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Faculty of International tourism


Table of Contents

Turiba University. 1

Strategic Management in Tourism.. 1

  1. Comprehensive analysis of the practice enterprise operations and development of substantiated suggestions for the further strategy. 3

Introduction: 3

1.1 The place, size and role of the particular enterprise within the tourism system (at the level of local municipality, region, and state) and its interrelations with other enterprises and industries. 4

1.2 The company’s mission, goal, development plans, programmes and strategies. 5

1.3 The company’s commercial activities and effectiveness. 6

1.4 The marketing activities of the particular enterprise, the marketing environment, marketing management and other elements of marketing strategy. 7

1.5 The company’s management 8

  1. The practice enterprise as a tourist destination. 9

2.1 The strategy of the enterprise in the context of the destination strategy, and the potential of the enterprise for the promotion of the destination competitiveness at the regional and state level 10

2.2 The global market and assess the involvement of the destination in global processes, networks and international cooperation. 11

2.3 The enterprise’s cooperation with state institutions, local municipality, NGOs; the destination strategy in relation to the destination development 12

2.4. Critically analyses the role of destinations, state institutions, stakeholders in the development and implementation of destination marketing strategies. 13

  1. Master Thesis project 14

3.1 Research topic. 14

3.2 Research topicality. 14

3.3 Formulation and justification of research questions. 15

3.4 Research subject, research object and context 15

3.5 Research hypothesis. 15

3.6 Research purpose and objectives. 15

3.7 Research paradigm.. 15

3.8 Research strategy and design, research program.. 16

3.9 Short review of the literature. 16

3.10 Required data and data sources. 16

3.11 Data collection process, methods/techniques. 16

3.12 Data display, analysis and processing. 16

3.13 Planned research results. 16

List of literatures. 19

1. Comprehensive analysis of the practice enterprise operations and development of substantiated suggestions for the further strategy


The Campign Tucan is a exclusive camping located in Lloret de Mar that is indulged into practice of delivering dream holidays for groups along with the families that prefer to go on outdoor holidays. It is one of the major branches of Senia groups that holds four other branch also. Camping Senia Tucan is located at one of the most popular town named Lloret de mar and it is just 10 minutes away from the most popular tourist place such as Costa Brava and 600m away from one of the most beautiful beaches: “Cala Boadella”. This area is considered to be most attractive for the people who are nature lovers and prefers to visit sites that are adventurous.

Camping Tucan promotes nature by offering a relaxing resort along with the kid friendly environment that provides remarkable experience to the tourists and the families of all ages. The key features of Camping Tucan involves Camping pitches, Bungalows, Equiped Tents, Mobil-homes etc and this allows in attracting large number of tourists.

The plot size of Campign Tucan is also wide where Myspace is 35, standard plot is 25, comforts plot is 20, XL is 15.  This represents that Camping Tucan has developed its infrastructure in wide areas through which it is possible to serve large number of customers easily and as per their convenience. The resort has its own house keeping desk whose main motive is to undertake different type of activities that involves collecting keys of rooms, central hub, receiving messages, room status report etc.

Other additional services are rendered by the company to its guests that involve laundry, tailor shop and linen store through which more convenience is provided to the target market. Considering the food and beverage service of Camping Tucan it is segregated into different parts that involves restaurant, bar, cafeteria, bakery, seni club etc. In order to deliver better services to the target market different type of employees have been hired by the business such as chefs, managers, waiters, housekeeping staff, maintenance employees etc. So, by hiring different type of employees it has become possible for the Camping Tucan.  

1.1 The place, size and role of the particular enterprise within the tourism system (at the level of local municipality, region, and state) and its interrelations with other enterprises and industries

            Camping Tucan is a resort which is based in Spain and it provides different leisure type of services to customers. People from different areas and places visit the resort with an objective to have superb weekends with their family and friends. The resort is very big in terms of size and provides the customers with options to stay in canvas, tents and bangalows. The customers can view entire forest through spacious bungalows within Camping Tucan. In terms of location, it can be stated that the resort is located in the beautiful city of Spain which is Costa Brava. The resort is located near beach i.e. the Lloret de Mar and it also offer facilities such as water park to all its customers and guests.

