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Health Promotion Plan For the City Of Brimbank


Health Issue (Obesity)

Obesity is defined as an extra or unusual fat that accumulates and impairs health within youngsters and adults. Global the prevalence of weight problems has incredibly extended. Traditionally weight problems have been visible as an adult ailment, however, over the years there have been alarming excessive charges where youngsters and teenagers are faced with weight problems. Over wait and obesity are therefore liable for a large range of populations for morbidity and mortality a number of the adult population. This is the fact that at the least 25-50% of obese kids are likely to be overweight when they may be of their maturity. Research has proven that children start obesity on the age of around 4 years therefore the finding indicates that prevention of obesity ought to begin on the early ages.

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There are many factors that have contributed to children obesity in the 21st century. The social factor is among the factors. According to studies, it has been found that a child is most likely to become obese or overweight if they have a friend or sibling who is overweight or obese. The role of the child’s family also provides a factor towards the increase of obese in children. Children have their parents as their role models hence children learn behavior from the parents(McNaughton, 2013). If the child-parent is overeating, then the child will most likely be the same hence by the time the child is around kindergarten the food intake is established. Due to the children’s imbalance in the child such as the energy intake and inadequate energy leads in children obesity. This is experienced in children who do not have the good diet and food intake, fatty food eating, sweetened drinks and inadequate physical activity by the child. The behavior of children in Brimbank and Australia in general  where due to the increased technology such as video games, iPods and television have increased the habit of children to eat unhealthy food which has limited them from physical activities which have played a great role in bringing obesity in children.

Environmental factors within the children’s community also play a great impact in shaping the child’s physical activity (McNaughton, 2013). The car fumes, lack of play grounds, slippery roads for bike riding and lack of parks and small yards has made children less physical hence putting them at the risk of attaining obesity. Financial means has also played a great role in whether the children will attain healthy or unhealthy food. The location that they live, whether healthy and unhealthy food contributes to maintaining a healthy diet for the children. Prevention of obesity is through healthy diet and been active physically active for the children hence if they have no access to this they are at a risk of being obese.

Need and policy framework

It is important for Brimbank to have a policy framework due to the following;

  1. To ensure the health providers achieve their plans and goals of securing and enhancing the obesity health of the children by providing adequate services using the right facilities that don’t harm children health.
  2. Promotion of health practices all through the health provider aligns with international proof
  3. Develop the potential of the health providers to improve health and well-being within the population and throughout the social gradient

The development of policy framework is done in different levels:

  • National level with the improvement of government rules
  • Organizational level or inside precise settings
  • Local/neighborhood stage, for instance, the development of housing policy inside a nearby authority.

The health authorities in Australia and Brimbank have the responsibility for growing and implementing guidelines and for contributing to, and influencing, policy development in other sectors (McNaughton, 2013). The policies should be put in place to ensure that the health of children ensures that they are not affected by issues such as obesity. Some of the policies include; Ensuring that Brimbank has playing fields where children can go and have exercises, policies such as this will reduce cases of obesity with a big percentage as the children are able to have space for playing.

In relation to rest of Australia key positions for the country wide health promotion function is to lead at inter sectorial partnerships between key government departments inBrimbank. This inter-sectorial technique is reflected through the local government of Brimbank and different voluntary, network and statutory corporations. One of the valuable results of this inter-sectorial approach is the improvement of fitness-associated coverage which could affect the improvement of strategies, frameworks and program interventions that make actual adjustments to the determinants of health of obese children in Brimbank.


The key stakeholders in health plan for the children with obesity include;

Department of Human services

In assisting the health-promoting programs, the department of Human offerings goals to:

  1. Enable the residence to take care of them through enhancing their health.
  2. Support and orientate the lower class to a caretaker garget that supports their health improvement programs

  3. Interpreting and decorate the incorporated tools and facilities that promote healthy living.

  4. Decreases multiple productions of incorporated health merchandising attempt.

  5. Add to the base of proof that is included in health-promoting precise round troubles and population companies.

  6. It arises the potential to include other departments other than health in first-rate incorporated health advertising the promotion of the service transport.

  7. Contribute to the capability of the service device to plot and supply effective high-quality included health-promoting programs.

