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Dissertation: A step towards better future

A Dissertation is the most important aspect of a student's life. A structured and authentic piece of writing which develops a logical argument about the selected research topic is called a dissertation. It is a major part of the final assessment in an undergraduate, postgraduate. or doctoral degree. It is often interchangeably used with the term ‘thesis’ in different countries and institutions. A dissertation is an extensive and complex piece of work presented by a student for the successful completion of his degree or doctoral program.

Writing a dissertation expands your subject knowledge along with your rational and reasoning skills. A clear, structured, concise, and well-planned dissertation captures the attention of the readers across various platforms. At the end of a dissertation, you need to present your findings to professors for assessment.

Qualities of a well-written dissertation

A good dissertation should be a well-versed and independent project which provides answers to the raised research questions. It should be

  • Original
  • Creative
  • Easy to comprehend
  • Appropriately structured and formatted
  • Appealing in content

A properly written dissertation should be like a storyline, creating directions as it moves from one chapter to another. The quality of your dissertation portrays your intellectual and sophistication level to the readers.

Significance of writing a dissertation

Dissertation benefits both your academic as well as professional life. The process might be tedious but it is definitely fruitful in the end. You will need to read numerous books and other material while writing your dissertation, which will enhance your knowledge in the area of interest. The rewards of writing a dissertation are not limited to a final grade in the university. You can also opt for better career prospects and competitiveness in the working sector.

Here are some of the benefits associated with writing a dissertation:

  • Opens new doors for future research: A well-researched dissertation is a representation of mature and independent thinking. It allows a student to push the limits of a subject and open new ground for research. If your dissertation is well written, it can introduce multiple new concepts in the mind of others for future researches.
  • Enhances Research Ability: Dissertation is all about research work. Research plays a vital part in the academic life of a student and dissertation improves this ability to another level. While writing a dissertation for any discipline a student is exposed to multiple methodologies of research work, hence enhancing his research capabilities.
  • Contribution to the final grade: Dissertation plays an important role in contributing to the final grades of a scholar. It is one of the concluding works submitted by a student in the final year of his degree program. The overall performance of a student is marked by the quality of his dissertation. With appropriate guidance from your supervisors, you can produce a compelling paper with strong arguments that demonstrate the knowledge you acquired during the entire program.
  • Better employment opportunities: An individual is exposed to various stages and conducts of research process while writing a dissertation. These research methodologies assist in the development of a particular industry. By dedicating your dissertation to a particular field, you can gain an upper hand while looking for an employment opportunity in the same area. Employers will favor your interest and industry knowledge while considering your application for a relevant position.

The entire procedure of creating a successful dissertation creates the mindset of an entrepreneur in an individual. You can portray skills of being able to focus on a long-term project, which is highly appreciated by the employers. Also, while collecting primary data for your dissertation you might create networks that will prove to be beneficial at the time of your job hunt.

Time Management: Dissertation is a part of your university program. You have to balance other subjects and assessments with this major project. Thus, it can be said that the dissertation indirectly allows you to learn time management by mastering the skills of prioritizing one work over the other depending upon the schedule and deadlines.

Effective Communication: Many times you have to convey the concept of your dissertation to professors or peers in layman terms rather than using complex jargon. This involves communicating with the audience in a way suitable for them. Also, while collecting the primary data you come across and communicate with multiple people in the society that your communication skills are to be improved guaranteed.

Your dissertation project will become one of the most important concerns of your final year. You will get to know that there are many others who have similar interests and questions like you. This can lead you to share thoughts and exchange directions provided by your respective supervisors. It will strengthen the sense of belonging and communication between your batch mates.

Adaptability: The process of presenting a well-versed dissertation is tedious and often becomes frustrating as well. Thus, you essentially learn the skill of adapting to the situations and acting calm and patient which pays off well in the future endeavors as well.

Mastering multiple skills for the future: Dissertation is not a one-time deal. It allows you to develop a set of valuable skills like research and writing, analyzing skills and synthesizing complex information which will serve you well regardless of the career path you select. For example, in the academic sector these qualities can help you to write a book, lectures, and articles for many years to come.

The first step towards your career: If you develop your dissertation with utmost care, it can be transformed into a book or article which can launch your career in the future.

Self-transformation: Dissertation is often defined as a self-directed procedure. No regular updates, no deadlines, and no assignments. Basically, you are on own. This independence is a completely new experience for any student and transforms them from a student to a scholar with increased self-confidence.

Writing a dissertation will also provide you with a feeling of satisfaction as you will conduct your research independently, gather and analyze your own data, and you will be proud of your achievements. It will be an honor for you if your research exponentially contributes to your study area.

Organized and Systematic: A successful dissertation is the result of effective planning. It gets tricky to determine what to include and what to leave out while writing for a dissertation topic. It involves having clarity of ideas before you start writing the paper. It allows a student to gain understanding of the necessity of having a solid foundation in any process to maximize the end results.

Enhances Coherency: Coherency and clarity are the two main components of a well-accepted dissertation. This quality empowers the students to produce a valuable piece of content that appeals the audience. They will learn to produce hassle-free and smooth writeups or reports in their careers.

How to enjoy the benefits of a successful dissertation

Writing a dissertation can be stressful for many students and they might give up on the project in the early stages itself. But in order to enjoy the above-mentioned merits of writing a dissertation you need to hang in there and follow these steps.

  1. Begin as early as you can. Do not procrastinate on your research project. It is an extensive and long paper that will take a considerable amount of time to complete.
  2. Work on it frequently. It is important to consistently work on your dissertation as this will prevent any stressful all-nighters.
  3. Prepare the first draft. Do not bother too much about the quality in the first draft of your paper. Let it flow freely and naturally. It is just a baseline for your major project, and can always be refined.
  4. Be in touch with your advisor. Do not think too highly of yourself and seek the guidance and help of your advisor to oversee your dissertation project.
  5. Edit the final draft. Always edit your final draft for accuracy and clarity in terms of grammar and spellings. Read each line closely and carefully.

Writing a dissertation shouldn't cause panic in the mind of a student. By planning ahead and proper structuring you can achieve fantastic results. Who knows you might even enjoy the procedure as the area is what fascinates you? It is advised to share your dissertation with your supervisor for feedback and review. They are highly educated about the subject area and are thus able to help the scholars to improve their research manuscript for successful publication. They can also ensure that the formatting and references adhere to the guidelines of the institution with precision.

A well-received and skilfully presented dissertation make a high impact on the committee members as it demonstrates the intellectual level of an individual in broad light. The process of writing, presentation, formatting, researching, and structuring defines and polishes your analytical and logical skills.

An easy to read dissertation is not only pleasing to the mind of the readers but it also displays command and expertise in the data presented. There is little to no scope for ambiguity in a properly written dissertation. It is clear that a dissertation project not only progresses your self-motivation drive but also puts you in a better place for approaching life in the future.

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