            Camping Tucan is contributing a lot to the overall development of Spain’s tourism industry. For example, the resort provides employment opportunities to people living in local community. At the same time, Camping Tucan contributes to the GDP development of Spain by attracting more foreign exchange though international travellers and tourists. Over the past few years, the resort has been able to achieve desired sales and profitability. Thus, it has contributed a lot to the overall social and economic development of Spain. The resort emphasize more on acquiring higher degree of customer or client satisfaction by offering accurate, innovative and reliable services to them.

            Spain is considered as one of the most popular tourist destination within Europe and the destination is popular for its nightlife. Furthermore, tourism contributes approximately 11% of the overall GDP of Spain and thus it plays a major role in overall GDP development of Spain. In the year 2016, the tourism industry of Spain has contributed a sum of 159 billion Euros to the overall GDP of the country (TRAVEL & TOURISM ECONOMIC IMPACT 2017 SPAIN, 2017).

Apart from this, the overall number of travelers and tourist in the country has increased by 9.9% in the year 2016. It can be expressed that world class infrastructure and accommodations facilities are present in the country and this attracts travelers from different places of the world. In addition to this, adequate facilities of food and drinks are also present in Spain and this result in developing a strong sense of satisfaction among the visitors.   

            The mentioned above information clearly highlights that adequate opportunities for growth and development are present in front of Camping Tucan. Furthermore, the resort is able to attract large number of guest because of its locality and facilities provided. Beach such asLloret de Mar is mostly occupied by local and international tourists and this results in making Camping Tucan a more attractive destination. The resort has also developed its official website which helps travellers and tourists to gain information about Camping Tucan. The website can be accessed in several languages such as English, Cathala, Dutch, and French etc.

1.2 The company’s mission, goal, development plans, programmes and strategies

Mission of Camping Tucan is to “develop lifelong relation with target market and render quality service to its customers through different innovative activities”. Further, to attract large number of tourists from all around the globe various development plans have been prepared by the business that involves expanding service range and providing different type of offers to the tourists on the service range. Introducing different type of sports activities such as water sports is considered under the development plan of the business along with this other games such as Bingo that provides remarkable experience to the tourists in every possible manner. Different type of events are organized such as Stretching, archery, petanque, basketball. Apart from this drag show which is carried out in evening.

Apart from this, another development plan of Camping Tucan is development of its infrastructure which is well maintained and allows in attracting tourists. The range of entertainment facilities provided such as Mini disco, animation that involves different type of games at night, late night Bingo is considered under the development plan of the business.  Camping Tucan believes in banner advertising where large number of banners are designed for marketing perspective and it allows in attracting tourists. Moreover, the Camping participates in different type of festivals such as La Tomatina that contributes a lot in enhancing its brand image. Various events have been organized in Catalonia that are effective enough in attracting tourists such as La Merce, Primavera sound Barccelona, Sonar festival, Barcelona International comedy festival etc (Trip advisor, 2015). It attracts tourists all over the globe and makes this destination more popular.

Mission of the organization reflects what business wants to accomplish in near future and on the basis of the same various strategies are formed. Many businesses are operating in the market but the concept on which Camping Tucan has been established is somehow different. The owner of Senia group focuses on innovative activities and this is the main reason due to which concept of Camping Tucan is quite different as compared with other resorts.

All the products and services are rendered at an affordable price that meets with the requirement of the target market. Apart from this, the range of facilities offered to the target market involves pools, Water Park, sports and commercial area etc. The key lodging services of Camping Tuca involves glamping, bungalows and Mobil Homes. Different types of sports and games activities have been designed for the customers that involve trampolines, basketball, ping pong, darts, football etc. Tourists can easily enjoy these faculties at free of cost and this is one of the main mode of attracting customers.

The Camping Tucan has its own animation team that is responsible for organizing different parties along with night shows for people of all the age group. Further, children enjoy the dance activities at the mini disco which is carried out every evening before dinner time. This also acts as major source of attraction. The restaurant of Camping Tucan offers wide range of items and has been designed from global perspective. It involves fish, meat, combining vegetables and other type of dishes that meets with the requirement of different type of customers. The main features of the restaurant of Camping Tucan involves menu in 5 language, outdoor terrace area, four seat table, timings from 8:00 to 22:00 etc. Considering the bar of Camping Tucan it offers snacks, pastries, ice creams, sodas and cocktails.

People in bar can easily enjoy eatable items through shows that are organized by the animation team. The cafeteria section of Camping Tucan offers wide range of products that involves food and drinks, soda, water etc. Range of meals involves tea & coffee, lunch and dinner, breakfast that are served at a particular time that is set by the resort.

