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Aspects we remodel in our exceptional paper editing service

Editing is the primary thing any student writer gets on to as soon as he develops the first draft of his paper. Our professionals make the task a tad bit easy for you. The different levels we edit on are:


Our editing team reviews your paper to make sure that you’ve accurately done whatever was mentioned in the guidelines of the institution. We make sure that if the claims presented in the paper are accurate, the arguments added are complete, the formed claims are coherent, enough support material is there to back the evidence, and are the details enough to highlight the relevance of your paper. Our editors can efficiently take care of all the aspects.

The editing team of LiveWebTutors checks if you’ve used the right tone in your academic paper, appropriately used the gendered language, accurately altered the length and structure of the sentences, rightly used the passive voice, and omit any unnecessary phrases from the paper. It is important for the paper to follow a uniform style so that it appears to be united. We also make sure there is no strong word added unnecessarily in the content.


The main objective behind editing an academic paper id to enhance clarity in its context. Therefore, our editing experts evaluate your paper to make sure you have added all the details that might make the text unclear for the readers. They review your paper one sentence at a time to make sure that each one makes definite sense. We check for clarity in what each pronoun refers to, the selected words are appropriate to express your ideas, and that you haven’t misused any incorrect words.

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Congratulations! You have conducted your research, crafted your arguments, organized your thoughts, and cross reviewed the claims made. After putting in hours of effort, you might feel satisfied that you have formulated a strong academic paper. The last thing that you might want is your paper to get rejected because of any spelling, grammatical, or typographical errors.

By using the professional paper editing service of LiveWebTutors, you can be assured that your academic paper will be polished perfectly and made submission ready by leading editing professionals at extremely affordable rates. Most of the students who seek editing assistance are non-native English speakers who are pursuing a course in a different country.

In order to support them in the best way possible, we provide highly professional paper editing service with continuous communication facilities with the editors. A paper edited by the professional editors of LiveWebTutors will help you eliminate all the distracting issues from the paper that might hamper the credibility of the claims made. The main goal of our editing panel is to respect your writing style yet improve its overall appearance.

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Valuable paper editing tips from our experts

Easily upload & select pages

Spelling Checkers are not always a hundred percent reliable. It is essential to break the entire paper into individual sentences.

Indicate your field of study

Grammar checking tools can only identify errors and mistakes with the rule set in their software. Mark every punctuation sign used in the paper and while reading evaluate it fits perfectly with the context.

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Analyze the paper for one type of error at a time. You can only master the editing process with the development and practice of an effective strategy.

Unique advantages of hiring paper editing service from LiveWebTutors

Editors with advance language competency knowledge

Our experienced paper editors are native English speakers and writers who are knowledgeable enough to complete the editing of a difficult paper easily.

Dedicated in safeguarding the confidentiality of our clients

All the information you share with our editing experts is held in strict confidence and privacy. We do not provide your details to any third party.

Affordable price structure to help you lead your efforts towards success

We understand that students are often on a tight budget hence we’ve planned the prices of our services to suit their pocket.

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