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Communication Engineering Assignment Help

Communication Engineering Assignment Help

Communication is a major field of Engineering. Whole communication is based on transmission and reception of signals. It is all about sharing information from source to destination. Communication engineering is study about establishing the connection between two devices that is transmitter and receiver. Communication channel is essential in communication engineering. Communication channel is a path through which, a signal can be transmitted.

Communication engineering has several branches such as

1.  Analog communication: in this the signal to be transmitted is analog.

2.  Digital communication: in this, the transmitted signal is digital in nature.

3. Telecommunication: it is concerned with a long distance communication. Sharing of information over a long distance is come in to telecommunication like telephone, telex, telegraph, fax, television etc.

4. Mobile communication: mobile communication system consist mobile user. It can provide communication between two mobile units. Transmission of signals in mobile communication is based on radio channels.

5. Radio communication: it is a wireless communication system. Signals are transmitted through air. Information such as sound carried out through signals. Range of transmitted signal is 3 KHz to 300 GHz. These signals are known as radio waves.

6.  Optical communication: In this communication through fiber optics takes place, it has low noise, low signal attenuation and wide bandwidth during transmission.

7. Satellite communication: transmission of signal is done with the help of satellite. This type of communication is also known as space communication. In this both transmitter and receiver are linked with satellite.

8. Data Communication: it is concerned with the transmission of data such as text, image, numbers etc. it may be wired or wireless.

9. Voice Communication: it is concerned with the transmission of acoustic signals only. Telephonic conversation comes in to voice communication. It may be wired or wireless.

10. Wireless communication: communication occurs without any pair of wires. It takes place through air or vacuum television and satellite transmission are wireless communication. Factors that are in favor of wireless communication are cost effective, simple system design and long distance communication. But in increases noise effect and attenuation in signal.

11. Wire line communication: telephone networks are example of wire line communication. Normally coaxial cables or wire pairs are used for this purpose etc. in this type of communication transmission of signal is completed through wires.

Here mentioning some examples of communication that are used in our daily activity:

1.   Telephone: Data is passed through wire and made connection between two telephone instruments.
2.   Cellular phones: Data is transferred without wire and made connection between two mobile phones.
3.   Radio: It is a type of one to many communications. And best example of half duplex mode.
4.   Television: It is also a type of one to many communications. And it is a best example of half duplex mode of communication.
5.   Telegraphy: It is a long distance communication. Telegraphy is transmission of messages without involving any physical object.
6.   Telex: It is similar to telephone network.
7.    Fax: It is a type of telecommunication.

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