Considering the bakery range of Camping Tucan which is also interesting and it involves sweet pastries, salt pastries, cakes, coffee, tea and juice, variety of breads etc. It is one of the most effective criteria undertaken by the resort to deliver high level of convenience to the customers. Apart from this, the overall internal atmosphere of Camping Tucan is quite interesting as proper light and sound combination is present that deliver unique experience to the tourists. At the time when restaurant was established its product and service range was limited but with the development stage Camping Tucan started to add new services to its present range.

1.3 The company’s commercial activities and effectiveness

The commercial activities by Camping Tucan are carried out by four major departments which are front office, housekeeping food beverage service and food beverage production. Furthermore, the front office department of Camping Tucan plays very important role in generating revenue for the resort. The department includes reception area which is responsible to deal with the questions and queries of customers and hotel guest.

At the same time, official website has been developed by Camping Tucan which helps in rendering information about the products and services offered by the resort to the people in the market. The business has also ensured adequate integration of its website within all marketing functions. Camping Tucan emphasize on generating higher degree of customer satisfaction through all its commercial activities (Agarwal and Shaw, 2007). On the other side of this, Camping Tucan commercial activities also included marketing and promotion of its services over different magazines and journals. The effectiveness of this commercial activity is that it helps in creating demand of Camping Tucan’s products and services. Furthermore, the resort is able to attract more and more customers through activities such as advertisement.

Other than this, a team of personnel’s has been developed by Camping Tucan and the role of these people is to carry out effective monitoring of the resort’s commercial activities. For example, attractive discounts and offers are provided large group of people who wish to visit the resort. Camping Tucan also ensure that the website is maintained and reviewed at regular intervals. The resort also emphasize on ensuing the fact that the doubts, queries and concern of new and existing customers are resolved in the best possible manner.

The company has developed website in such manner that it can review the feedback and suggestions provided by customers. On the basis of information collected, Camping Tucan carries out changes in its products, service and business strategy to acquire higher degree of customer satisfaction.  The best way to evaluate the result of the commercial activities is on the basis of different criteria that involve customer satisfaction, sales revenue of camping Tucan, profitability level and market share. Through this Camping Tucan is able to know whether its commercial activities are effective or not. Moreover, it provides base to the business in carrying out overall activities in proper manner. By considering all these evaluation criteria it has become possible for Camping Tucan to modify its services as per need and requirement of its target market in every possible manner and has acted as development tool for the entire camping.

1.4 The marketing activities of the particular enterprise, the marketing environment, marketing management and other elements of marketing strategy 

Camping tucan mainly focuses on using different marketing activities and strategies for promoting their organization and services in the market. The facebook page of Camping Tucan is most active where Camping communicates with its target market.

Primarily the marketing activities of camping Tucan rely on the authorized website of their restaurant. The information regarding restaurant as well as their services are constantly been updated on the website so that guests may easily gain the information. Despite of this, marketing team that involves marketing executive, sales professionals and other managers. The main responsibility of marketing team is to prepare different plans and procedures so as to promote services of Camping Tucan at global level.  would also update new offers and packages for their customers so that they can easily attract them towards their services. For instance, if customers will book resort services via their official website then they would be awarded with free beverages services. Moreover, marketing through their website also plays significant role in enhancing the business activities.

On the other hand, marketing activities of Camping Tucan also focuses on using e-mail marketing for their existing customers. With the help of this particular marketing activity hospitality organization mainly target their existing customers through sending them email so that it may easily build loyalty as well as trust among them. Therefore, the resort engages in sending email to their purchased list customers so that they may engage in re-purchasing of their services.

Along with this, social media marketing tool is also been used by the enterprise for promoting and marketing their range of services. Marketing through social media include advertising with the help of using Facebook, Twitter, Trip Advisor, YouTube and Instagram (The new era of travel retail: Impact and challenges, 2015). With the help of using Facebook application Camping Tucan can easily create their resort profile and update information regarding their hospitality organization. Along with this, management can also share images and videos of the resort so that visitors may easily gain excessive information. In addition to this, marketing through Trip Advisor is also considered as an effective tool that is used by resort management for promoting their products and services.

