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 Biology Homework Help

Biology Homework Help

What is Biology?

The scientific study of life is known as biology. Biology is derived from the word bios which mean life. Biology has several disciplines like Zoology is the study of animals and botany is the study of plants whereas microbiology is the study of microorganisms. The facts regarding the living things like plants and animals are revealed by biology.

The basic principles of biology are:

  • GENE THEORY: The ancestral traits are inherited to the younger generations through the genes. These consist of Deoxyribonucleic Acid and found on the chromosomes.
  • CELL THEORY: All the living beings are made up of cells. The basic unit of life are the cells.
  • HOMEOSTASIS: According to the environmental changes the power to maintain the constant internal environment is known as homeostasis.
  • EVOLUTION: The noticeable change in the genetics that had been inherited over generations.
  • THERMODYNAMICS: In thermodynamics the energy transformation is efficient and the energy is constant.

Characteristics of Life

Our earth is inhabited by different kinds of living organisms, which look very different from each other. These living organisms are bacteria, fungi, protista, plants, animals etc. The bodies of living organisms are made up of cells. The cell has a central position in biology as the atom in the physical science.

The visible world of plants and animals and the invisible world of bacteria, fungi, viruses all comprises of the living things. Organisms on earth range from a single celled amoeba to a complex design of humans. However, the basic structure that all organisms share is cell. It is the building block of life.

  1. Living beings can move: living beings possess the ability to move. Movement makes them easily accessible to everything.
  2. Living beings can reproduce: Living beings have the ability to give the rise to the young ones. They can pass their inheritance to generations.
  3. Living beings can grow and develop: as the time passes living beings grow and become large in size than they were before.
  4. Living beings respond: living beings adapt themselves according to the external environment and can respond to the changes easily.
  5. Living beings can work: living beings take the energy from the external world and perform the actions.


  1. It is revealed by biology that carbon dioxide which is exhaled by the animals and human beings is useless. It hardly plays an important role.
  2. Biology also declares the other aspects which are beneficial and which support the life of animals and human beings. For example: oxygen.
  3. Biology also studies the behaviour of plants and how we get benefits from them. For example plants have been largely used in the field of medicines, shelter, air purification etc. They are the support system of our lives.
  4. Biology has taught us to take advantage of the nature that is present all around us and not to destroy it so that our future generations cannot exist.
  5. It is through studying biology that we get to know about the diversity of organisms on earth. About 122, 50,000 species of living organisms are known to us.
  6. Biology is a subject which not only identifies our diseases but also have proper vaccination provided to the infected people.


The conditions surrounding an organism form its environment. Environment means the surroundings in which the plants and animals live including both physical factors and other organisms. Thus each and everything which surrounds and affects the living organisms constitute its environment. The two essential components of environment are:


Our physical environment is formed by various non- living or Abiotic components such as water, soil, light, temperature, sunlight all of which exist around us. These Abiotic components of our environment tend to affect us and all the living organisms variously: they play a vital role in their growth, development and even in the survival. All these Abiotic components form weather and climate of a particular area.
Every moment there are changes in temperature, biometric pressure, humidity, precipitation, sunshine, cloudiness, wind direction and speed and other conditions in the troposphere. These short term changes in the properties of the troposphere form the weather. Climate is the average weather of an area. It is the general pattern of atmospheric and weather conditions, several variations and whether extremes in a region over a long period.

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The biotic components of environment include all living organisms including human beings. They may be producers of food (e.g. green plants, autotrophic, prokaryotes as cynobacteria) or consumers (animals, fungi, viruses). Microorganisms too have important role in the environment.


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