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What is a Law Case Study?

With the term “case study” we understand an indication to words a detailed analysis of an event, occurrence, or a group. It is an experimental enquiry, which embraces various techniques of investigation, like, observations and interviews, together with data collection from diverse sources.

Law Case Study assignments cannot be termed as easy ones four students. This is so because it requires effective skills to be able to write a case study due to the extensive research and analysis involved by appropriately arranging the collected data.

There is a lot of time that is required for undertaking a detailed research and trace proper content to effectively complete a case study assignment. When a student pursuing law, they are given different cases to be able to apply the various researches that is relevant to the case. They have to study the case in detail, understand it’s minutest facets and then effectively apply what they have studied.

Law case studies in particular revolves around carrying out research on a specific case that has already been settled – mutually between parties or by the court of law. It assist the students to be able to gain effective learning by themselves and understand the diverse court proceedings that would facilitate them in understanding the various laws that can be used for case presentation. When a judgement is passed, alloys created. This law can then be used as an ideal point for various cases. Therefore the law case studies help the students in gaining familiarity with the laws and cases which enhance their knowledge pertaining to the subject of law as well as give them an insight of critical thinking and analysis in various situations. Such case studies also assist the students to be able to find solution of the problems that are critical and assist them in the professional aspects and ship them as good lawyers.

Different Types of Case Studies

There are different types of case studies that the student may receive while pursuing law. The law  student has to write it accordingly so as to meet the purpose of the given case study.

  • Descriptive or Illustrative Case Studies – As the name suggests, these case studies are fundamentally descriptive in nature, which are crafted to words explaining a specific scenario, circumstances in current situation and assist the readers in giving familiarity with the topic.
  • Exploratory or Pilot Case Studies – Such case studies are carried out briefly prior to a wide range investigation to be applied. Please case studies assist in identification of the questions and provide the idea regarding selection of various types of measurement prior to undertaking the prime research.
  • Cumulative Case Studies – This kind of case study embodies collection of information from diverse sources that has been collected in the studies done in past. The prime benefits of such studies is that no additional cost and extra time is required to be spent on additional studies.
  • Critical Instance Case Studies – Such case studies undertaken examination of a specific situation or subject matter that carries exclusive interest with the outcome of cause and effect.

Here is How to Go About a Case Study!

Working on a case study is different to working on a general assignment. There is a specific flow that should be followed in a case study so as to be well aware of the various aspects and then presenting the analysis of the case. So, if you’re confused on how to start with the case study, here are the steps:

Step 1

  • If not already specified by the professor. You need to make a choice of the kind of case study that is more suitable to the given requirements. In case of corporations, most often than not, illustrative case studies are used while the students mostly choose critical or cumulative case studies. In the cases where a lot of legal terms would be used, it is more advisable that an explorer tree or pilot case study type is used so that the evidences are appropriately presented. The prime objective of a case study is the analysis of the case or the given situation and off for the information that is not known or is not highlighted yet.
  • Then comes the decision on the topic of the case study and determination of the type of research that would be used to write the case study. The research should be commenced and a specific problem must be traced, which you would like to address in the case study. You can find the relevant information about these in diverse sources available online, such as, journals, search engine, et cetera.
  • It is always a good idea to study the past researches and case studies on the similar topic. You should try to find out what has been researched and written in the studies so as to gain knowledge about the problem that still persist and requires resolution.

Step 2

  • If needed for the case, the selection of the participants of the case study must be done wisely. You can interview experts in the domain or the ones who have direct involvement in the topic under concern. It is good to establish if you want to interview an individual or a group for the case study. The idea is to gather maximum possible information about the subject – ensure its relevant information.
  • If you decide to go with interview, you should list the interview questions and arrive at a decision on how the study will be conducted. You can take personal interviews, phone interviews or even interviews through chats or emails. The questions have to be drafted in such a manner that they help you gather the unknown facts that you might not find anywhere else, which would help you in being able to publish an interesting case study.
  • It is a mandate that the participants are aware of the purpose of the interview and therefore you need to make sure that you tell them prior to starting with the investigation. Also, avoid asking any questions that may create controversies.

Step 3

  • It is advised that the research is conducted in a way to get varied opinion and information on the subject/case. If the answer is not a direct yes or no, there would definitely be more information available. It is a good idea to collect data and study it to support your case.
  • Entire data that has been collected and all the information should be organised well and maintain an appropriate document so that you have that easy access and the time that you commence writing the case study
  • The problem should be expressed in the systematised manner in only a few sentences. The information gathered from various sources, should be credible ones and must be included.

Step 4

  • The case study should not be written with the use of the information that has been gathered at the time of research that has been carried out.
  • The background information should be included through explanation of the idea behind creation of the case study, the findings should be presented well and study should be concluded in appropriate manner with the available data as well as references. It is important to mention about the reason that the case study has been developed.
  • Mention the other side of the coin and critically analyse the case in how you think it would have emerged.
  • With the information that has been collected you should provide a possible solution at the end of how you think that the case could have emerged. Here, it is important to give reference to the statements that have been gathered for the content to have enough credibility. There should be enough information for the readers to be able to comprehend the problem and trace solutions.
  • Last, but not the least, it is critical that you revise your case study. Proofreading and revision of content is very important because there are many aspects that may not be apparent while you are writing the case study, but can be noticed only when you proof read.

