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Worried about the upcoming admissions to your preferred college or university or any job interview? Well, there are a lot of brain wrecking aspects to the process of admission or job interview, however one of the most challenging aspect that candidates find tremendously tedious is the task of writing a personal statement. A personal statement serves as the decisive tool that plays a crucial role in helping you grab the opportunity.

It is a challenge as well as an opportunity for the candidateto write an outstanding personal statement for his/her application. If you are also thinking about applying to your choice of college or a crucial job profile but are struggling with the task of writing a compelling personal statement for you application? Worry not as Livewebtutors brings its incredible personal statement writing help to you.

A personal statement is an inevitable aspect of any application, be it a college admission application or a job application. It is an immensely crucial aspect because it serves as a perfect testament and method to get to know the candidate better and also the statement helps the assessor to analyze the weight to one’s candidacy as well. Hence it is tremendously crucial to create an impressive as well as engaging personal statement.

However most of the candidates often find this aspect a bit cumbersome and this difficulty is the result of lack of clarity regarding the purpose a personal statement serves in an application. Therefore to write a perfect personal statement, it is a pre requisite to understand its underlying objectives.

Thus we bring to you some essential objectives that a personal statement seeks to achieve:

  • To begin with, a personal statement contains the basic details about the candidate, including one’s qualification, background, etc. and thus must be created with authentic and reliable information as a personal statement is one’s testament towards the details mentioned. Therefore, the personal statement must include all the necessary information about the candidate and it must incorporate all the essential details that might add up to one’s candidacy.
  • Second, a personal statement allows the candidate to incorporate his/her positives, strengths, and capabilities that will add up to his/her chances of getting selected. The personal statement therefore is an opportunity as it enables the candidate to showcase his/her achievements, the possessed skills, etc. and therefore must be curated accordingly so as to be reflective about the candidate’s strengths and his/her strong areas.
  • Also, the personal statement provides the adequate space to the candidate to express his/her intention or motivation behind joining the respective organization or institution. Therefore the personal statement must be written in the manner that describes the motive and aim of the candidate behind applying for the respective course or college.

The above mentioned pretty much sums up the objectives served by a personal statement. However many students fail to write a perfect statement which hits all the right chords and thus to help you accomplish the impressive personal statement, Livewebtutors brings its impeccable help to you. When you resort to our incredible help, our writers ensure to create a personal statement which is based on these objectives and thus is compelling in nature.

Crucial Aspects of Writing a Brilliant Personal Statement:

Every academic task must be accomplished by following a set process or procedure. Thus while writing a personal statement, follow a comprehensive process that will help you in bringing out an impressive and perfect personal statement. Therefore to help you in understanding the process, we bring to you some essential aspects of writing a personal statement brilliantly:

  • Begin By Introducing Yourself:As we have discussed above that a personal statement intends to know the candidate thoroughly, thus begin the statement by introducing yourself in an engaging manner. Include basic information like your name, qualification, parents’ details, background, your academic journey, etc. ensure to write in a flowing manner, joining the various dots of your personality.
  • Include your Strengths and Achievements: This section holds the most crucial importance in a personal statement as here you describe what makes you more deserving than the rest of the candidates. Thus include all your achievements, from academic point of view, your achievements in extracurricular activities, etc. Also, apart from the achievements describe your strengths and explain the important traits of your personality. Remember this section plays a decisive role in your application and thus must be written emphatically. Highlight all the crucial information about your personality and let the assessor connect to you through your words.
  • Conclude your Statement Perfectly:This aspect helps you in wrapping up your statement in a perfect manner. While concluding, talk about why you chose the particular organization or institution to apply to in the first place. Focus on what do you expect to gain and learn from the respective organization. Also talk about your future endeavors and where do you see yourself in the distant future and how this organization will play a significant role in helping you accomplish the ultimate goal of your life. Therefore describe the motive behind applying to the particular organization and what inspires you to look forward to it.
  • Proof Read and Edit the Personal Statement Accurately: This step is immensely important but most of the students give it a miss and thus have to face disappointment. Therefore before making the final submission, go through your personal statement multiple times, look for any grammatical errors or spelling checks, and also look for the scope of improvement. The proof reading and editing helps in making your statement absolutely flawless and shows the knack for perfection in the candidate.Also, going through your statement several times will help you understand and revise the crucial points made and thus will help you in improvising it if needed. Thus make sure to thoroughly edit your document before making the final submission as any mistake will hamper your chances of selection.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a Personal Statement:

Writing a perfect personal statement is an attestation to a successful piece of work. A personal statement may be a deciding factor for how an application is perceived among the assessors. While writing a personal statement to your application, one must avoid making the following mistakes in order to accomplish a flawless personal statement:

  • Keep the personal statement original and bring out your own thoughts.
  • Avoid using vague language as it creates confusion for the assessor.
  • Do not opt for detailed or elaborative description. A personal statement should be brief and suggestive.
  • Do not use vague quotations in between.
  • Keep in mind the length of the personal statement. It should be as crisp as possible. Long personal statements make assessors lose interest in the entire document.
  • Do not give away the interesting insights right away. Make it engaging thereby inciting the assessor to proceed further.
  • Do not use abbreviated words as they bring ambiguity. Use complete words and phrases in order to make your points/statements clear.
  • Avoid using heavy vocabulary. Use simple but strong words to lay emphasis. Frequent use of fancy words discourages an assessor by making the application difficult to comprehend.

We have reached our conclusion and we may conclude by saying that the personal statement is as crucial to your application as any other part. Invest your time in writing a well-articulated personal statement as it is the highlighting factor in your application.

In case, you find writing a personal statement an excruciating and cumbersome job, always seek out help. You may even consider the impeccable services that Livewebtutors offers.

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