Apart from this sales and marketing services within Camping Tucan also focuses on development and implementation of marketing plan so that they can easily deliver required services to their specific target market audiences. With the proper development and implementation of marketing plan they can easily gain information regarding their target market and customers. This assists the company to promote such activities and services that keep attract their customers. Therefore, above are the marketing strategies that are been undertaken by the resort for promoting their services among services.

1.5 The company’s management

Managing director, executive director and general manager are the three most important people in the management of Camping Tucan. The day to day operations of the resort are managed by general manager of Camping Tucan. On the other hand, managing director, executive director take care of areas such as decision making, finances and strategy making. It can be expressed that the business has adopted democratic style of management wherein the views and opinions of staff members are encouraged in the entire process of decision making and strategy formulation. Apart from this, Camping Tucan offers different types of incentives and bonus to staff members working in different departments of the resort.

The function of top management of Camping Tucan is to devlop different plans and procedures that are associated with enhancing performance of the Camping in the market and serving customers in different manner. Apart from this, they look after the key practices of the business and it is ensured whether business practices are carried out as per the plan or not. Different plans are prepared by the management team that have become reason for success in case of Camping Tucan.

This has resulted in enhancing the satisfaction level of employees and it has also encouraged them to give their best towards accomplishment of Camping Tucan’s business objectives. Effective coordination has been developed among all staff members and this contributes in carrying out smooth flow of all operations and activities. Adequate practices and strategies for employee satisfaction and retention are carried out by the management. For example, adequate and equal growth opportunities are offered to all workers. In addition to this, the process of selection, recruitment, appraisal and incentives is also fair and transparent. The management has also adopted an open door policy and the workers are being encouraged to present their suggestions and views on changing need and demand of customers. Thus, it can be expressed that the overall management practices of Camping Tucan are highly effective and are contributing a lot to overall development of the resort.  

2. The practice enterprise as a tourist destination

Satisfactory services related to food and drinks are essential for the growth and success of companies operating in travel and tourism industry. Furthermore, the type of food preferred or consumed by a person clearly reflects his/her personality and nationality.  It can be expressed that societal, cultural, educational and geographical background of an individual influence his/her eating habits to a great extent (Mackenzie and Chan, 2009).

On the other side of this, the choice of food is also affected by factors such as economic condition, weather, availability of food and religion. For example, the religion of some people does not allow them to consume non vegetarian food.  The role of weather in influencing choice of food can be understood with the example of Asian region where rice is consumed in great quantity. The rationale behind this is that the tropical climate of Asian countries helps in growing abundant quantity of rice in the region and this result in increasing rice consumption. 

Camping Tucan as one of the tourist destination supports in providing remarkable experience to the tourists in every form. Further, the key attributes of this destination involves pool and slides, animation that involves various type of games such as Bingo, disco, waterpolo, stretching, water basket, ping pong etc. Through this camping is able to deliver high value to its customers.  Different activities are designed for adults and children. Sports activities are also effective that contributes a lot in meeting with the expectations of the tourists. Camping Tucan as one of the destination is popular as various facilities are present in one place such as food and beverage, accommodation, entertainment etc which tourists generally prefers to spend their holidays. These are some of the unique attributes of this destination that makes it different from others.

             It can be expressed that different types of food is consumed within Spain and the selection of food differs from one person to another. Further, fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh potatoes, oil, fish, milk and dairy, bread, meat and wine based products are commonly consumed in the country. 37.11 kilograms fresh meat was the per capita consumption of fresh meat in Spain in the year 2016 (Per capita consumption of fresh meat in Spain in 2016, by type, 2017). On the other hand, 10.68 kilograms was the per capita consumption of pork in the country.    

            The food and beverage industry of Spain is growing with a very good pace and it is also contributing a lot to economic development of the country. The sector or industry contributes 17.9% of the overall GDP of Spain and it is also contributing a lot in creating employment opportunities within the nation. At present, there are approximately 33000 large, small and medium scale companies operating in this sector. The food and drink sector of Spain also contributes 11% to the overall export of the country. In global context, the country is considered as the 10th largest exporter and 6th largest exporter in Europe. Meat products with a value of €4.42 billion are the major contributor in country’s export and followed by wine and fish products (Spain’s food and drinks industry has record-breaking year in 2016, 2017)

Camping Tucan offers a diversified range of food and drinks to all its customers and this is contributing a lot in attracting more and more customers. The staff members working in Camping Tucan understand the need and demand of guests coming from different nationality and try to satisfy their food and drinks needs in the best possible manner.