  8. Contribute to the capability of the service device to plot and supply effective high-quality included health-promoting programs.

Local government

The Local government is the leading contributor of health promotion. They provide funds to several primary health needs that are of importance to the locals (Eldredge, Markham, Ruiter, Kok, and Parcel, 2016).

Local governments as a stake holder have the following roles:

  1. It is the level of government that is involved with strategizing, advocating and coordinating community participation in development projects
  2. It coordinates with the neighboring constituencies and is responsible for creating diverse networks of development.
  3. Manages they public health funds, create goals, making partnership, giving room for partnership and enabling change where necessary
  4. Responsible for marketing to strengthen the public health equipment and programs.

Consumers and the wider community

It is necessary to create awareness in the community that any community can cater for their health issues and should not be worried on how to make their own decisions. When a community participates actively, a lot of success is attributed to it.

Other stakeholders

Other stake holders like the health officers, the nurses, anti-drug abuse agencies, acute services, visiting doctors cultural and business bodies and others can contribute in giving necessary ideas too to make major improvements in the health sector. Project target group

General public

The public in massive get records about the health threats and the improvement of health in population through mass media like everyday newspapers, television, and radio information and additionally from the internet. For them, the data desires to be in the effortlessly understandable format and focusing at the most vital.

Health care employees and different people operating on health promotion

Health care employees, like doctors and nurses, and other humans working on health promotion want health records in their everyday work. For them, it is vital to realize the tendencies within the population's health and its determinants, like adjustments in the prevalence of weight problems, high blood pressure, and smoking. Additionally, they need the current information about the relations of various health determinants.

They normally get facts from mass media, internet, clinical journals, conferences and groups including countrywide cancer or heart associations (Eime, Harvey, Charity, and Casey 2014). For them, the effects want to be greater specified than for general public, inclusive of information by using unique population subgroups to help to plan and target prevention activities.

Instructors and students in health training

The target institution for the training can be the general public or health care specialists. Health education of most of the people is regularly carried out via prevention campaigns and medical doctors and nurses treating patients (Smith, and Polonsky, 2017). Training of fitness specialists consists of the training of new medical doctors and nurses but also supplying re-schooling of medical doctors and nurses who already are on the field. Health educators commonly get the brand new fitness information from clinical journals, conferences, and the net.

Policy makers

Policy makers in national and additionally in European Union stage use health records for the making plans for health care assets. They get the wished records from mass media, internet, without delay from professionals, special reports prepared for them and probably additionally from clinical journals and conferences


Researchers are interested in improvement of health in population however additionally about all feasible reasons for the changes and interactions between health signs (Sharma, 2016). They want to realize details about the data collection methods and their consequences at the effects.

Target group - Children below 18 years

One area of the male population in Brimbank aged 18 years and over was predicted to be overweight, a rate that is 6% beneath the countrywide average, but higher than the rate in Melbourne. Almost one third (32.6%) of the female population in Brimbank aged 18 years and over had been estimated to be overweight (table sixty nine). This was 18% above Australian rate (27.5%), and markedly above the Melbourne rate, of 25.3%.

Excessive growth of kids over weight problems in Australia and Brimbank has been seen. A high number of the world’s population lives in countries in which overweight and obesity kill people more than underweight does. Obese youngsters in have had health problems at some stage in their early life. Obesity in youngsters is tracked into maturity in lots of cases which can be a high contributor to the person’s epidemic. Intervention and prevention measures for kids obesity have to turn out to be key to reduce the rapid increase in children obesity do no longer affect physically and psychologically but socially within Brimbank and rest of Australia (Cyril, Polonsky, Green, Agho, and  Renzaho, 2017). This has brought about the community and other social workers consisting of doctors and medical doctors to find approaches to resolve the problem of obesity in youngsters.

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Obesity comes with a wide range of impacts on a child’s health. Obesity has been associated with various diseases and conditions, such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.  The risk factors related to these diseases such as cholesterol, triglyceride levels, and blood pressure is followed from childhood to adulthood. These show a link between childhood health and the long-term adult health. Obese children are more than twice likely to have high levels of cholesterol. Cholesterol brings about a path to negative health conditions to the child putting the health condition of the obese children at risk (Eime, Harvey, Charity, and Casey 2014). Another big concern for children obesity is that the obese child is most likely to become an obese adult.

