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Visa Description for New zealand

If a student is moving to New Zealand to pursue their education for more than three months period, the individual requires firstly a student visa. This visa permits the student to complete a full-time educational program in New Zealand for a stipulated time period. Any student visa to New Zealand has certain requirements which an individual is expected to meet like:

  • The name of the education program the student are permitted to study
  • The name of the educational provider
  • The location in New Zealand of the provider
  • The need to hold permissible insurance

Visa cost

A student visa will cost an individual around NZD 295 and this needs to be paid through a bank cheque or a draft and no other payment mode is acceptable.

Documents needed

The following are the relevant and important documents that are required for the purpose of the application:

  • Valid passport – The passport of any student planning to apply to New Zealand must be valid at least for three months period of stay in the country
  • A fully completed student visa form
  • Application payment receipt mentioning payment of NZD 295 made before the interview is undertaken.
  • An invitation from the New Zealand University once the payment of tuition fee has been received by the university.
  • Letter from the current institution authorising status of studying abroad
  • Health insurance acknowledgement.
  • An individual may be required to produce health and character certificates just to attest that the purpose of staying in New Zealand is completely candid.
  • Two passport size photographs

Apart from the above-mentioned documents, extra details may be needed during the personal interview and these documents may be academic and financial status evidence. For example, diploma or degree certificates from the schools completed by the individual, test scores required by the university like GRE, TOEFL and how will the basic living, education and travel costs be covered during the period of stay in New Zealand will be verified by the interviewer.

Procedure to apply

The first stage is to collect all the documents required to be submitted like the most important or supporting documents in acrobat format. Also, a scanned photo needs to be affixed in the form and the specification for the photo for New Zealand visa is between 500 kb to 3 MB. The approximate time taken by the New Zealand high commission for the visa process is somewhere between 8 to 12 weeks based on the person’s background. Therefore, the students’ needs to apply caution while applying for a visa and needs to be at least three months before their course begins at the university.


In some cases where the student is married and wants a visa for the spouse and dependent children, they will be granted a visitor visa for the same period as the student or parents’ stay. Spouses of the student on a work visa can work full time in New Zealand. Nevertheless, the dependents of the students on a visitor visa usually have no work permit.

The individual must be reliable and honest relationship with the partner and must hold a New Zealand student visa to study for a level seven or anything above qualification on the New Zealand qualification structure in an area of complete skill scarcities as mentioned in the long term scarcity list or a post-graduation qualification.

Additional information

As an expatriate student, an individual must finish the course within the least course duration mentioned in the acceptance letter. If the student does not have a job offer still, they can apply for a post-study work visa. The visas approved are legal for 12 months and permit the student to work in a provisional work environment until the individual is able to seek a job in their area of education. Also, the student can work part-time for close to 20 hours per week if the program of study meets the following requirements:

  • It’s a maximum of two years’ time period
  • It gives way for New Zealand qualification that meet the requirements for points towards an application for a skilful migrant visa.
  • The institution is tertiary and the key objective is to form English language proficiency and also the students must complete International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with the total band score of 5 or more in the general or academic segments.

The students can work full-time if they have registered themselves for a full-time program at the University of at least One Academic Year’s Period. In case the full-time course consists of a period of eight months and possess a minimum of two semesters, but is less than 120 credits, the individual can work full-time during the Christmas and New Year holiday period. If a particular student has registered for Masters by research or doctoral degree programs bestowed by New Zealand tertiary institution, there seems to be no limitation on the number of hours a person can work.

Finances or scholarships for studying in New Zealand

Organising for funds for studying in New Zealand is the biggest apprehension and challenge for international students. However, the government of the country and several other universities are providing various forms of scholarships which an individual can benefit from and also attain some information and know-how.

General trivia

Meaning of the full-time and part-time study

This requires an individual to be present for a minimum of 20 hours per week or maximum of three papers or corresponding per semester courses which are offered at level seven or more on the New Zealand qualifications outline.

On the other hand, part-time means that only a few hours or papers as compared to full-time study.

Courses that can be studied

The course of study and education provider must be authorised by the Ministry of Education to provide places to overseas students. The education provider must also be an authorised signatory to the Ministry of Education’s code of practice.

Application for a limited visa

The student’s visa application can also be utilised to apply for a limited visa. An individual can apply for a limited visa if they wish to arrive in New Zealand for a swift period of study. If an individual is permitted a limited visa they shall not be deemed to apply for any other form of visa during the stay in New Zealand. Possessing a limited visa further limits the immigration rights for a person residing in New Zealand.

Change of course of study or education provider

If a student wishes to change the course of study or education provider, they must first get a variation of conditions or a further student visa. Variation of condition will permit an individual to work during or between academic years or change the course or education provider. There is a specific fee that needs to be paid for variation of conditions when a student is already possessing a visa to study.

Similarly, a student might be required to given proof to prove that they remain to meet the student directives. If a person withdraws from a course of study or education provider or both before getting authorisation to do so this refers to a breach of visa norms. Applicants who do this may not by usually given further visas or variation of conditions and also will be responsible for expulsion and exit from New Zealand.

Exchange students

Students who arrive in New Zealand to study under the exchange program authorised by the government of the country needs a student visa but there is no need to pay course fees.

Provisional visas

If a person is already in New Zealand and possess a provisional visa and holds an application for a student visa that is being considered by INZ, in such situations the person may qualify for a provisional visa. The student will be notified either by email or letter about the granting of a provisional visa. The student cannot apply for provisional visa unlike the regular ones and requires no fees or forms for the visas and the decision is solely made by the country.

Furthermore, there is also no confirmation that a provisional visa will be given and this will also vest on the fact related to the visa already held by the student and the type of application made. Provisional visas do not have travel regulations and are valid for a period of maximum six months or until a decision is made on the application whichever is earlier.

Evaluating the application

When the documents are evaluated for the information mentioned by the student, the country makes sure that it fulfils all the needs of the visa they are applying for. This may consist of bona fide which refers to honest intent to study. When a student is assessed whether bona fide or not, all information is taken into account. For example, family ties if any in New Zealand or resident country, personal, monetary, employment and other obligations in the resident country and New Zealand and lastly any situations that may refer to the person returning to home country when the visa expires.

New Zealand will take into account all the information in support of the application but is however not obliged to check with the person for more. Therefore, the student must provide all the necessary documents for the type of visa being applied for and also proof that signifies that they are bona fide applicants.

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