The management always tries to carry out changes in products and services to acquire higher degree of customer satisfaction. The resort keeps on introducing new products and services to maintain the interest of customer and attract people from different places of the world. Thus, it can be expressed that by delivering quality and satisfactory services, Camping Tucan is contributing little bit to the overall development of Spain’s economy.

2.1 The strategy of the enterprise in the context of the destination strategy, and the potential of the enterprise for the promotion of the destination competitiveness at the regional and state level

The resort has motivated their staffs and employees those who are rendering services within the food and beverages department so that they must provide quality services to their guests and customers. Along with this, location of resort also plays significant role in increasing the number of tourist towards the destination. Furthermore, Camping Tucan is located in most beautiful city that is Costa Brava that has one of the prettiest beaches of Lloret de Mar. The beach has leisure port that is ideal for walking (Chislett, 2014). With the surrounding of beautiful beaches and port it benefits the resort in promoting their destination so that more and more visitors visit the place. The most effective strategy of Camping Tucan is associated with organizing different type of animation activities and other entertainment source such as disco. The Camping also offers different sports activities that lead to higher customer satisfaction. These are some of the main features of the destination strategy that makes it totally different.

The resort also has water park facilities that attract all age group people towards the destination.  Whether it is children, young people or old age people all get attracted towards the water park facilities that are provided by Camping Tucan. It also assists in meeting leisure and entertainment need of visitors that further assist in building positive image of resort among them. In addition to this, Camping Tucan also has large plots for caravans and tents so that it may assist in having superb holiday and great time with the family members. Along with this, resort also provide different type of accommodations for their guests it mainly include bungalow facilities as well as romantic glaming tents for their customers.

In addition to this, it has been assessed that competitiveness of resort is that here all food items available at single place. The chefs of resort concentrate on preparing new food product so that they can expand the menu card. At the time of occasions chef try to produce new food item and serve to their customers. After eating the food they take survey from the guests and gain their recommendations too so that they may improve their services. If the prepared food satisfies their guests then the name of guests will be drafted in menu card along with the dish. 

2.2 The global market and assess the involvement of the destination in global processes, networks and international cooperation

Tourism industry is considered as one of the leading service industry that has majorly contributed their share in the overall economy. The Costa Brava is considered as one of the most beautiful place in Spain that is often visited by tourist. Through reviewing the past year data around 75.3 million tourist has visited Spain with marking increase of 9.9% of tourist ratio over previous year. There are various factors that have significantly contributed in increasing the tourism within Spain (The Growth of Tourism in Spain, 2017). This assist in attracting quality tourism that leaves tourists happy so that they may return to the same place in the next vacation.

On yearly basis the overall demand for tourism in Spain is growing at faster pace and it is contributing to the development of the nation. Further, Lloret de Mar is considered as one of the historic seaside town on the Costa Brava Majority of the tourists prefer to love this destination due to presence of beaches and other beautiful areas that attracts tourists towards this destination. In short, the scope for the tourism businesses to earn higher amount of revenue from rendering tourism services is quite high (Pack, 2013). Considering the range of best things that can be done in Lloret de Mar involves window and Lloret de Mar. The local market of this place is popular for fresh fruits and vegetables that are mainly offered by the farmers from the surroundings area. The best places that are present in Lloret de Mar are the beaches to enjoy swimming or sunbathe. Lloret de Mar has been awarded the Blue Flag seal of quality for Lloret, Fenals, Sa Boadella and Santa Cristina beaches.

One of the most popular place that tourists must visit is the Pinya de Rosa where it is considered as the main jewel of Lloret de Mar and it is the cactus garden on a cliff overlooking the see. Considering its unique attributes tourists from other areas are attracted and in turn this provides them remarkable experience. Camping tucan as one of the resort also plays most significant role in attracting tourists that holds capacity of 385 rooms with 1500 capacity, three swimming pools are present. Marketing of the Camping Tucan is carried out the trip advisor and along with this the resort receives full assistance from local government and different institutions present in the market. Tourists who want to explore the tourism industry are interested in visiting Camping Tucan where it is possible for them to take advantage of different type of activities. New advanced tools are employed for preparing food items and different type of chefs have been appointed that can offer remarkable service to the customers as per their real expectations.

With the development of the tourists destinations tourism opportunities are increasing in Lloret de Mar and it is directly benefitting Camping Tucan where the resort can easily render its services to different type of customers as per their real expectations. Therefore, with the help of this it can be stated that global market is developing in every possible manner.

