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The Right Guidance for a Perfect Case Study on Boral Limited

An academic journey is considered to be incomplete without the accurate assessment of the knowledge thus gained. And the real test of one’s expertise in a particular domain is when one is capable of utilizing that knowledge in real-life situations. Therefore, case studies play an important role in assessing a candidate for his/her capability and proficiency in a particular domain. Case studies are a genuine way to test a candidate’s skills of critical thinking and problem solving accordingly. The task of accomplishing an outstanding case study requires the presenter’s overall grip on the subject and adept analytical skills.

A case study is a research-based and critical analysis of a set of problems relating to a person, group or organization. It involves analysis of all the possible dimensions of the problem and thus the finding of long-lasting and sustainable solutions to them. The problems to be analyzed depend upon the organization or the person in perspective. A case study therefore provides a complete analysis of all the strategies adopted by the organization and the policies it adheres to for making the organization’s business model sustainable and profitable.

The organization in point here is the Boral Limited. Many students, especially related to the field of business administration, in Australia have to accomplish many assignments based on the organization. And if you are also the one stuck with creating a case study on the Boral Limited organization then you have found yourself a savior. In this article, we will be dealing with creating a professional and outstanding case study related to Boral Limited.

What makes Boral Limited an ideal organization for a Case Study?

Boral Limited is Australia’s leading construction and building materials manufacturer and supplier. It operates across all the states and territories of Australia. It is also among the leading job-providers in the continent-nation, making it a home to some 15,000 odd employees. The extensive area of services and a wide base of employees, make the Boral Limited a perfect organization to study from analytical and critical point of view. The management of such a huge organization is itself a case to study.

A significant firm like Boral Limited provides for various dimensions to be analyzed while preparing for either a case study or a research paper. It exposes a person to different kinds of challenges and problems that persist on a large scale in such organizations and inspire them to find sustainable solutions to those pertaining problems.

Preparing a case of study for such big an organization as the Boral Limited is in itself a cumbersome task. It not only requires the adept knowledge but also involves strong hold on skills like critical thinking and quick problem-solving ability. The person has to analyze various policies and strategies that the company resorts to. After the complete analysis of the strategies, the person has to find loopholes in those policies that are creating hurdles for the company to grow. The loopholes thus found have to have sustainable solutions and way out.

Therefore, as we can see from this brief chronology, that conducting a case study is a tricky path to tread and it requires accurate knowledge and right technique to accomplish it astoundingly.

How to create a Case Study based on the Boral Limited?

As discussed above, the Boral Limited makes for an exemplary organization to base one’s researches and case studies on. The significance it holds from the perspective of Australian industry and economy, makes it an excellent source for students to conduct their researches and case studies. The purpose of conducting a case study is simply to understand the working of an organization and analyzing loopholes in its systems to derive strong and efficient solutions to them. But the task to accomplish it is not as simple and easy as it may sound.

The case study involves various dimensions and aspects of a problem. But the main task is to highlight or acknowledge those problems. Many students find themselves stuck on how to go about the process of creating a case study. In this article, we try to help students out from this dilemma by providing a step by step guide that will help them to ace any case study related to an organization.