Obesity in children has emotional, physiological and social consequences. Our society in Australia emphasizes on slimness. Many people have misconceptions on overweight and obesity. Due to this it has made the obese children been treated differently. This is among the most devastating effects of obesity on the children. The obese children feel they are isolated and end up being lonely. This is a sensitive issue when it comes to children since they need confidence hence it affects the child’s self-image and their perception of the peers.

Prevention and treatment of obesity are difficult. In many cases, the causes are different depending on different individuals and are not fully understood. The causes may include the environment, genetics, and behavior (Cyril, Polonsky, Green, Agho, and  Renzaho, 2017). Research has shown that children with parents who are obese are more likely to be obese too. But is this for an environment or genetic reason? One can estimate in some cases heredity contributes to obese in a child and the remaining is attributed to the children environment and behavior factors (Cyril, Polonsky, Green, Agho, and  Renzaho, 2017).

2. Project content


The goal of the plan is to enhance fairness in the health of children, reduce obesity, and enhance healthy lifestyles and settings of the children.


To come up with a plan with multispectral policies on children obesity of Brimbank and ensuring that the community is empowered together with its actions in the health promotion of obesity aspect, self-protection, and disability care. The plan will also ensure that Brimbank has cooperation with relevant obesity health partners either local or international.

Health promotion approach

To ensure there are better health promotion for the obese children in Brimbank the following strategies should be put into account;

Since obesity in childhood is a major health problem, it is important for all health professionals and community health care to be in the front line in health education and promotion to children and families with obesity Oude. The health professionals have to focus on intervention in educating on good health within the families, schools, and community. It will go a long way in preventing and reducing children obesity. The health professionals interact with families in the communities so that they help in the management of obese and overweight children. Also, the health professionals should have good research in the prevention of obesity in children; the research will enable the health professionals to know the causes of obesity in children where they can have a base in planning and management of obesity in children (Cyril, Polonsky, Green, Agho, and  Renzaho, 2017).

Targeting the physical activities and the nutritional behavior is the base start of the prevention of the epidemic of childhood obesity. This will also change the coming generation to be healthier and physically active hence decreasing chronic diseases and to educate on obesity at early stages. By educating the children at the young age, they can develop behavior, skills, and knowledge that are lifelong health that will prevent obesity (McNaughton, 2013). The nations should introduce programs in schools, work places, preschools and communities that target to educate on good nutrition and physical activities. Taking off this programs in schools and communities have had a positive impact that has intended to create awareness and gain knowledge in the importance of physical activities and eating healthy food (Smith, and Polonsky, 2017). Education on the good environment is also essential since there are many environmental factors that contribute to obesity and being overweight in children.

The environment in which the children are raised should be put in consideration in the prevention and treatment of obese in children. Some of the children who are obese are due to be inactive hence if the child is not in an environment gives access to a playground there is the likelihood of the child being obese (Smith, and Polonsky, 2017). Playing grounds should be set for children for them to get physically active. Access to the healthy diet is also essential in the prevention of obesity. A healthy diet such as balance diet gives a big step in the prevention of obese.

Strategies or intervention

In ensuring there is a good health plan in Brimbank the following strategies and activities should be considered:

  1. The function of partnerships – Integration intensifies from networking through to formalize collaborative partnerships. The goal is to ensure there is an adequate partnership with the stakeholders and integration collaboration. For the children to have proper care from the stakeholders there has to be the presence of a perfect partnership that will ensure there is adequate care of the obese children in Brimbank.

  2. Quality incorporated health promotion practice, and delivery should provide attention on imposing the appropriate blend of health promotion interventions (that encompass a stability of both person and populace-wide health promotion interventions) supported by potential constructing strategies to cope with the concern issues identified (Eime, Harvey, Charity, and Casey 2014). This is because the quality is essential in every kind of health care. Obese Children should be entitled to quality health care promotions in Brimbank.