2.3 The enterprise’s cooperation with state institutions, local municipality, NGOs; the destination strategy in relation to the destination development

The main strategy employed by Camping Tucan is to develop its own business in the market and enhancing customer base so as to obtain the opportunities present in the market (SeniTUCAN, 2017). The resort is registered locally in the tourism information centre and it has adopted strong marketing strategies for performance enhancement. Once any tourist arrives in Spain for gaining different type of experience in the field of tourism then Camping Tucan is the first choice in this case when Mobil Homes, Bungalows, Water Park and other type of features attracts them in every possible manner.

In Catalonia different type of destinations are present that possess capability to attract visitors such as Casa Mila, Park Guell, Costa Brava, Sagrada Familia, Montjuic etc. Various state institutions are present in Catalonia along with local municipality that ensures that proper maintenance of destination sites in Catalonia is taking place in every possible manner. The real destination development is taking place by ensuring maintenance of the areas that allows in promoting tourism. Catalonia is a diverse territory, with extensive mountains, inland depressions, and a coastline that stretches for 214 km. Catalonia is very rich in natural scenery, with 14 sites declared to be natural parks and protected areas (Catalonia connects your business the competitive economy it needs, 2017). Barcelona is among the most visited cities in Europe. Catalan culture, architecture and history have developed its own unique and universal identity over the centuries. The strategy to promote different type of destinations contributes a lot in destination development.

Company has strong link with the local tour operators and other type of agencies operating in the market. Through their assistance and positive feedback large number of customers are attracted towards the services of the Camping Tucan. In the modern era travelers are using advanced technology and due to this reason the resort has registered itself with the local websites where promotion of the resort takes place through local advertisements and other type of sources that are beneficial for the business. It is located in the beautiful city of Costa Brava where tourists can easily enjoy Water Park in the same camping.

The resort strictly cooperates with state institutions, local municipality and other form of agencies that are significant. Cooperation takes in the form of rules and regulations where Camping Tucan complies with the regulations introduced by the state authorities so that it may have positive impact on the brand image of the business. Apart from this, Camping Tucan is a part of various NGO where this resort provides assistance to different NGO’s which can be finance or any other. Through this it can be said that the overall practices of Camping Tucan are effective and it has allowed the resort to serve its customers in better manner.

2.4. Critically analyses the role of destinations, state institutions, stakeholders in the development and implementation of destination marketing strategies.

Many popular destinations are present in Lloret de Mar that involves water world, Cala Boadella, Church of Sant, Museo del Mar etc. The places to visit in Lloret de Mar involves Modernist Cemetery, Fenals beach, Jardines de Santa etc all these destinations plays significant role in development and implementation of destination marketing strategies. All the different marketing strategies are designed after highlighting the key attributes in the destination such as they are promoting nature or covering any other aspect. Apart from this, the state institutions present in the form of ministry of tourism in Spain plays significant role where National and Integral tourism plan has been developed with the motive to boost competiveness of the companies and the destinations.

Tourism authority focuses on satisfying the need of the tourism sector and it highlights various aspects such as public private collaboration, cross cutting policy design, leadership of the government etc (COMPREHENSIVE NATIONAL TOURISM PLAN, 2015). Along with this local government and intuitions in Spain also takes initiative which involves promotion of sites with the help of advertisement through website, television and social media source. The La Tomatina festival in Spain is quite popular that is promoted by various institutions at global level.

In order to promote any kind of destination it is necessary to deliver appropriate message to tourists with the help of appropriate media so that  they can be influenced to access the services. Various factors have supported in enhancing growth of tourism in Spain where government of the nation is taking various initiatives. Every year large number of tourists prefer to visit Spain where Costa del Sol is one of the most popular destination that tourists prefer to visit as compared with the other places (Travel & Tourism ECONOMIC IMPACT 2016 SPAIN, 2016). The reason behind high popularity of this place is new air routes along with the high quality of accommodation services that tourists prefer to access. In the year 2016, 12 million visitors arrived Costa del Sol and this represents the popularity of this destination.

