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Crucial Reasons for which a Scholarship might get Terminated

The term ‘scholarship’ is alone sufficient to set any student’s mind pounding. Every student dreams of acquiring a scholarship at some point of time in order to pursue higher education. A scholarship is a gateway of many opportunities for a better tomorrow. In this era, getting higher education is every student’s dream. Many students even wish to pursue the higher education from any prestigious college and university in faraway lands. Somehow this dream remains a distant one for many students mainly because of the bulky cost of studies and stay associated with pursuing education from a foreign university.

But fortunately, the hardships have been somewhat covered by the scholarships offered by various colleges and institutes. A scholarship therefore acts as a bridge between a student’s dream and reality as it allows him/her to realize that dream. Students strive very hard to maintain an excellent academic record in order to make themselves a deserving candidate for a scholarship. Acquiring a scholarship is a very challenging task. It is not so because of the level of difficulty that it encompasses but the fact that scholarships are limited in number and the number of potential candidates is numerously large. Therefore, it becomes all the more difficult for a student to make his/her scholarship application stand out.

The process of applying for a scholarship is itself a tedious one. It requires numerous documents and tasks to be accomplished by a candidate within a given time frame. In addition to this, the criteria to apply for a scholarship is also quite stringent. Only students having brilliant academic record are encouraged to proceed with further process of applying for a scholarship. However, it is commonly observed that many students despite meeting the eligibility criteria often suffer rejection in scholarships. There are multiple reasons for a scholarship to get terminated however committing some silly mistakes is one of the most common reasons observed.

We understand the importance a scholarship holds for any student and how difficult the situation becomes once the scholarship gets rejected. Therefore, Livewebututors has formulated a list of some common mistakes committed by students that hamper their chance to avail the scholarship. Following are some important reasons that play a crucial role in hampering a scholarship, read on and make sure that you do not commit any mistake that may lead to the cancellation or rejection of your scholarship:

Important Reasons for a Scholarship to get rejected:

  • Incomplete or incorrect application form: This constitutes as one of the most common reasons behind the rejection of any scholarship. Any college requires a candidate to duly fill the application form for available scholarships. However, many students either provide incorrect information or sometimes they miss out on some information to be provided. In both the cases, the application stands to be terminated. Also, in many cases, students fill out the complete form with correct information but somehow they fail to submit it on time and this makes their scholarship application null and void. Therefore, all the potential candidates are thus advised to fill out the application form completely with valid information and make sure to submit it before the set time.
  • Incompetence with Eligibility Criteria: This is one such area which many students take for granted and without checking their eligibility, apply for a scholarship. Therefore, it is advised to all the students that before applying for any scholarship application, go through all the eligibility criteria laid out by the respective college or university. Every college keeps some minimum educational criteria to be met by the candidate to avail the scholarships thus provided by the institution. Hence, before proceeding further with the application process, it is suggested that the candidate must ensure his/her competence with the set eligibility criteria.
  • Invalid Recommendation Letter: Here, the students must understand that a scholarship is a big opportunity for many aspiring students and a big responsibility for the granting institution. The institute has to be fully satisfied with the competence of the candidate for availing any scholarship and hence they verify a candidate’s record through the recommendation letters asked to produce or submit. A letter of recommendation is a statement by the student’s colleagues, or professors ascertaining the validity of all the claims you have made. The letter contains contact information for the correspondence of the college with people being referred to in the letter. Many a times, students provide false information or they unknowingly put the wrong information and in any case, the scholarship is bound to be cancelled. Hence it is suggested to provide authentic details in the recommendation letter. Also, keep the people referred to in the letter informed about any correspondence with the institute.
  • Plagiarism: Another crucial area and the one taken for granted by the students. Most of the colleges and universities include an essay as a part of the application process for a scholarship. Many students without contemplating the fact that how serious mistake plagiarism is, copy the matter of the essay from some external sources. A plagiarism is equivalent to theft, therefore, think before you use someone else’s intellectual property without prior consent or certification. Hence any hint of plagiarism in the document is the call for straightaway rejection of the scholarship. The use of any third party resource is not prohibited but it must be used with prior permission and with due credits. Always try and keep your work as authentic and original as it could be.
  • Discrepancies in the document: A scholarship process generally begins with an application form that needs to be duly filled. There are numerous columns that need to be filled with required information. That information is then verified by crosschecking it with the supporting documents. However, many scholarship applications get rejected because of the discrepancies observed in the stated information and the information in the documents. Therefore, it is advised that you must fill the application form using only valid information. Also, provide authentic and valid documents to verify those claims. Such discrepancies not only make your scholarship to get rejected but may even restrict you to apply for the scholarship in the future. Hence keep the authenticity and originality maintained at every step of the procedure.
  • Not Meeting the Required Scores in Mandatory Tests: This point is applicable to those who apply for a scholarship in any foreign university. For getting admitted to any overseas college or university, a student is required to undertake some mandatory test of language and there is a set level to achieved in order to secure admission in that country. Similarly, these scores are also considered in the scholarship application process. In case, a student fails to achieve the set scores in the language test of the country, the application for the scholarship automatically stands cancelled. Therefore, you are advised to prepare for any required language test well in advance in order to avail the opportunity for scholarship.
  • Missing Documents: The procedure of applying for a scholarship is a tedious one. It requires a candidate to accomplish and produce a number of tasks and documents respectively. As it is a well-known fact that availing any scholarship requires one to pass through many formal steps and one such step is to submit varied number of documents to support the application. These documents include your identity proof, the transcripts or the score cards, the recommendation letters, the resume, etc. Many a times, students fail to submit all the required documents. And the application short of even one document stands to be terminated. Therefore, before making the final submission, the student must re-check and assure that all the valid documents have been attached.
  • Validity of the Passport: This point is specifically crucial for all the students eyeing some foreign university for the scholarship. If you are aiming to get a seat secured in any college in faraway land through scholarships, then definitely you may have fair chance because many colleges keep some ratio of seats reserved for international students. However many students find their application getting rejected because of the expired validity of their passport. Whenever a student applies for scholarship in some overseas university, he/she is asked to submit the copy of their passport. Hence it becomes crucially important to check the validity of your passport before submitting the copy in the application form.
  • Missing the Deadline: Now, as lame as it may sound but it is true. Many students miss the once in a lifetime opportunity to avail a scholarship just on the pretext of not submitting the application on time. The application process for a scholarship requires a student to produce many documents within a given time frame. But many students succumb to this time pressure. They fail to produce valid documents in time. Sometime they miss out on any particular document and submit the application without rechecking. Therefore, whenever you set out to the task of acquiring documents for the scholarship application, make sure that you first make a list of all the required documents and thus gradually accumulate them. Make sure to follow a set pattern to ensure that you submit the application well on time.

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