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Hey Guys! Are you looking for Aussie Pooch Mobile Case Study Help? Well, we can understand your pain. Preparing a case study is not easy. One needs a lot of research and time to complete a case study. It is better to take help rather giving up. Aussie Pooch Mobile has become a rising case study topic these days. It is one of the biggest franchising business in Australia and its success sees no bounds. The purpose of this Aussie Pooch Mobile Blog post is to provide you knowledge over this topic and let you know how we can help you with your case study. We will be discussing over these points:

  • What is Aussie Pooch Mobile?
  • History & Revenue
  • Growth patterns
  • Current status of Aussie Pooch Mobile
  • Services Provided by Aussie Pooch Mobile which makes them unique
  • How can we provide Aussie Pooch Mobile Case Study Help?

So, let’s get started on this topic. Be with us till the end and you will get all your answers related to Aussie Pooch Case study.

What is Aussie Pooch Mobile?

Aussie Pooch Mobile is one of the most successful franchising businesses in Australia. It is owned by Christine Taylor. She has helped more than hundreds of people in fulfilling their dreams of owning a business and to take that business to incredible heights. This business is about providing care and love to dogs that they deserve. There are so many people who have dogs as their pets. But, they are not able to give time towards their grooming or don’t know the right techniques to do the same. Christine observed this point and she came up with this business. Mobility made it easy for her to reach up to maximum people providing them various dog grooming services. Let’s answer some questions which students need to cover in their assignment.   

How did Christine Tylor succeed in her Aussie Pooch Mobile business?

This story began in 1985 when Christine was only 16-years old. She really loved dogs and decided to start a part time dog washing business in her parent’s backyard. She used to only wash dogs till that time, but soon people started noticing this and words spread like fire. Christine started getting more business. She transformed her passion into real business. Slowly she saw that there are households with dogs in various other parts of Australia too, and not everyone from faraway places can come to her house. So, she started on her mobile Hydro bathing system in 1991. This idea became so successful that her Aussie Pooch mobile Service became a brand name and people started taking its Franchise worldwide. How was Christine able to do so? Well, the answer lies in love for her job and sharp business oriented mind. 

Christine was intelligent, innovative and very hard working child since her childhood. She always used to observe her father working in his ‘bait and tackle shop.’ She worked there in customer servicing. This gave her a base in the service industry. The reason behind her success is her innovative mind and focused approach. Christine discovered that there was a full-fledged chance to expand in the dog bathing industry. About 4 million domestic dogs were there in Australia. Approximately, 42% of the households owned at least one dog. The amount spent by these dog owners on their dogs was around 1.3 billion dollars. Not all dog owners were able to take their dogs regularly for grooming.  She saw this as an opportunity. After buying a car she started going to owners’ house and giving their pooch or other dog breeds a good wash and providing other services. This idea came out really well and her business started growing. She started working on her business like buying new tools and the trailer.

Her focused approach was to take her business in different parts of Australia and even out of the country. She could have hired people under her but her sharp mind thought in a different manner. As she was mad for dogs, she knew that there are various other people too who would love doing this job and would also like to convert into their business. Then the idea of putting her brand Aussie Pooch Mobile into franchising business was born. She completely focused on her Service Concept. People were happy to open a franchise of Aussie Pooch Mobile. It was passion and love which created a momentum of this brand among people worldwide. The advantages of Christine’s business were: the mobile trailer due to which it became easy to travel from one place to the other, carrying all the necessary tools and equipment required for dog bathing and grooming; working on brand image through various social media platforms and promoting the brand there. The level of business was also increased through various marketing activities like releasing newsletters, providing telephone services and expert advice.

Draft a Situation Analysis of the Aussie Pooch Mobile Business

Aussie Pooch Mobile is the largest company for mobile dog wash and care in Australia. The services that the dog owners desire are directly provided to them at their homes. Another technique of marketing which Christine added was to provide free of cost additional services to the customers like dog’s diet, health care, and telling about their skin problems. The biggest advantage of their Aussie Mobile Dog Grooming services was the Hydro bath equipment.

With the help of this equipment, the operators were able to clean the dogs in a much better way than the normal garden wash. The customers were impressed with the results as they could see the difference in their dogs. This special hydrobath was able to eliminate all the fleas and ticks, was able to improve the dog’s skin condition, completely clean its coat and alienate the bad odour. The main goal for Christine was to niche the dog bathing industry and to expand her business internationally. With this she was able to retain her clients.

Challenges which Aussie Pooch Mobile faced during its expansion

  • Service industry was growing really fast- Christine also needed her services to become fast and move with the flow.
  • Growing competition- It was important for Christine to outshine her brand in front of the other competitor brands (Jim’s Dogwash and Hydrodog). She was able to do so with her constant efforts and dedication.
  • The unknown potential of international market- There was a lack of information on other countries market requirements. It was important for Christine to know about a country’s market where the business needs to land and grow.
  • Financial Issues- Company faced various issues where they had to give money to the franchisor so that the services won’t get affected. But, later this issue was resolved as the franchise started doing well.

What are the services provided by Aussie Pooch Mobile?

There are various services which this company provides. Following are those services:

  • Mobile Dog Wash- They use Hydrobath which is much better than washing on regular grounds. The water is warm and also contains flea kill solutions.
  • Brushing- It helps loosen up the dogs and light matting.
  • Nail clipping- It will ensure to keep the dogs feel clean.
  • Aroma care- It is just to enhance the experience with some fragrance oil.
  • Ear & Eye cleaning
  • Deodorant to keep the coat smell good.
  • Blow Drying
  • The doggy treat- the dog gets rewarded with a delicious treat which is good for teeth as well.

They also various other range of pet products to help take care of the dogs. All these services with some additional and complementary services makes Aussie Pooch Mobile the best dog bathing service in Australia and now outside in other countries too, like New Zealand, U.K., New Caledonia, United States of America, and Malaysia. Christine always follows this saying that “To be successful first you have to fall in love with what you do.” All her franchisee have a passion towards working with dogs and groom them with love that they deserve. Her passion is what made her brand liked by all dog owners.

What are Aussie Pooch Mobile Prices?

As we now know that how this company works by taking services directly to the customers’ homes. This saves the stress of the dog owners to get their dogs washed in the backyard.  Every other second house in Australia has a dog. The estimated revenue that people spend on their dogs is about $1.3 billion. This is where Aussie Pooch Mobile came in. They started serving these people owning a dog but not getting time to groom the dogs. They started using colourful trailers which helped promote their services. They also asked their customers to spread the word for them and recommend to family and friends. There Aussie pooch mobile prices varied from $15-$30 based on the size, breed, skin & coat condition of dog, geographic location, etc. They also gave discounts and coupons like get 2 or 3 dogs washed and get X% DISCOUNT. The no. of dogs they bathed in a month was approx. 20,000. There annual turnover came out to be around $3 million. The other competitors used different strategies but no one used the strategies of coupons.

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