Tourism sector has contributed a lot in development of Spain where it has provided jobs to large number of individuals. Due to this basic reason government of Spain along with the private agencies have taken large number of initiatives for promoting different destination and for the same various type of marketing strategies have been designed that are benefitting in every possible manner. Targets for future have been set by the regulatory authorities that have supported in setting directions for the tourism industry. Further, various destinations are Lloret de Mar that plays major role in development of the restaurants and resorts that are present in that area.

Camping Tucan is one of the perfect place for the tourists who are nature lovers. Further, Lloret de mar is one of the most popualr place in Spain that involves various types of places of attractions such as museum, sandy beaches, luxury hotels with spa and swimming pool. Along with this other type of entertainment shows are carried out on continuous basis that allows in making holidays of tourists memorable and in turn they prefer to visit the place again. The tourism industry of Lloret de Mar is growing at faster pace where it is generate large amout of jobs to the people living in the society.

Lloret de mar is regarded as one of the best beaches in the spain that attracts tourists from all around the globe. The main beaches that are present in Lloret de mar are Fenals beach, Lloret, Cala, Santa Cristina beach, Treumal beach etc (Lloret de Mar Travel Guide, 2017). Each and every beach has its own unique attribute that attract tourists.

Due to presence of large number of popular destinations in Lloret de mar the destination marketing strategies have been designed in proper manner so that each and every destination can be promoted in appropriate manner. Further, involvement of stakeholder, state institution is necessary as through this destination can be promoted in appropriate manner. Apart from this, Lloret de mar destination can also provide remarkable shopping experience to the tourists where they can purchase diffeent type of antique items as per their actual need. So, with the help of this it can be stated that the role of destinations, state institutions, stakeholders in the development and implementation of destination marketing strategies is most crucial.  

 3.Master Thesis project

3.1 Research topic

Residents’ attitude and demand for eco-tourism in India

Aim: To analyse resident’s attitude and demand for ecotourism in the India

3.2 Research topicality

India as one of the nation has been positively influenced by the unique and developing concept of ecotourism. Further, it is totally a new approach to tourism where main focus is on promotion of natural areas along with safeguarding ecosystem. The main motive behind ecotourism is to protect surroundings by highlighting the natural history of the environment along with the culture. The significance of ecotourism is taking place in India at faster pace. Through this it has become possible to encourage the preservation of wildlife and the habitats at the time when any particular place is visited. In India around 80 national parks and 441 sanctuaries are present. Many ecotourism destinations are present in India that possesses capability to attract visitors from all around the globe.  

3.3 Formulation and justification of research questions

It is quite significant to know the attitude of local people along with the demand for ecotourism in India. Further, the development of ecotourism concept in the entire nation can surely benefit the country in best possible manner.

3.4 Research subject, research object and context

India as one of the nation is adversely affected due to rising environmental issues, decreasing wildlife habitats and species. So, the development of the ecotourism concept can surely assist in protecting environment and natural species in best possible manner.

3.5 Research question?

What is the attitude and present demand of ecotourism in India?

3.6 Research purpose and objectives

To identify the attitude and demand of residents for ecotourism in India

3.7 Research Tasks

  • To analyze the present tourism sector of India
  • To identify the reasons behind growing demand of ecotourism
  • To identify the most popular ecotourism destinations in India
  • To analyze the initiatives taken by government and private players in promoting ecotourism concept
  • To identify the possibility of ecotourism growth in near future in India
  • To understand the contribution of ecotourism in economic development of India
  • To identify the present demand for ecotourism and overall growth in India

3.8 Research strategy and design, research program

  • Overview of the concept of ecotourism with respect to India and how it is leading to economic growth
  • Analysis of present condition of ecotourism in India as compared with the past
  • To determine the present situation of ecotourism in India
  • Interview of tour operators and local residents of India
  • To know the present attitude of Indians towards ecotourism concept using questionnaire
  • To draw conclusion and recommendations

3.9 Short review of the literature

See the list of literature

3.10 Required data and data sources

Data has been accessed different articles published by tourism authority

3.11 Data collection process, methods/techniques

The data will be collected from the literature reviews, articles published by the government and tourism authorities, interview of the tour operators, Indian residents and private players who are promoting the concept of ecotourism in India.

3.12 Data display, analysis and processing

Analysis will be carried out through primary and secondary data collected in order to obtain the final results and through this conclusion and recommendation will be drawn.

