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Australia is the third famous place for international students worldwide. Due to the diversity in cultures, high standard education, and friendly natives, most of the students choose Australia to study. Australia has top-notch universities and colleges with excellent teaching and learning methodologies. The destination is well renowned for bringing the best results in all the streams and subjects for students. The reasons behind Australia being the most populated destination to attain education are it has the best teaching methodologies, well qualified & trained teachers. Besides, universities and colleges of Australia have best subject material for studying. All around the globe, Sydney is known to have the best passing results and percentage of students.

Australia has a multicultural nature. Students from any country are easily acceptable by the residents of Australia. It is the safest place to work, study, and live. In the top 50 safest places to live in the world, Australia has taken up the 6th position. Even for Indian Students, Australia is their first priority among all the foreign countries to attain education. To study in Australia, there are many considerations one has to follow up. For example, how much it costs to live there, how much it costs on the education system, and many more other things. So, we are here to deliver some information for those, who are thinking to relocate to Australia for study.  

Why is Australia best to study?

When you are planning to move outside for higher studies, there are many foreign countries that come to your mind. But the fact about Australia is, it has the largest following due to the nature of education over here. As compared to the usual expectations of students, Australia has much more to offer the students. Even many international students also look to study in Australia because of the friendly, safe environment, effective education system, and many other reasons. Now, it is time to actually read out the facts, why Australia is amongst the most popular destination for education. So, read on and find out why Australia always be the top-notch country to study.

Growth of the destination

In comparison to the UK and United States, Australia comes at third position for being the top-notch destination to study. Australia is a developed country with variations in cultures and high standard education. Choosing Australia for study means to attain not only education but also gain the way to a new lifestyle. 

Recognition to Globe

After attaining education from Australia, the graduates get so sorted because of the international reputation they gained from Australian education. The education system in Australia is a highly paid attention seeker concept by the government, which is associated with the country.

Living cost  

The living standard of Australia is considered as highest in the world. Australia has lower living expenses as compared to United Kingdom, and United States. While studying the course, students can easily work part-time. If they work part-time, they can easily manage their cost of living themselves. In Australia, there are chances for students to get scholarships, which help them to lower down the cost of their international study.

Variation in education

The universities, colleges, and institutes in Australia offer a wide variety of degrees and courses. The students studying in Australia can easily find a suitable school for them according to their stream. The most important thing, students have to decide is which institute caters them most according to their stream's interests and needs. Even though the students are free to make a choice between universities, training of English language, and vocational courses. The students can easily and comfortably shift to new institutes in Australia, in case they are not satisfied from the previous ones due to any reason.

Technology and Methodology of education

The methodology of education in Australia basically works on the facts and researches, which makes the students to think and understand things in a practical manner. In the case of new technology and innovations, Australia comes at the top. Australia is enriched with its technology and resources. Students can take benefits from those technologies and resources in their study.

Work during the course

There are a few countries in which students cannot work when they are pursuing their studies. In Australia, international students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week. It is a great chance or those students who want to earn their living expenses during studies. There are many students who wants to gain job experience during their study time for better future opportunities. So, for students, part-time job is the perfect option.

Why students choose Australia over the USA?

Australia has higher ratings for its education system as compared to USA. Many students are wondering why the USA is not gaining over Australia for education. So, here you will find out why Australia is better than the USA to get education. Let us get started:

Crime Rates

You might wonder, but still, it's the truth. Australia is better in comparison to the USA when it comes to crime rates. The crime rates are so low in Australia; even the police do not carry guns with them. While on duty, the policemen only take batons with them.

Life standards and quality

In comparison to the USA, Australia has a better standard of life. Have you heard about the education system in Sydney? Sydney is one of the best destinations in the world for the education system. In addition, it is considered as the most livable and beautiful city in the world. The 4 state capital cities of Australia are Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Perth; these are the most livable cities in the world. Even though you won't believe it, but no city of America comes in the list of livable cities.

Infrastructure of Public

As compared to Europe and the USA, public infrastructure is much better. Australia is not much populated. The government of Australia pays much attention to the maintenance and expansion of Australia. For other public buildings, monuments, and other things related to the public, the government of Australia looks after for that for expansion and maintenance.

Income is better

Australia is not much populated. The average hourly income in Australia is near about $ 17 per hour. Contrary, the other countries do not pay this much to the students. It is because of the less population. Because of this, human resource is treated in a right manner.

Excellent education system

All around the globe, Australia pays more attention to the education system. In the percentage and results, Australia always comes at the top. The reasons why Australia always considered as best for the education system are its teaching methodology and technology.  

Cost of living in Australia

Australia has a way of life that is among the most worthy in the world. Every day costs and educational cost costs in Australia are significantly lower as compared to the United States and the United Kingdom. The international students are likewise ready to work low maintenance while they study, enabling them to counterbalance their living expenses.

Tuition Fees

Australian International students are required to pay for their fees of tuition in advance. A few institutions may likewise charge for other understudy costs, notwithstanding education costs. These may incorporate a library, research center, or sports office costs. Understudies ought to likewise think about the expenses of trips, books, and stationery, just as any basic materials explicit to their course of study, for example, sterile jackets or photographic supplies.

An undergraduate student from an Australian college can cost somewhere in the range of A$14,000 to 35,000 every year, while a postgraduate qualification can cost from A$15,000 to 36,000 per year.


Most of the undergraduate students in Australia are full-expense paying students; universal students may likewise decide to apply for a grant. Scholarships in Australia are offered by the Australian government, training establishments, and an assortment of different associations. They spread professional instruction and preparing, understudy trades, and undergrad and postgraduate examination and research. Australian Government grants are not accessible for universal understudies who are embraced English language preparing explicitly in Australia, yet a few Australian establishments offer English language preparing grants.

The International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) conspire empowers worldwide understudies to attempts a postgraduate research capability in Australia, enabling them to pick up understanding while at the same time working with driving Australian scientists. The scholarships covers education costs, and wellbeing spread expenses for grant holders, just as wellbeing spread expenses for their wards.

The Australia Awards are expected to advance information, instruction connects, and suffering ties among Australia and neighboring nations through broad grant programs. The Australia Awards include two streams: an accomplishment stream that permits the most encouraging understudies, analysts, and experts to come to Australia, and for Australians to do likewise in different nations; and an advancement stream that manufactures limit in creating nations.

Last Words

If you have chosen Australia for attaining education, no doubt, you have made the best selection. The teaching and learning technology as well as teaching methodology of Australia is beyond one's expectations.

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