  • To begin with, start with your case study by laying a strong foundation of research about the organization in point, for instance, in this case that organization is Boral Limited. Read and study about the organization in detail. Study all of its policies, related to – accounting, manufacturing, supplies, employees, finances, etc., in short, study about all the policies that an organization resorts to in the domain of various services it provides. After studying about the policies and strategies, analyze them from critical angle and relate the loopholes with the current problems that the company might be facing.
  • Once you make yourself familiar with all the prospective problems encircling the organization, choose your area of strength or interest. The important point to note here is that, do not set any unrealistic targets for yourself. We always aspire for achieving the difficult things, but think practically. Choose a particular segment where your core strength lies and deal with it holistically. For instance, it may be accounting segment of the company for some or for some it may be the manufacturing segment. Whatever you chose, make sure that you are able to produce an excellent case study for that particular segment.
  • Once a particular segment has been finalized to be dealt with, study all the policies and strategies for that segment followed by the company. Analyze those policies from distinct angles and aspects. Look out for the policies and strategies followed by the company’s competitors in that segment. Draw the differences between the two companies based on the pursuance of that policy. Lookout for major shortcomings that you observe in the organization’s policy model. Analyze how these loopholes are hampering company’s growth and leading to potential losses. Draw a flowchart of all the problems that might surface in front of you and look out for the root causes of those problems.
  • Remember, picking up the right and relevant problems of the company is half the battle won. Most of the time, we come across case studies that fail to provide any comprehensive solution, this is so because, most of the time, the person conducting the case study fails to acknowledge or realize the target problems and thus the resultant case study is ineffective. Therefore, make sure that you study the problems and their root causes comprehensively.
  • After the problems pertaining to the company, in consideration, are known, work on finding accurate and sustainable solutions for them. Analyze all the problems critically. Research on the solutions of their problems. Use accurate and valid data and resources from the organization itself as use of valid data is critical. As you arrive at the solutions, make sure that you analyze the solutions from various perspective as well. Critically comprehend the solutions, look out for any loophole that might make the solution inefficient in the long run. Coming up with accurate, sustainable and lost lasting solutions is one of the main motives behind conducting any case study.
  • As the solutions to targeted problems are arrived at, start concluding the case study. Conclude by starting the objectives behind taking up the task in the first place. Include the solutions to the problems and conclude by giving your insights and opinions.

Dealing with a Particular Assignment:

To give you a more enhanced idea about dealing with a case study related to the Boral Limited organization, we will cite an example by choosing a particular segment and thus creating a case study based on that.

For this example, we will be dealing with the Manufacturing segment related problems that might be causing hurdles for the company. Following is the course of actions that will be resorted to while assessing the situation. One important point to note here is that, this particular course of action can also be used for solving case studies for any industry or organization listed on the Australian Securities Index (ASX).

Theme of the Case Study: To assess the Manufacturing policies and strategies followed by Boral Limited:

Course of Actions suggested:

  • The organization, Boral Limited, practices which manufacturing policies and strategies?

Here, the candidate must start by introducing the theme of the case study and what is seeks to achieve. Then, the writer must mention about all the policies followed by Boral Limited while dealing with manufacturing sectors. Mention about all the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that are put in place by the company.

  • Do the policies followed by the company have any scope of further improvement and flexibility?

Here, include all the standard practices followed internationally by the other manufacturing and supplying units around the world. Assess the policies resorted to by Boral Limited on the parameter whether the policies are viable or not, whether they complement the set standard or not. Also, mention whether the policies are rigid in nature or have a room to evolve and improve with the nature of time.

  1. Do the strategies followed by Boral limited have any resonance with the policies adhered to by its strict competitors?

This part is a follow up of the above part. In this section, analyze the strategies of manufacturing segment in terms of the strategies adopted by the firm’s archrival in the same domain. Link any resonance if found. If there are significant differences between the policies followed by the two companies, highlight the difference and mention about which strategy is more efficient and effective. Suggest the changes in the nature of policies of the concerned company and suggest the required measures to up their game.

  • What are your opinions regarding the policies followed by the organization?

This is the most important part as it highlights the insights and opinions of the author of the case study. Here, include all the key findings that you must have come across while preparing the entire study. Mention your opinions about the current policies adopted by the company. Include your thoughts on whether these policies are viable for the company in the long run, whether the policies provide any long-term plan to achieve the goals and objectives out in place by the organization.

  • What are the limitations or loopholes found in the policies followed by Boral Limited?

This section becomes the essence of your case study as it will justify whether the case was worth conducting or not. Here, include all the major limitations and loopholes that might have found in the policies of the company. Highlight those policies and also suggest some corrective measures to replace them. The important point here to focus is that the solutions that you may provide must be better than the previous adopted policies. The solutions must be comprehensible and must include future prospects and sustainability.

  • Critically evaluate the decision of the company to put in place such policies.

Another important aspect that must be considered is to evaluate the motive of a company to resort to such practices in the first place. Evaluating critically the motive or intentions of a company for adopting any set of policies is explains their thought process and also give a glimpse about the future prospect of the company. Therefore, mention descriptively the intensions of the organization to adhere to such policies. This could be followed by the author’s opinion whether the firm should proceed with such policies further or whether it is high time for the company to change the course of actions.

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