Domains of Law Case Study

As we know, there are two major domains of law-civil law and criminal law, the law case studies fall under these two major domains. Let us take a look at them:

  1. Civil Law Case Study
  • Building and Construction Law – it is the various legal aspects of building that is dealt under this law. It encompasses the breach of contract, tendering issues, and building negligence, et cetera.
  • Environmental Law – Under the environmental law, comes the protection of environment as well as natural resources, together with dealing with pollution control for minimisation of the adverse impact of global warming. The law encompasses legal rules, treaties, regulations, common as well as customary laws.
  • Business Law – Under the business law come the disputes amid individuals, corporations as well as trade unions pertaining to the various concerns in the industry, trade and commerce.
  • Commercial Law – Commercial law is one of the factions of business law that deals with aspects such as corporate governance and corporate finance.
  • Competitive Law – This law is about maintenance of fair competition as well as pricing amid several organisations that form a specific industry. The implementation of four-step process law assists the organisation in formulation of their management policies.
  • Consumer Law – There is a close relation between the competitive law and consumer law. The latter aims at protection of the consumer rights.


  1. Criminal Law Case Study

Criminal law, is an arrangement of laws that revolves around punishment of individuals who have performed a criminal act. Therefore, while in a civil law case study there is a discussion about individuals disputing their rights, a criminal prosecution encompasses the decision of government if an individual should be punished for either an act or omission.

Structure of a Law Case Study

There is a set structure of no case study that should be followed so as to meet the expectations and the standard of a law school. It is a good idea to refer to some of the Law Case Studies done in the past prior to writing your case study. This would give you an insight as to how okay study should be framed so as to attain the required aspects. The structure of a Law Case study should include:

  • Case Synopsis – Here, it is important to state the background and facts of the case. It is a kind of summary and not an elaborate description. It talks about the fundamental topic of the case study. Here, all the parties to the case should be introduced an information should be shared about them.
  • Case Study Objectives – it is important that the aims and objectivists of the case study are established and mentioned in the questioning format.
  • Case Analysis – After the goal establishment, it is important to carry out a comprehensive case analysis on the issues that are involved. It is important that the problem is described here completely.
  • Methodology Involved – Appropriate research has to be conducted on the case and details about the sources used have to be presented well in the case study. The sources have to be appropriately cited and given as references at the end of the case study too.
  • Notes of Modification – The cases that are modified and should be mentioned. If they are not mention it may lead to conflicts, revelation of Hidden content. As well as case’s confidential presentation.

How Do We Help You With Your Law Case Study Assignment?

It is very important that you read well and understand the decision of the court of the particular case so as to be well versed with the underlying law. You should go through the analysis of the case study in detail and then write your own case study. It goes and said that prior to writing the case study, you should have complete understanding of the case. The case study should be presented in a legal framework.

Since all of this would only come with an expertise, we have our law assignment writers who would help you with writing and effective law case study with the following components present:

  1. Citations – the citations should be done appropriately including the date of decision, the court where judgement was made, and the name of the case. It is important to set a format for the entire case study for citations – APA or Harvard is preferred.
  2. Facts – As is evident in the name, under this section, the facts of the case should be published. Here the decision of the court, the arguments put forward by the lawyers, the accused’s identity, the one accusing, together with the reason of initiation of the legal action should be mentioned.
  3. Issues – Here, the main issues of the case that have been presented in front of the court and discussed. This section can also include the various kinds of questions that may be faced by the accused.
  4. Decision – Here, the court’s decision is given in brief as well as in elaborate form in a simple language. The decision mentioned in the case study should be quite clear so that the readers get the clear idea on it.
  5. Reason – in this section, a concise description of the reason that is carried by the court for arriving at the decision is mentioned. It also exhibits different laws basis which the court has given its decision.

Helpful Tips to Write a Law Case Study

While it is understood that it is imperative to use the effective law cases to present a law case study, you can use the below mentioned tips that would help you present and appealing law case study;

  • At the time of writing your case study, you should have all the required resources available and put them in an organised manner in the case study so that the readers would get a clear idea of the case.
  • The various components of the case study should be divided into headings and subheadings so as to present the case well. Some of the prime headings can be the case summary, the facts of the case, issues in the case, reasoning, as well as legal decisions.
  • The case should be described well in a manner that even the lemon is able to understand the concern.
  • The legal facts of the case should be written down well so as to have clarity is upon the parties involved.
  • It is a good idea to write down the disputes separately in bullet points.
  • The reasoning behind the application of a specific law in the case should be mentioned and elaborated upon.
  • The legal decision and the faces of that decision should both be highlighted and mentioned in a clear and concise manner.

Advantages of Doing Law Case Studies

Case studies have their specific contribution in helping students understand the subject, topic, and effective implementation of the theories that they have learnt. This has all the more significance in law subject because law rotates around effective presentation of the case and the associated laws thereof. Some of the advantages of doing law case studies are:

  • When one undertakes a law case study, they are able to gain in-depth knowledge of the laws that have come up in past and similar cases and therefore, they are able to understand their application in various cases.
  • Through case studies in law, the students are able to own the argumentative skills that assist them in upcoming times while putting forward their argument in the court. These cases also assist them in being able to resolve ethical dilemmas of students when a real life situation is faced by them.
  • Through the law case studies, students gain practical knowledge pertaining to legal disputes, which is needed if they have to pursue career in law.

Problems Students Face While Writing Law Case Study

It is evident that there are lot of problems and issues that students face while they write there law case study assignments. The students are required to create case studies that are expected to bear relevant content, together with theoretical insights. The common issues faced by the students while writing the law case studies are:

  • It is not always easy to find the relevant information that is needed to write the case study.
  • Students find it difficult to put together all the relevant information to a case study structure for the readers to understand and comprehend well.
  • At the time that the students answer the case study, they are required to find and cite major and relevant court cases that are hard to find.
  • Students are many times unable to apply relevant laws and put an argument of the case in an appropriate manner.
  • The students face the difficulty of presenting the case precisely through the application of the relevant laws and expression of their views pertaining to the case under consideration. Students are sometimes unable to provide the final recommendation that is the right from the collected information.
  • Students are unable to put the case study in correct English language due to English being their second language.

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