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Table of Content

Fundamental Counting Principle

The fundamental counting principle in mathematics helps us determining the number of possible outcomes or the combinations quickly .It is a very helpful tool in understanding the total possible outcomes events for compound events. As we have learned earlier that compound events are two or more simple events happening. Thus we will try and figure out how many total possible outcomes would happen.

The fundamental counting principle says, the total possible outcome of compound events is found by multiplication of the outcomes for the every events taken place. In simpler words, if we have three different event for example for A will calculate how many outcomes we have got then multiplied by B ,how many outcomes from B then again multiply by C with having how many outcomes they calculate. And if there are more events we keep on doing the same multiplying thing. We shall determine how many outcomes we get by flipping a coin and by spinning the spinner.

Here we need to know the total outcome, the total possible outcome. Looking at the two different events, how many can be the possible outcome of the flipping coin may have. Its 2 because it has two sides heads or tails and for the spinner there are 5 different this way when we talk about total possible outcome it means 2 times 5, which is 10 is the total possible outcomes starting with one more examples how many total possible outcomes when we have pick a marble or roll a die. Here there is a die and four marbles in the example. A die has 6 sides thus the outcome is 6 and 4 for number of marbles. Thus when 6 is multiplied by 4 gets 24 which is the total possible outcomes. This helps us to get the answer very fast.

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