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    What is Mathematics?

    The main reason to study mathematics for an upper level is that it is very interesting and enjoyable to study. The students like its challenge, its clarity, and the fact that if you are right it tells you right and if you are wrong it proves you wrong.

    Whenever a problem is solved its solution gives satisfaction whereas if it is not solved it revolves your mind.The mathematics is growing fast at a very high speed. Its importance can be almost seen in every field. Mathematics is about pattern and structure; it involves the logical analysis, deduction, calculation within the patterns and structures.

    Mathematics is a plays a very important role in the life of every individual. It the most ancient subject in mankind’s history. This history of maths is very interesting to study. New disciplines have been formed after researchin mathematics.

    It involves problem-solving and logical thinking. Today our technological progress is only possible because of mathematics. Every individual is bound to study the basic principle of maths which includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. For being a fine mathematician practice makes perfect. The practice to solve different questions makes him the best.

    Application of Mathematics

    In almost every field mathematics is required. The following points this:

    Shopping Malls: In shoppingmallsmathematics has been extensively used. It is used to calculate the amount of the purchased products. Also, the amount of tax can be calculated with its help.

    Budget: Whenever at the end of the year budgets are prepared mathematics played a very important role. Preparation of balance sheets and maintenance of accounts are prepared with its help.

    Hospitals: several instruments which are used in the hospitals are giving values digitally with the help of mathematics. Also, bills and the reports involve mathematics.

    Engineering: the most basic and necessary aspect of studying engineering is to have a wide knowledge of lines, angles, measurements, machinery design, all this is done with the help of mathematics.

    Banking: banks are related to money, money is related to calculation and calculations are a part of maths. Bank uses the simple interest, compound interest aspects of mathematics.Understanding of simple and compound interest, to know how the amount of money grows.

    MATHEMATICS AS SCIENCE: If science is the lock then mathematics is the key. Medical, biology, chemistry, physics, engineering all comprises of mathematics. It is not just about trigonometry, algebra, statistics, calculus, geometry, arithmetics. If mathematics is removed then the backbone of science and arts will be collapsed.Philosopher Kant, "A Science is exact only in so far as it employs Mathematics". Kant also says, "A natural Science is a Science in so far as it is mathematical".

    Mathematics as a Career

    Mathematics provides a wide range of choices for those who qualify in mathematics. The abilities like:

    1. The use of logical thought,
    2. To formulate a problem in such a way that allows computation and decision,
    3. To make deductions from an assumption,
    4. To use the advanced concepts,
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    Can be enhanced and polished by going for a mathematics degree course. The flexible nature of mathematics can mold it to any direction. Mathematicians are of high demand in the field of:

    • Statistics
    • Engineering
    • Computers
    • Accountancy
    • Teaching
    • Finance


    (a) The mathematics of error-correcting codes is applied to the CD players and to the computers.

    (b) The beautiful pictures of far away planets like mercury, mars, Venus sent by Voyager do not have had their quality without mathematics.

    (c) Voyager's who journey all over the planet could not have been calculated without the use of mathematics of the differential equations.

    (d) It is always said that advances which are made with supercomputers, there has to be a mathematical theory which makes the computers what they are today. They have played a crucial role in developing them.

    (e) The development of computers has been developed by mathematicians and logicians, who will continue to contribute in the field of computer science.

    (f) The physical sciences like (chemistry, physics, oceanography, astronomy) require mathematics to develop their theories.


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