  3. Clear identity to key stakeholders or partners is needed to make a distinction to the diagnosed precedence difficulty. Integration throughout a large range of sectors, including non-government businesses and community groups, is essential to cope with the determinants of health. Other organizations out of doors the ‘traditional’ primary health care area, inclusive of local authorities, schools, housing, exercise clubs and commercial businesses, are visible as key companions within the improvement of the incorporated health promotion approach (Eime, Harvey, Charity, and Casey 2014). Therefore the stakeholders in Brimbank should be known for efficient care and promotion of obese children in Brimbank.

  4. Build healthy public policy- The intention of the healthy public policy is to ensure social and physical environments wherein young people can live healthy lives and in which the healthful desire is possible and even the perfect desire (Cyril, Polonsky, Green, Agho, and Renzaho, 2017). Policy surroundings that promote young people’s health strengthen protective elements reduces danger factors and assures get entry to the social determinants of health. Right public health coverage must be aware of and worried about the impacts on health for young humans as an entire, as well as for specific companies of humans. The health policies established for obese children should be in accordance with the health requirement to ensure they are in a perfect environment.

  5. Strengthening community action- Strengthening community moves means supporting collective efforts in groups to boom their get right of entry to and manage over the social determinants of health. This is frequently executed thru community development techniques, in which network participants take a meaningful role in defining their priorities for health, in addition to making choices, planning, and imposing techniques to improve fitness (Cyril, Polonsky, Green, Agho, and Renzaho, 2017). Humans and communities grow to be increasingly empowered when they take part in gaining extra manage over the selections and actions that affect their health. Understanding the way to take social movements that enhance health within one’s network is essential component health literacy. Obese children are influenced positively if the community actions are strong and reliable. Therefore Brimbank health promotion plan on obese children will ensure that the community actions are strengthened.

Evaluation plan

The evaluation checks will be through follow ups which include:

Goal attainment record

In case you need to realize whether or not your proposed health changes have been achieved and we expect you do your best bet can be to do an intention attainment document. Retaining the record of the date on every occasion a community in Brimbank change stated on children obesity health promotion plan takes place. In a while, someone compiles this fact and examine whether the plan is powerful. The records can show if the plan has succeeded through if the number of obese children has reduced.

Behavioral surveys

Behavioral surveys assist you to find out what kind of hazard behaviors people are taking part in and the extent to which they're doing so. This is through comparing whether or not the stakeholders are adhering to the health promotion plan. Therefore through the behavioral survey of the children, one can know if the plan works or not.

Interviews with key participants in health sector in Brimbank

Key individuals which include leaders in Brimbank have insights that you may truly make use of. Interviewing them to get their viewpoints on important factors in children obesity health promotion evaluation is critical.

Indicators of health impact in Brimbank

These are crucial markers of the obesity health promoting plan. Impacts display if a plan is effective. This is via attaining a fantastic effect that suggests the plan if it's far effective of now not. Some of the impacts may be through medical institution information such as hospitals in Brimbank amongst others.

3. Project Infrastructure

Human resources (for example funding)

Human resource plays a major role in the health sector. The role is to increase equity and fairness there are plans that are done by the government to Brimbank together with the community in order create a systematic strategies and health services. Some of this plans that have been come up with are the introduction of financial protection systems above all the targeting of specific groups and the redeployment services. The main aim of having human resources is to increase equity and fairness in the country of Australia.

Funding is essential in ensuring the plan in health promotion of children with obesity. Through human resources the plan is funded adequately by the stakeholders and other partners such as Brimbank local authority and the national government. Non-governmental organizations are also part of the human resource that is responsible for the funding.


Dec 2017 the national rugby program to be conducted this is to support the healthcare facilities in Brimbank. The contest should be conducted to run for the benefit of the youth and the communities. The participants should register with $ to participate in the daily contest. The contest will be an initiative in promoting the health of obese children.


The funds are done by the stakeholders which include the national government, local authority, and non-governmental organizations, these should be allocated to different departments so that it can ease and improve health department. The departments of healthcare budget can be subdivided into some section.

Funds for community pharmacies

The government to give $895 million for two years, the pharmacist to be given over $1 billion for their salaries by the government

Community health facilities

The government should invest heavily in funding Brimbank community in ensuring that they get access to better healthcare.


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