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Why is this Student Visa Guide written?

Visa is an essential document that authorizes the bearer to enter into a foreign country legally. The Visa is generally glued or stamped in the passport. Visa becomes mandatory if a student plans to study abroad. Immigration authorities of a respective country follow strict rules & regulations while issuing a visa. There are sets of sophisticated methods and procedures. Students usually prefer studying abroad for their higher education. But, for this, they need a Visa. Requirements for visas differ significantly from country to country. This Visa Guide is written to enlighten students about different visa procedures and obligations. We have posted country vise requirements. Students can also directly check their country of interest.

Importance of a Visa and its Requirements

A visa is equally essential for a host country and the traveler. There are various countries, where you can't step in without a visa. People travel abroad with different motives. They may visit a country for traveling, studying, work, etc. Our Guide serves the purpose to mentor students on which type of Visa they should apply as per their aim.

Student Visas are visas issued to applicants whose purpose of visit to the foreign country is to pursue education. Legal documents play an important role in gaining a Visa. Every  country has its own Immigration laws. The visa not only plans your stay at a country, but also looks up to other activities which you can perform apart from studying. All student visa applications reflect some broad communalities.

Immigration Control

Any nation must keep a check on people entering their country and with what motive. It is due to the increased rate in terrorism & overpopulation. An economy check can also be included. Visa helps the central government to know their visitors better, and keep control of the total population. A visa indicates how long you can stay in a country and the purpose of the visit.

Identity Verification

It is crucial for students to pass the interview at the respective country's embassy. The Visa application procedure allows the immigration department and the consular to check your personal details like economy background, criminal records, and health records. If you do not pass these tests, then your visa application can also get rejected. For some countries, it is tough to crack. This is the reason we have prepared this Guide. With our help you will completely get prepared for these visa procedures.

Who can use this Student Visa Guide?

The count for the application of visas every year has increased recently. Most of the applications are received from students who want to pursue their higher education abroad. We have prepared this guide for students who find it challenging to apply for visas or get rejected due to some issues. Our Visa Guide will help you sail over such obstacles. Countries like US, UK, Germany have strict rules and they only take eligible candidates and rejects the rest. We don't want students to face rejection. You will get reliable and up to date information in this Guide. All the data is collected from genuine sources. It includes current guidelines and requirements of the said country.

Generally, it happens that students are unaware of proper requirements and procedures for visa application. The documentation includes your education certificates, health related certificates, etc. Our Guide will serve you as an ideal manual, briefing you about the requirements of visas in countries like the US, Australia, UK, and various other countries with prestigious universities.

How to use our Visa Guide?

This Guide is easy to use. We have provided different sections which include visa information regarding various countries and questions which are generally raised by students. Our Guide will direct students with every problem they face. This Guide follows a sequence with different countries named on it. There are proper sections. When you click on a section, you get detailed information about the topic in that specific section. It is easy and straightforward.

Different Types of Student Visas

Every country has its own set of rules and requirements for student applicants. In this guide, we have covered information regarding different types of student visas.

Following are those visas:

  • In USA- F Visa, F-1 Visa, F-2 Visa, F-3 Visa, M-1 Visa, J-1 Visa
  • In Australia- Subclass 570 (Independent ELICOS), Subclass 572 (VET), Subclass 574 (Master’s Degree And Ph.D. Degree), Subclass 576 (AusAID Or Defense Sponsored Sector)
  • In UK- Short term visa, Tier Four Child Student Visa, Tier 4 General Student Visa

These are some of the countries. We have covered the rest in our Guide with necessary details.

Time is changing, and so are the study options for students. Now students can apply to foreign universities easily, as per the criteria. As a layman, we are not able to understand the working of visa requirements for different countries. The first thing is to check which visa are you eligible for as per the country you are applying in. Later, you need to check their requirements for documentation.

Studying abroad needs conscientious planning. We advise students to apply for a visa in advance, keeping in mind university's working procedure and its deadlines. Students also have to appear for an English test as per their university guidelines. An application that comes in advance, provides the country a chance to do a satisfactory check on the applicant's background. It includes financial status, the reason to travel, valid passport details, previous visits to their country, health checkups, etc. Hence, it is advisable for students to apply 3-4 months in advance. It will avoid any last minute rush. As a candidate seeking for scholarship, financial aid, or education loan, you should add extra couple of months in your list. Such applications take more time to get processed. We have all these things in our Guide. You just have to go through it and read. We want student satisfaction, and that is what we have been providing throughout. Our experts make sure that there is no false information, and everything is covered genuinely.

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