3.13 Planned research results

India possesses capability to host ecotourism. The research thesis will focus on the concept of eco-tourism and how it benefits the economy in different perspectives. Ecotourism is a concept in which Indian tourism industry focuses on promoting natural resources to enhance the value of tourism. Further, in the study discussion will be made regarding trends prevailing in ecotourism and why people prefer to visit such places which are ecologically concerned. Moreover, the thesis will also focus on all such popular destinations of India that encourages the demand for ecotourism. Tourism industry is getting huge recognition from people; hence perception of people towards ecotourism will also be discussed at the same time. Alongside, researcher will also specify past and present demand for ecotourism in India. Government of India has several varied policies in terms of protecting natural resources and that will also be included in the current thesis. In addition to this, research will also add about perception of Indian residents and tour operators towards the concept of ecotourism

4.Observation and conclusions regarding the practice enterprise; and substantiated suggestions for the development of the enterprise and destination


From the overall study various issues have been identified in  relation with the Camping Tucan that are required to be addressed in proper manner. Firstly not adequate staff members are hired in Camping Tucan that creates hurdle at the time of serving customers. Demand for this Camping is quite high and to satisfy the growing need of the tourists’ adequate staff is not present. Moreover, Camping Tucan runs only 6 months in a year which can also be regarded as the main issue that needs to be addressed as it has been witnessed that tourists prefer to visit Cost Brava, Lloret de Mar entire year and in case if Camping operates entire year then it would be beneficial. Another major issue is low staff in kitchen where they are not able to manage kitchen services in proper manner. This sometimes creates situation of work load as the present staff is not adequate enough to satisfy the need of the tourists in terms of rendering food and beverage service. Moreover, the staff members working at high level i.e management staff is low where less individuals are present for conducting the overall business operations. Some issues are present in the gardening department where employees do not have proper knowledge regarding plantation and other important aspects. Less advanced tools are adopted for carrying gardening activities.

The entire kitchen staffs focuses on the fact that only fresh and quality food is provided to the entire guest. The process of procurement of raw materials within Camping Tucan is also effective and the employees ensure that all the raw material and other required items are available on time so that customer does not face any issue or problem. However, it can be critically argued that at present there are only 92 employees working in Camping Tucan and the number of permanent is only 69. This creates problems when the number of guest in the resort increases. Shortage of staff member during peak seasons creates obstacles in achieving high degree of customer satisfaction. In addition to this, the overall quality of services and products offered to customers due to shortage of staff members. Camping Tucan should emphasize on hiring more permanent employees to ensure smooth flow of all operations and services in the long run.      


  • Gardening department of the Camping Tucan needs improvement in terms of considering new tools for conducting gardening activities and plantation.
  • Further, the employees who are working in this department sometimes make mistakes for instance they do not have proper knowledge like how to do gardening and plantation. No doubt, within Camping Tucan beautiful gardens are present where large number of plants has been planted. But in case if the gardens are not maintained in proper manner then it is of no use. Therefore, there is a need to focus on the improvement of the gardening department where more knowledge development is required from the employee perspective.
  • Other drawback that is associated with Camping Tucan is that the resort has ineffective marketing strategies where proper tools are not at all employed for sharing promotional messages with the target market. There is a need to focus more on effective practices such as email marketing or social media so that proper information can be shared with the target market in every possible manner. At present offers and discounts are only visible on the website of the Camping Tucan due to which proper marketing information does reaches to the target market. It is recommended to resort to indulge into the practice of effective marketing tactics.
  • Another major suggestion is to hire more employees as mainly interns are hired by the business for conducting its overall operations that sometimes acts as hurdle.
  • There is a need to hire employees on permanent basis at both higher and lower level so that they can assist in reducing the overall workplace. Sometimes in peak seasons employees are not able to manage the overall activities and this act as hurdle in serving customers. Hiring new staff members can reduce the workload that is being faced within the workplace and can allow to serve customers in better manner.
  • Apart from this, the kitchen department needs more experienced chefs who can easily prepare different type of food items as per the need of the tourists. Many time chefs are not able to prepare different food items such as continental dishes etc due to this basic reason satisfaction level of target market declines.
  • Hiring more experienced chefs and delivering training to the present range of the staff can surely allow Camping Tucan to serve different type of tourists who may be from different regions, areas, country etc. Moreover, more experts are needed who can look after the garden and the overall plantation of the property.
  • At present it is not possible for the employees in gardening department to look after the plants and other areas that are significant. By focusing on this area it is possible for the Camping Tucan to enhance beauty of its property in every possible manner.
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