The primary nature of any research paper, in general, is informational, however, the onus to make it engaging and engrossing completely lies on the writer.

A research paper majorly depends upon the first hand research conducted by the author. The main motive of undertaking the task to produce a research paper is to analyze a problem or a set of problems and thereby finding their solutions. A research paper requires the author to analyze the problem from various perspectives and find respective solutions to those problems.

The main challenge for any writer pursuing the task of accomplishing a research paper is to maintain the authenticity and originality throughout the document. Apart from an excellent research, there are various other features and dimensions that make any research paper a complete package.

All the information and data gathered from the research form the content for the main text of the document. In addition to the main text, there are certain equally important features that give the entire document some substance. Everything needs an orderly sequence in order to accomplish that task successfully. Therefore, writing a research paper is not only restricted to provide the reader with the information, but it should effective, engaging and engrossing all at the same time. The task of acing a research paper is a work art. It requires both knowledge and creativity.

Thus to make this task a bit easier for you, we have collaborated some vital points to remember when writing a research paper. These points are written considering all the challenges that a writer might face while dealing with a research paper.

How to Write an Excellent Research Paper?

Accomplishing the task to write a perfect research paper is equally challenging and rewarding. A research paper may be written as a part of the academic curriculum or absolutely independently for the purpose getting publish in a journal. Whatever the reason may be, but the challenges and methodologies to write a research paper with utmost professionalism remain the same. The following are some important points to remember while writing a research paper:

  • Strategically choosing the audience: This is a well-known fact that any scholarly piece of writing is not written keeping in mind the general audience. A research paper, on top of that, is a purely subject-oriented, research-based long piece of work that caters only to a specific set of audience. Therefore, it becomes crucially vital for a writer to choose a particular set of readers. Narrowing down to a particular set of target audience, helps the writer to include information from the expectations of the reader. It also helps the writer to focus on various dimensions of the topic that are expected to be covered in the research paper. Choosing a right audience also helps the writer to stay focused during the course of writing the entire document.
  • Careful Choice of a Topic: Choosing a right topic is one of the important milestones in the journey of writing a research paper. We all have the tendency to go for difficult topics in order to stand apart. But it is highly advised to choose a topic keeping in mind the practical inhibitions. Though there is nothing wrong in aiming for a difficult objective but it should also be considered not to aim for any unrealistic target. A topic should be selected considering one’s comfortableness with it. One should have an infallible knowledge in that domain. Choose a topic where your strength lies and you have a strong grip over that particular subject matter. Selecting a right topic is half the battle won. So, make your choices carefully.
  • Research is the key: Once the topic is selected, do not begin working on the draft right away. A good and intensive research is the key to bring perfection to your own research paper. Research and look out for other previously published research papers that are directly or indirectly related to your topic. While going through those research papers, observe the techniques used, methodologies and approach adopted. Observe the structure and format of some well-executed research papers. Take the notes of important points. Read the research papers thoroughly. Look out for the dimension and aspects covered while dealing with a particular topic. The important point here to remember is that going through other research papers is not for the purpose of copying others’ work but to take ideas and motivations from it. Remember, extensive reading and learning are the tools of a creative writer.
  • Prepare a Blueprint: After researching extensively, go through the notes taken and think and structure your research paper in mind. Give your research paper a broad outline before resuming work on the main text of the document. Work on the title of the research paper, it should be catchy and must compliment the main theme of the research. Prepare rough draft on the introduction of the research paper, try to make it short and to the point. Work on other aspects like the thesis statement, the acknowledgements, and the preface of the research paper. Though these aspects might not appear to hold much importance but do not be mistaken here. These aspects are as crucial to a research paper as the research itself. Include these dimensions appropriately in the research as they help in bringing out any document as a whole. A properly structured research paper is a sign of professionalism and proficiency.
  • Begin with a Draft: Next important point to remember is to always start writing by preparing rough drafts first. Do not intend to write as a final attempt in one go. First, create drafts for the things you want to convey to the readers. Once you have finished the drafts, re-read the drafts multiple times and improvise accordingly. When revisiting the drafts, analyze them from multiple angles. Ensure the quality of information imparted is par excellence, check for any grammatical errors, and look out for the scope of addition of any vital information or inputs. Also, analyze the drafts critically, this will ensure the perfection to the final outcome. In case you feel more editing is required, seek help from friends and acquaintances. Work on their suggestions. Remember, a keen eye and an open mind result in beautiful outcomes.
  • Creating the final document: Once all the important features, aspects are finalized, start finalizing your research paper too. Make all the drafts final and start including them in the document. Organize and arrange the various dimensions and aspects of the research paper in a set accordance. Proof read and edit the final document. Look out for any errors. Seek external help if necessary. Make your friends and acquaintances read your document and set the window open for constructive criticism and suggestions. Try and make your document error-proof and perfect.
  • Check for Plagiarism: One of the most crucial points while producing any scholarly work is to ensure that it is absolutely plagiarism free. Keeping the document authentic and original is essential. Check for any plagiarism before submitting the research paper. There are various websites that let you check for plagiarism either for free or at minimal cost. Do not take any chances. Plagiarism is considered as a crime and if found guilty, your work stands rejected right away. Be sure and be original.

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